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XCritic Awards: We Are Bringing Them Back


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The XCritic team has been hard at work for over a month doing pre-nominations for the return of the XCritic Awards. We haven't done them since 2014 but we felt it was about time we once again recognized the Best of the Best in the world of adult cinema. Sure, we already give out our highest rating "XCritic Pick" to a select number of titles each year but those Picks only recognize truly outstanding works as a whole and we realize that many things we view and review should be recognized for  individual elements that stand above the crowd. We are finalizing the nominee list now and will publish it next week and then we will spend the next month or so duking it out amongst ourselves over who and what the Best of the Best really is!

Stay tuned!

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AmmberJay Preview
AmmberJay CO
26 years old
ChelseaBlack Preview
ChelseaBlack GB
25 years old
JadeMarynXO Preview
JadeMarynXO US
19 years old
LilSasha Preview
LilSasha RO
18 years old