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XCritic Performer Spotlight: Isabella Nice


There is something to say big time when it comes to the new talent within the adult entertainment industry. I think few people outside of a set know what it is like to be a young model chasing her dreams in Los Angeles, Las Vegas or sunny Florida. Most new starlets start in this industry when they are eighteen to twenty and why not? If you love sex, if you love performance and even more so, if you want to be able to make a wage that is far above competitive. if you have the talent then why not try your hand in the adult industry. Sex, booze and drugs. They are all things and business that people say will withstand the test of time and can survive any turbulent time. Those are things we have heard a billion times from everyone like our bible thumping grand parents to the passionate director on set who tells you how to be responsible with your money. Now, the one thing I believe, is that sex is something that should not be included with the other two om that list. Yes, sex done in the right manner can feel like a drug but as this industry proves, if it is done correctly, it can not kill you like a synthetic opioid or a bottle of scotch. Now, meet Isabella Nice. One of the fastest rising stars in the adult industry. She is one of Nexxxt Level Talent’s biggest finds. Directors and producers alike had told me that she has a way about her “that you just can not teach.” Every time I have heard that in the past from a director, I knew that I was about to meet someone extraordinary. Astonishing talent usually has very bewildering ways to how they carry themselves no matter what form of entertainment or art they excel in. When I first began speaking with Isabella, she was busy getting ready for a bachelor party and was right in the middle of getting called in for a last-minute shoot. Seems that Isabella has become someone that can be relied upon, just like any other job, when someone drops the ball. I was very impressed that this beauty had been shooting all day long, was coming home around 10PM all so she can hop in the shower and get ready for bachelor party she was hired for and was set to squeeze me in for an interview. As I have grown to discover, that is simply “Izzy.” Join us as Isabella lets us in on what it is like to be a new starlet in the modern age of porn and discover a little bit of just who this super star in the making is and how women like her are showcasing the beauty of sex and sexuality in new ways that continue to move past the stigma that women in this industry are not something that can be positive and empowered.

 Isabella Nice

Don Juan DeMarko: I just have to say this week has been awesome. It is a true breath of fresh air to have you get back to me every time in such a timely manner.

Isabella Nice: I am sorry it took so long but I am glad that we finally were able to pick a meeting time for all of this. (We shared a deep laugh. Our busy schedules had postponed a meeting we had planned almost a month before.)

Don Juan DeMarko: No, thanks goes to you doll. I had heard from one of your latest directors who cast you that you were the bee’s knees. It is that type of professionalism that has me hoping you stay in this business for a long time. You have some skills when it comes to acting woman. I really mean that.

Isabella Nice Isabella Nice: Oh yeah? (She starts to laugh. Her laugh is very quick but so infectious. Her charm knows no bounds.)

Don Juan DeMarko: There are some things that a true performer has. In comparison to when you are acting, your voice is different, the tone, the whole nine yards. I am going gaga over something that is probably second nature to you. This is one of the reasons I see why you have gotten such big roles this early in you career. In one of your latest films, Dana Vespoli did such a great job casting you. She always sees those stars who have something to them. I know she is probably an even bigger fan of your talent than I am.

Isabella Nice: That was a really good movie. I am so glad that it turned out the way that it did.

Don Juan DeMarko: I loved the film. I have no problem in admitting that was one of the films I nominated for this upcoming awards season. Adoration was truly amazing cinema. I hope that it does indeed get a nod. I think it would be amazing to see you all get something and that is so heard when it comes to new talent. You have been in the business since 2017, is that correct?

Isabella Nice: Yes, I just got my start. It was this past December that I got my first break in a film.

Don Juan DeMarko: Wow, you really are a breath of fresh air in every meaning of the phrase aren’t you? All righty, so let us get down to the heart and soul of this interview. The first question I always begin with is, can you tell us, how did you get your start in this business?

Isabella Nice: How did I get started in this business? Well, the way that I got started Don, …. Do you remember that dance company I was telling you about that I worked for? Well, I had a girlfriend within he ranks who is also in porn. I had begun to get curious about the “porn” side of the business. I told her I was interested, so she sat me down and showed me a list of agents who were within the business. I saw some things that I liked, and it is as simple as that Don. That is how I got started.

Don Juan DeMarko: Damn, that simple. That is bad ass. So, you are in Vegas correct? I am wondering who got you started in the business? Is it your fellow Nexxxt Level starlet Victoria?

Don Juan DeMarkoIsabella Nice: Oh no. It is not her. My friend, she is classified as a MILF. Do you know who Eva Long is? That is who it is. She is the person who helped me get into everything.

Don Juan DeMarko: Wicked cool, one of my bestest buddies in the world, the lovely Lynn Vega is friend with her as well. Ah, that is what I love about this business, it is truly a small world.

Isabella Nice: Oh cool!

Don Juan DeMarko: Moving along here darlin’ question number two. For this one, I was trying to find something niche and not the same old bullshit style questions. The next thing I would like to know because you have had such a fast start in the industry, which scene is it of yours that is your favorite piece of work so far? The reason I ask that, you are naturally such a good actress already, I am dying to know if it is a role where you did a lot more acting with lots of dialogue, or is it a role where you had a little bit more fun on the erotic side of the coin?

Isabella Nice: Hmmmm. I would say that I can not pick one role that stands out more that the other. I loved being in every film that I have been in. Now, if I had to choose what is my favorite style of scene, it is definitely something that is more on the erotic side. People get to see more of who I really am when they see the roles that are all sex if that makes any sense.

Don Juan DeMarko: No, it makes total sense. I mean, if a person does not love sex, they are in the wrong business. I think it says a lot that your favorite types of scenes and roles are more on the gonzo side of things. I would have never guessed that.

Isabella Nice: I feel like I have trouble with acting sometimes. I think that is maybe why I am a little more self-conscious of those types of scenes. It is really good to hear that someone sees that in me like you do.

Isabella Nice 

Don Juan DeMarko: No, I was seriously impressed with your role in Adoration. I was like “damn!” I have seen a lot of your work as I researched you and the Maestro's scene he shot with you was simply amazing as well. So, I had to try and figure out which side of you is your favorite to let loose on-screen. What was it like working on that gonzo style set with Maestro and Mick?

Isabella Nice: It was awesome. Everybody on set was just super professional and they had really good personalities which I think helps the scene so much because everyone is really comfortable around each other.

Don Juan DeMarko: That is cool. I do not think fans have ever gotten to hear that perspective about Mick, Maestro and BAM Visions. My best friend in the world, she shot with them a little bit before you did, and they had nothing but great things to say about being on that set.

Isabella Nice: Yeah, Mick was awesome too. I am not the biggest fan of anal but that was a really good scene I thought.

Don Juan DeMarko: Ahh yes, you shot with Mick in that film correct?

Isabella Nice: Yes, that is right Don.

Don Juan DeMarko: Rock on, we are moving along quickly. I like this shit; smooth sailing is always a good thing. I think I have been bringing this film up non-stop so far but the film I would love to talk about as well is Adoration. What was it like shooting that style of film and even more so, what was it like shooting for Dana Vespoli?

Isabella Nice: That film was really cool to be a part of. I really liked it because I actually got to play a part, it wasn’t like an ordinary scene that you would see in porn. At least that is the way I always thought of acting in porn. You know, those scenes where you are in an office setting and you just follow this standard theme. No, this was a real role. You had to get into the part, you had to put yourself in that role. I really enjoyed getting to do that, especially for Dana. She is such an amazing director. Being able to work with her was a really good experience for me. I truly look up to her and I have so much more respect for her definitely.

Don Juan DeMarko: That is so bad ass. You rocked it, dude. I think there are very, very few new starlets who can match up with Cherie and make a scene shine above all others. That is exactly what you did in that scene. I have seen her since she started, …...

Isabella Nice: It was so awesome to get to work with her. She was extremely hot, and she is this really amazing actor as well.

Isabella Nice Don Juan DeMarko: She is amazing and that is exactly what I was leading up to with these next questions. I was going to ask you, were you nervous at all when you first learned that you were going to be working with her? I remember I got to cover her feature and she is so fucking good at everything she does. I was so nervous with my crew. I was anxious wondering if I was getting all the right shots because she was so flawless in her performance.

 Isabella Nice: I was so nervous before working with her but once I got on set, everything just became super natural with her. It was that good feeling of nervousness. I do not know how to describe it, but it was something that was so good.

Don Juan DeMarko: How cool is that? It had to be nerve-wracking because Cherie is just always on her A game and that can be very intimidating. It is the craziest thing to see someone who has their shit together that much and she is just a sweetie beyond belief.

Isabella Nice: Yes, she helped me to create my best girl/girl scene so far in the industry.

Don Juan DeMarko: I think so too. Now, not to try and fill up your head too big, there are very few new starlets that can hang with Cherie. Being nervous and taking all that in at the same time. Few people could have done what you did and that translates into you both creating something so marvelous for the fans. Truthfully, if you were nervous, or you were not feeling something, it did not show one bit. I have seen some shitty scenes where the co-star could not hang with Cherie and Cherie had to carry the whole scene. Not with you and that is something that impressed me beyond words. Now for the next question, I would love to know if you watched porn before you got into the business?

Isabella Nice: No, before I actually started working in porn, I only watched one kind of porn. I would actually watch “kink” style porn.

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, wow. No bullshit? So, you are a fetish gal huh?

Isabella Nice Isabella Nice: Yeah

Don Juan DeMarko: OK, we are going to bypass the regular questions for a while, I simply must know what is your favorite fetish? Truthfully, as judgmental as society is, it is so amazing when you get to see, …. Well, let me put it this way. You have that look where the first instinct a person has is one of seeing kindness, innocence and being down to earth. I would have never thought you would be a fetish person.

Isabella Nice: (She laughs gently) No? I really enjoy it. I really just like so much when it comes to the “kink” style porn that they do in the industry. I do not really like being a Dom but I do enjoy being in the submissive position.

Don Juan DeMarko: Cool. What is your favorite type of kink? Is it BDSM? Rope Bondage? Blood Play? Something really extreme?

Isabella Nice: I would say that I love BDSM, rope bondage a lot.

Don Juan DeMarko: I feel like an old mother fucker because every woman that gets into this business is already familiar with all these amazing ways of fetish and I did not discover fetish until recently when I started to write for a magazine. I feel like I missed so much because I did not get into this shit until I was thirty and I do wonder sometimes, where the fuck was I at?

Isabella Nice: It was actually so amazing for me. I really enjoyed getting to play that out on screen because I have always watched it and I was able to do it no problem and I discovered that I not only could do it but I was really into it. So, to me, it is very cool.

Don Juan DeMarko: Forgive me for being the unprepared writer at this moment, so have you shot anything fetish yet? I would love to see a film and I think the fans would as well, where you simply are doing the thing you love most when it comes to your personal passion.

Isabella Nice: Yes, I have shot a lot with Kink. I think I have done, …….um, let me see. There has been a few. Well, let’s just start with the most recent. I just shot with them yesterday. It was a great sexual submission scene. I have done a scene where I have been bound, I have been hog-tied, I have had some really brutal sessions. I just did one with Chanel Preston and that was a really fun experience.

Isabella Nice

Don Juan DeMarko: That is so cool. I keep thinking that you are in California darlin’ and not in Vegas. You are in the city with a ton of fetish producers and many production companies. So, you are truly in the right spot to really do some things you will enjoy on camera and making some money while doing so. That is the most anyone can ask for in life. Oh my God, you can tell I am half asleep here. I researched you about three weeks ago and the next question is asking about your fetish work. I am a fucking idiot and there it is, plain as day your scene with rope bondage. Now some of these next questions are about the woman behind Isabella Nice and of course only if you want to share this information do you have to answer.

Isabella Nice: Yes, of course.

Don Juan DeMarko: I would love to know. Are you a very promiscuous person outside of the industry?

Isabella Nice: Hhmmmm, I would say so.

Don Juan DeMarko: See, you and a very close friend of mine, you both share a very similar look and I am always fascinated by how similar many people are in this business. Especially the women. I was wondering when the bright lights turn off, do you transform into this big nerd and have like ten cats waiting for you at home like my best friend does and is a big shut-in? Or are one of those gals who loves to go to the club and stay out till like five in the morning and then wake up at seven in the morning to go to a shoot?

Isabella Nice: Yeah, I am shut-in most of the time. I am in school still, so I do that and that takes up so much of my time and I do have a boyfriend and he usually will stay right in with me. Yeah, I am pretty boring.

Don Juan DeMarko: Wickedly bad ass. What are you going to school for?

Isabella Nice: Psychology.

Isabella Nice 

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, that is fucking gangsta. You have an aura of intelligence. When I saw you in that scene in Adoration, the knowledge within that brain of yours comes to the surface. I knew there was something very deep about you.

Isabella Nice: Awwww, you are awesome.

Don Juan DeMarko: Good for you for pursuing what you are when it comes to higher learning. My alma mater is William & Mary. My day job is in publishing and I think it simply amazing that you are going to school to pursue dreams and goals while working in this business. The industry needs more people like that in it. We need more success stories. So, the next question, did you cam or do anything before you began making films?

Isabella Nice: Yes, I started off dancing.

Don Juan DeMarko: I have always wanted to ask a new starlet this. So, for you, what is more nerve-wracking? Is it when you are dancing, and you go up on the stage? Or is it a bit more nerve-wracking when you get ready to shoot a scene?

Isabella Nice 

Isabella Nice: Hhhmmmm I don’t know. Both, I am actually very comfortable with. It is kind of weird because first, I am a super shy person but in those two areas I feel completely comfortable. So, my answer is neither Don. Yeah, that is me.

Don Juan DeMarko: That would be so bad ass because I would think that it would be so nerve-wracking just to get up on stage. Because you are around so many people who you do not know. I always thought that it would be a bit easier than being on set. Because when you are on set, especially if it is with a familiar company, you will be more comfortable in that type of setting with people you know. That is why I give it up to all your performers who dance because I would literally be shitting in my pants doing what you amazing folk do on stage.

Isabella Nice: Yeah, just remember that being in set, the people you meet you are probably going to see them again but with dancing, you have guys that are drunk, and they are not going to remember anything. So that is something that comes in handy in my mind. It is different for each person too.

Don Juan DeMarko: This question has grown on me the last couple months and I like to ask it because I think that fans do not always realize that you are not the characters you portray and that these are acting roles. I think this is a question every fan wants to ask; how does a person pick up Isabella Nice? What is the key to a person winning your heart? What is the sure-fire way for a person to sweep you off your feet?

Isabella Nice: That is a hard question to answer Don. I don’t know. I think the thing I like the most is when someone is just being genuine. I don’t know. Geeze, you are really putting me on the spot here. Having a good personality is something that really does it for me.

Isabella Nice

Don Juan DeMarko: I dig it, see all you fans out there. You want to win the heart of those beautiful women you chase, be yourself and be a good person. That is what all the ladies of your dreams go for, especially Isabella Nice. I do like to do questions like that because I think many times that fans forget that you are people who love romance, who deserve to be chased, to be treated human. Last question darlin’ is there any massive projects that you have on the horizon? We would love to know what you have coming up next.

Isabella Nice: Oh, my goodness, yes Don. I am so pleased to announce that I am going to have my website launching very, very soon. The launch is going to have lots of videos that fans are not going to be able to see anywhere else. I have been building the content so that they will get to see some things that they have never seen before. It is going to be something that I have created all on my own. So, I am really excited for that.

Don Juan DeMarko: Wow, that is impressive. You are such a go-getter. How long have you been building your content and this website?

Isabella Nice: Well Don, that is the big secret but let us just say, this last month I have really been creating something great for my fans and they will have to wait and see. Trust me, it will be worth the wait. I've got some upcoming shows that are lined up, so stay tuned for that and of course, I want all the fans to know that I will be at AVN and I can not wait to see them all. Also, thank you XCritic for taking the time to interview me, I really appreciate you all giving me this time.

Isabella Nice 

…… and with that, we bid one of the most down to earth, business like new starlets in the industry adieu. The one thing I can tell you fans, is that she has this type of mystery to her. She is a very commanding woman who simply shows her brain as much as she does her beauty. If you have not seen Isabella Nice, you have to see her films. She is passionate, she is a love of this business just like you. Be on the lookout for what this beauty brings us in the future. I can promise you this, she is just getting started and only bigger things lay on the horizon for this stunning new starlet.

Don Juan DeMarko


Be Sure to follow this brand new starlet to see all of what she has been up to this year:

Twitter: @Isabellanicexxx

Instagram: theisabellanice


Special Thanks goes to the Nexxxt Level Talent Agency for stills and pictures.



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