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XCritic Interview: Victoria Voxxx Pt. 2


In part one of our interview we learned about who Victoria Voxxx the woman is. One thing I can tell you about this ravishing beauty is that her heart, her business sense and her confidence are all in the same place. Most times in this industry, performers as new as she is are a bit reserved or have had fame begin to take hold of who they are in ways that almost ninety percent of the population would succumb to. I think any human being would be lying if they said that fame would not corrupt them in some way. Victoria, from the moment we spoke she showed me this bold passion for everything she does. First and foremost, she was early to start the interview. Very, very rarely do I see that with young talent and honestly, when I was her age, I would have been late showing up to anything. The fact she was ready to get to work showed me something I had not seen in years. In part one, we spoke about where she comes from, in part two, we talked about where she is going and who she wishes to become. I honestly hope that this interview is read by fan and industry member alike, because what everyone will see, is a performer who is quickly becoming a new type of standard within the adult community. A beacon of acceptance that all begins in one place, within her heart, mind and soul. Let’s she where it takes us shall we?

Victoria Voxxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: ……. You know, I was just having this conversation over some beers with my cousins Lee and Eric this last week, they said, “how can the girls you have been with get off by getting “beaten” up and I explained to them what fetish was and that some people, men, women, they like things aggressive. I think so many people believe that fetish, especially form of BDSM is some kind of twisted anarchy and it is not. It is actually beautiful, wanted and something that is sensual and stimulating to the mind. It is like a cocktail of sexual emotion, far more seductive and soothing than any shot of whiskey you know? See for them, their taboos were more about public sex, things like that and I told them, it is that rush, it is that mind set. They said, wow, “you have sex with your brain.” I said, yes, you do. (We bust out laughing.)


Victoria Voxxx: I am seeing you in my mind telling them this as they discover they are not into it yet, but they could be. It is that thought that opens up so many doors within yourself, you have no idea!

Victoria Voxxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: That is what I had told them. That they have only scratched the surface of things within themselves. Told them, it is when you go deeper, that is when the craziness and the fun happen.


Victoria Voxxx: Yes, Absolutely. The physical orgasm is just candy compared to a mentally stimulated orgasm.


Don Juan DeMarko: Ok, so sticking with the theme of production, I have to tell you this. Dan O’Connell, he is a man who I simply love to death. Upon this first meeting, he and I seemed to basically talk wrestling for about eight hours.


Victoria Voxxx: He is amazing, oh my God, those pictures in his house.


Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, I told Dan. “I simply want to live here, and I will just sleep on the top of the bar, right by the vintage wrestling pictures.”


Victoria Voxxx: Simply amazing. I can sit there and ask him questions all day not just about the wrestling passion he has but about everything. The landscaping, I just love the man, he is just brilliant.


Don Juan DeMarko: He loves you to death too. He literally, well, he was giving this old reporter a sneak peek into some of his future projects and he was telling me about who are the women he has met that are worth writing a story about or interviewing, he honestly sees how I write with his amazing writing skills himself, we are kindred spirits. Now with you, he tells me how beautiful you are and then he tells me that she will tap into your brain.


Victoria Voxxx: Oh wow, what a compliment.


Victoria Voxxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, and with Dan, he loves the business so much and that id what I want to stick to on this question with. Can you tell us all about Mother Daughter Exchange Club 53?

What was it like working with Dan? The part two of this question, see, I am asking you like nine fucking questions within one sentence trying to burn you out, so what was it like shooting with Girlfriends Films compared to other companies?


Victoria Voxxx: Ok, those are all excellent questions. The answers are so, so different from that of any other company I would say.

So, one the day that I got to set, I got to meet Dan and I knew from the start that I was working with a company that really valued the natural ways, the natural looks that become real sex! Yes, real sex! Because I have seen lots of Girlfriends Films stuff I love it because it all seems very real, but it still has that naughty kink to the plot.

So, I was excited, it was one of my first scenes. It was actually my first girl/girl scene. I met Dan and my first impression of him was wow! He is a passionate man. He is just very passionate.

Whether it is porn, or it is just waiting to talk to you, he is one of those people who makes you feel like he has been waiting all day to see your smile. That is just the best type of person to work with or have as your director because you can just let it all go and let the sex do the talking.

Victoria Voxxx

So, after just talking with Dan for a few minutes, I said to myself, “not only is he passionate, he is artistic, he is a details person.

That is me, I am artistic, and I love the little things, the details. I could tell that he was very centered on those little things. It is what made those scenes different from any other scene. That is what made me so excited to work with him. So, I was just stoked about the kind of person that I was reading Dan to be and then, I met Dana and Dana DeArmond, she is not only absolutely stunning in person, but she is intimidating, and she is hilarious.

Oh my God, I laughed so much with this girl. I was just so excited to fuck her because God, she is powerful. She is a powerful woman, she is witty and intelligent, that has always been my biggest kink. I love teachers, professors because of wit, it gets me off.

I love intellectual people. So, listening to the jokes she makes and her humor, I was like, “I am going to fuck the shit out of this woman. So, that will be amazing. I talked to Dana and one of the first things she says to me is, “we are going to have fun, it is going to be great but do not embarrass me.” I was like, “what? How can I embarrass you?” It made me think, which was even better for the scene because I was so in tune to how I could fuck this girl and make remember this newbie porn star who is just starting out.


Dan Talked to me and was like, “if you feel like you can take control of the scene, then take control of the scene but if you have ever seen Dana’s work, she is the boss.” So, we started doing the scene and my character is very reserved and not to sure about the “lesbian experience.” Dana starts kissing me, I relax a little bit and then the attack is on and so, the scene was just wonderful.

Victoria Voxxx

That was mainly because she is such a good performer, that no matter what I did to her, if she liked it or not she was going to give me everything that she has. We just very much did the same things and we excited to explore that with each other. It just became a very freeing scene, where I do not care where you are putting your hands, I do not care where your mouth has been, I just want it! (Her voice gets deep, fierce and passionate.) We wanted it and we both gave that feeling back and forth to each other. So, not only is it one of my favorite scenes that I have ever done, it was some of the best sex that I have ever had. She was awesome, and Dan was such a huge part of that. Girlfriends Films is a huge part of that, not only did they give me that opportunity, they allowed me to work in this environment that was very opening and was very friendly and safe. Dan, he was just so hands on. He was into it, which meant I could get into it. Truthfully, he is just a blessing to the industry, he really is and that scene was very poignant to who I am as a performer and my foundation for Victoria Voxxx and I will remember it forever. God, Dana I will remember forever. When I got done fucking her, she said, “that was amazing, don’t ever change what you just did. I told her, “yeah, I am ready, let’s do this again, let’s go for another scene. So truly, one of the most memorable and favorite shoots that I have ever been apart of.


Don Juan DeMarko: I love it. No, you know what, in all honesty, Dana has reputation for being aggressive, but I think it is a good thing. I knew I was going to be able to bring this question out with you because, I dig Dana, I do. Her aggressiveness is honest, and it is pure. You never see that in life anywhere and so many people do not understand that, and I think that is another locking point of humanity and human beings. I can not believe that was your first girl/girl scene. I mean literally, you crushed it in that film and Mindi Mink is one of my bestest buddies in the world and you outshined her, you outshined everybody in that film.

Victoria Voxxx 

Victoria Voxxx: That is so sweet of you to say, thank you. You know, I got paired with this beautiful, excellent performer. You said it, you nailed it. It is not an act, it is not a game for her. She truly levees the character and is just herself in bed and she is incredible and then adding Dan to it, he prepared us, he was so into it and was so passionate and comfortable that it was just a perfect storm. I wanna watch it. I am ready to watch it right now just so that I can relive it. (We both start laughing.)

Victoria Voxxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: You know, he said, he wanted me to see you act so badly and I shit you not, he said, “you have to see her perform.” He personally had Moose and Carmen send me your film and that review will be coming out shortly. Most of the time, Girlfriends sets up screeners for the staff that the editing team gets out to the staff and usually, there are so many films that are sent over that go into this genre and that one. What made this one so special is that Dan personally attached a little correspondence as we have become pen pals since we covered his gorgeous house in a spotlight. I was literally like, “holy shit!” I think he sent me two of them actually. This is how much you were on his mind, he also sent me the one with Prinzzess as well, which is Women Seeking Women 156. Now I have not had a chance to see that one. I am still so blown that this was your first girl/girl scene you can not tell, you are that fucking good dude!


Victoria Voxxx: Oh, well thank you so much. I will have to give Dan the biggest hug next time that I see him. He doesn’t understand how grateful the performers are that work with him, because first of all, there is not always a script when you get to set with some companies, you just wing it. Let me back track a bit. He puts in the time to write a script and to talk it through with you and make it feel natural. Making it feel like a real conversation. So, by the time that you are performing, you just let it all happen. He really let’s you discover and embrace with your character is. It is exciting, and it is fun and you can really get into it. The best thing, he is always into it, he is just amazing!


Secondly, the one with Prinzzess, it was awesome! It was so spectacular because he and Prinzzess are very close. He goes the extra mile to get to know the talent he works with and I appreciate that so much, because he pairs me with people that he knows will be amazing. I just did a scene for him with Jenna Sativa. I think Jenna Sativa has a crush on me and I have a crush on her, because we were so perfect working together. It was like another Dana DeArmond scene. God, because Dan goes that extra mile to get to know you. He knows exactly who you are going to get to work with well and man, that is just something that everyone in the business could learn from. By just taking that extra second to get to know who you have in front of you and pair them with someone who is just going to perform the most beautiful scene.

Victoria Voxxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: Was that the scene you just shot on the ninth? Did you shoot on the ninth?


Victoria Voxxx: I am not too sure, I would have to double check. It sounds like that is right. Jenna, she is just incredible with just how sweet she was, and she turns into this feisty little Latina in bed. God, she is just another person that is so giving, and she is also very good at receiving. I love to be the giver and she can take it all day long, that girl, she can just take it all day long.


Don Juan DeMarko: She is amazing, isn’t she?


Victoria Voxxx: Yes, she really is.

Victoria Voxxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: That is so awesome dude, I love it. That is so bad ass. Ok sugar, we are in the stretch run here. I only looked at your agency stills last night and that is when I actually got to gaze into your being. So, my second industry job is in the fetish world. I have seen a few sneak peeks with your passion for fetish. So, I have to know. What is Victoria Voxxx’s fetish? If you are willing to share. Now, here is where I am going to twist it on you, more so, what is the fetish for the woman behind the alter ego.


Victoria Voxxx: (She laughs the sexiest low tone laugh you have ever heard. Think of the sexy siren that is about to whisper something diabolical in your ear. That is the closest I can describe that moment.) Oh, I am ready to share. You know what? I truly believe that my biggest fetish is when I get to watch a man, or a woman be in charge of a room. For them to be in charge and do their job. When I get to see the intellectual, artistic side of someone, God, do I wanna fuck the shit out of them. I don’t care who they are, I do not care what they are into, I want to fuck the shit out of them. That is just beyond sexual to me. It is a mind fuck you know? I am very use to having the upper hand in a room, I can lead a conversation all day long and when someone has things to teach me, to show me, I want to fuck the shit out of them right then and there. I do not know if that is a boring fetish for some people, “like I wanted you to say, buttholes or something along those lines. Oh my God, intelligence, it will get me off every time. Watching somebody be confident and very good at what they are doing gives it to me right now. That is what turns me into a crazy monster. When it comes to BDSM, I just love it because, that is a purely physical fetish where it just dominates my body. When my body is dominated and there is not anything that I can do to control it. Oh my God, I am down for that every day. Forever and ever.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is awesome dude, I love that you spoke of such things because fetish truly does not have just one definition. It is everything and it is anything. See, I am going to be the lesbian cupid for you dude. So, whenever you get to meet and work with Jillian Janson. What her fetish is, she likes to be blind folded and just touched. Nothing else, just an old-fashioned game of you do not know what is coming next and you only touch. ….. (she interrupts me.)


Victoria Voxxx: Uhhhh, I am having an orgasm right now. Amazing!

Victoria Voxxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: Mindi Mink is the same way too. That is all you must do is just touch her. Put the inner portion of your index finger, here I am petting the side of my chair as if it were a beautiful woman’s arm. (We both laugh.) It is “Minki” I have always found that so amazing. Truthfully, when I met Jillian, that was the first time, that was the first thing that I was blown away by. That is what she likes, and it goes forth to kind of my next question. I shit you not, one of the first things I ever learned from being with a girl in the business was that I could learn the true beauty of woman comes from within and I learned that from dating a porn star. Where by societies standards, “you are not supposed to learn that.”


Victoria Voxxx: God, yes, when someone can explain the beauty within and see their most vulnerable side. When you get to see those vulnerable thoughts and better yet, when they allow you to invade them, it is going to be amazing every single time. I guess, for lack of a better word, that would be my kink, that being invaded, Jesus, do something to me that makes me stop and really pay attention to you. That is just, oh my, let me do it. Let me tell you one of my fantasies. It is having who ever my partner is tied down to a bed and blind folded and I just want to reverse gang bang the fuck out of them. If it were a guy, I would have multiple girls come in wearing high heels. So that he could hear and say in his mind, “wow, is that another girl and another girl and another?” Mind you that he has a blind fold on and will have no idea how many people are actually in the room. He hears all of these clicking of stilettos. Oh, I love that. Just hearing that is enough to get me off. The I would have one girl sit on his face, one girl on his hands and another girl on his foot and some how they are fucking him. If they are on his hands, I want his fingers inside of them and they are just riding his hands. Then the girl on his face is obviously just drowning his face in pussy. Then I want to be the one on his dick, telling him and everyone else what to do. Then we all switch, and everybody is silent, and he has no idea who is where and he must guess where I am and if he guesses wrong, then we all stop and try to get him off so that he can not enjoy it anymore. It is something where I have the power, he holds the power, the girls have the power. Uhh, I can play with stuff like that in my mind all day long.

Victoria Voxxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: I love it! You know, I am already going to give you a heads up on this. See, it comes in handy being an older guy every once in a blue moon. If you find a guy who knows tantra, he will be perfect. Because a guy who knows certain depths can control his orgasm within his brain, so when you do push him to his threshold and he fails, and I think that is truthfully the coolest part of that type of fetish. It is that your mind is literally like, “holy shit” and then your body goes back and forth. So, if you get a guy who knows tantra you all will be able to go for hours with him.


Victoria Voxxx: Oh my God, amazing! Amazing! I need that because I need to explore. My mind needs that. My body, I can either get off or not get off and it is all the same but when my mind has time to explore and figure out things about the person that I am with, it is just the most amazing sex ever!


Don Juan DeMarko: Now every time that you are going to meet a guy, you are going to be asking him right off the bat, “Do you know tantra?”


Victoria Voxxx: I am just going to get a tattoo that says, “tantra, or no tantra.” Yep, that is what I will do.


Don Juan DeMarko: Ok, here are a couple of fan ones. I guess I do like bringing up the fan ones. I think this one offers something a bot out of the ordinary. For all the new talent with such a promising future like you, out of all your time so far in the industry, how has the business changed you from the person that you were before you got into this business? Of course, I would love to know what you were like before we got into the business.


Victoria Voxxx: Hmmm, that is interesting. You know, getting into this business, you understand, kind of, what you are getting into. The most superficial aspect of things can be that you say, “ok, I have to have sex on camera, so I really have to take care of my body, because there is 4K now, you can see everything you know what I am saying? You really think about the superficial aspect of what you will be doing and your no list and your yes list of sexual acts to perform and that is what I focused on prior to my exposure in this business and I think it made me not fully appreciate everything that I was setting myself up to get involved in. I guess the way that the industry has changed me, is that I now have a new family of people who pretty much think and say and have the same outlook on things that I do, and it is not just sexual. God, I have met so many rockers, I have met so many poets and artistic people, like Dan, oh my God. He is such an impactful person. It has given me this whole new family of people who purely like me because we all do the same work and we all respect each other for it. So that is a huge change.

Victoria Voxxx 

The other personal transformation that I have really experienced is just empowerment. It is just female empowerment. Every day that I am on set, I am surprised by the way that a male empowers me or allows me to find strength within myself. The appreciation for women in this business, I would go as far as to say is more so than anything else that I have ever been involved with. Women, you know, are just so appreciated for the creatures that they are and so many times, pre-porn, in the “normal” world, women are appreciated but not for the creatures that they are. They are almost frowned upon for their biological standings and porn embraces evert aspect of being a woman. They embrace the fact that your vagina stretches this way and that way, and they embrace the fact that you are an emotional human being and you need to be asked if you are ok and you want to be asked if you are ok. “Yes, do more.” They really understand and want to understand what makes you a woman. What makes you tick, how does your mind work? Where is the end of this yarn ball that is your emotions? They want to tap into that. They want you to build strength out of that. This industry has just really allowed me to hon in who I am as a woman, who I was as a woman and who Victoria Voxxx is as a woman and they are all intertwined and they just all create this sexual monster, who is enlightened by this renaissance, this rebirth that I have had in porn and God, I am allowed to do it. I allowed to do it, I am paid to do it. If they embrace it, I embrace it. I feel for any woman who cannot open their mind. Any being who cannot open their mind to the kind of work that I do. It is almost sad. I no longer feel like the weird outcast. I feel kike the leader of the pack because of this industry. It is just the most empowering thing. I will say empowering over and over and over and over, because that is the real transformation that it has.


Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, my goodness, Angela White, one of the biggest stars in the world and someone who I do consider and friend, she is going to go ga-ga when she meets you, dude.

Victoria Voxxx 

Victoria Voxxx: Yeah, I am dying to meet her. I did read the interview that you did with her and the whole time I was like, “preach this sister, you know what you are talking about, you feel it” I think that is going to be the case with a lot of women who find success in this business. Every day in this business, you are just given more empowerment and strength and confidence. Every day you love yourself more because of the work that you are doing and that is a rare treat. That is something specifically that porn gives to you.


Don Juan DeMarko: I love the fact that you talk about your porn family because truthfully, not to try and bore you to death because once again, you will be like, “who is interviewing who motherfucker?”


Victoria Voxxx: (She laughs in the friendliest way.) I love it!


Don Juan DeMarko: I shit you not before I was in this business, I was a guy who was always very open, and I would tell every girl that I dated, and this is why I will never date outside of the industry anymore. I would tell them, these “civilians” I would say, “If you want to be with somebody else, if you want to be open tell me, I am not going to hate you or anything. Because I am a guy who is never cheated in terms of physical relationships and I shit you not, ever single time I would get cheated on for the fiftieth time, I say,” I would have shared you but all you had to do was be honest” and that honesty is not seen anywhere else but in this business. I am not even talking the physical side, I am talking the connection because that is what matters. It is amazing to see, because, in all honesty, I feel sorry for “civilians” I really do. It may sound like an asshole thing to say but, …….

Victoria Voxxx 

Victoria Voxxx: No, I am one thousand percent on your page, this kind of taps into the second part of your question. Before porn, I don’t know that I was fully embracing the side of me that liked to have other people in my own private life experience with my boyfriend. That is something that I fantasized about I don’t know back then if I would have been comfortable saying yes, “I want to suck your dick with another girl, or be with another guy, or even getting to see him fuck another in front me and since porn, that is all I want to do is explore new things. I wat to hear about a person’s kink and we swing, and it is wonderful. I love coming home to him and being brand new to him every day and every time because he is ready for those times when we get to experience something else. We are so much closer because it is not strictly a physical relationship and I think that is something that the rest of society is so hung up on, this idea of possession and being possessive. Porn has allowed my mind to not be physically possessive and I do not think that men are supposed to be with one woman physically, they are just not made that way. I think that I have always been that way but then again and the empowerment, the self-love that I have gotten out of porn has just allowed me to fully embrace this nympho that I have held inside of me for so long you know?


Don Juan DeMarko: Yeah, I feel ya, it is the evolution of the brain. It is the evolution of one’s character, or one’s spirit. You summed it up perfectly. When you are discovering what a person is all about, especially a woman, there is so much that you unlock when you make them discover who they are, and I do not think that guys ever get to see the beauty in that. I shit you not, my boys have always since the beginning of time have been like how do you do this, this and this with women and we can not even get them to look our way, I tell them no matter the scenario, it is easy, it is called, talking to them, that is all you have to do. “What is your secret?” My answer, “I talk.”


Victoria Voxxx: Communication man, that is where it is at and communication with the intent to understand. You have to be willing to accept what comes out of their mouth you know?

Victoria Voxxx 

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh yeah! You will love this shit, common thing throughout my entire life with my friends has been that they would mimic the way that they would see me pick up a girl and I would tell them, “don’t go shopping with your girl if you fucking hate it, because she is going to figure it out the second time and the second time she does, she is going to hate your guts for it.”


Victoria Voxxx: Absolutely!


Don Juan DeMarko: Guys don’t get that shit and this going to sound corny but that is one of the best things to do with your girl, all those little things. Now that I am older, it is almost sexual in some ways.


Victoria Voxxx: It is totally sexual, it is foreplay. This communication. This type of back and forth that we have, in my mind, it is a form of foreplay. Think about this, if you are invading someone’s mind, you are mind fucking them. There is insertion. They are taking in your information, you are taking in theirs and it is preparing you for the next step and that is just awesome communication. It is all sex, that is what we have started this with, it is all sex.


Don Juan DeMarko: You know sweetheart, the best piece of advice that I can give you and I can tell you are an intellectual too when you unlock, most of the things that you are going to unlock, you will see how valuable time is and time, just cherish your time. Time is the only thing that I wish that I could get back in certain areas and situations in certain aspects because you say to yourself, or as you had said, the most common thing that I see with fetish people is that their first words after discover are, “I feel like I wasted my life because I feel like this new portion of me that is now unlocked is who I truly am.” Always keep pushing that darlin’ because you will find that if you keep doing it and keep being the person that you are, …. It is not that I see you at all as a person who lives with regret, I can tell that maybe, I used my time in the ways it was meant to be.

Victoria Voxxx 

Victoria Voxxx: That is good advice for anyone, doing anything. Because God, you miss out on too much when you have regret. When you are not embracing every second. Or always trying to learn. That is what I always try and tell people that whatever it is that you are doing, never stop learning and control what you can control and just let everything else happen. God, that just makes for the most amazing, the most fulfilling experience and porn is one of those for me.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is awesome! No, and truthfully and I tell this to every guy that I ever meet a beautiful woman, speak with her, converse. If you want a guy to do anything, from a girl to a guy just ask him to do it. Because when you run out of time and you do not know whether that will be sooner or later, I tell people, never ever apologize for love. Because she may shoot you down today, or he may shoot you down tomorrow. Who knows if that is going to be the same in one year or two years or five you never know and that is why you should never waste one second of anything.


Victoria Voxxx: I love that, one of my most famous quotes of all time is Frita Kahlo, it goes like this: “I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim.” I love it so much, I could get it put on my body. It just encapsulates everything you know? You can push down these things deep down or you can let them blossom and swim with them and I think she really did that. I think that you do that with time, I think that you can either try and slow it down or you run with it and I am running with it and porn has really just taught me how to float and paddle with these gifts that I did not know that I was suppressing.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is so fucking awesome darlin’! OK, now for the last two questions. I must say, I am enjoying putting you on the hot seat. You are so awesome at facing fear and improvising I can tell right off the bat. So, from a performer stand point, what person are you dying to work with? What woman, or what man do you have this immense porn crush on? So much so that you would give up your day rate to shoot with them?

Victoria Voxxx 

Victoria Voxxx: Ohhhh, that is excellent! You know, just recently, I fulfilled one of those fantasies when I got to work with Mick Blue. It was incredible but, I have fantasies more so about the women in the industry then I do the men. I don’t understand why that is yet, but I love exploring that and one of the women that I would fuck on camera and off camera and I am just dying to work wit her is Lauren Phillips. She is just the most fun person to talk to. She is very invasive in terms of wanting to know your mind and letting you see hers. I think we would just have incredible chemistry. I would love to work with Lauren Phillips.


Don Juan DeMarko: I know some peeps who know Lauren really well. I will put in a good word for you doll.


Victoria Voxxx: Yes, please do. Now, we should throw your girl on that list, because it sounds like we are very similar.


Don Juan DeMarko: Indeed, you two are very much alike in so many ways. She is a person who flies a bit more solo comparatively to you but when you unlock her personality she is just beyond words. She is just like you.


Victoria Voxxx: That sounds so amazing, that sounds like so much fun and it sounds like really good sex too. (We start laughing hysterically) I will unlock her I swear.


Don Juan DeMarko: You rock woman, oh shit! You are so bad ass, I dig it! NOOOO! We are on the last question! AHHHHHHH! In closing, do you have any big projects coming up that you can let the fans in on? I would love it if there is anything you can spill the beans on for the XCritic fans.

Victoria Voxxx 

Victoria Voxxx: Hmmmmm, yes, I do. I am going to be traveling here soon to shoot for a company that does really extreme scenes and while I have had one thing in my ass, I have never had two things at the same time in my ass and I am very excited to not only shoot these scenes but also watch them later. I really cannot wait for my fans to see them. It will be me in very vulnerable states and I am very, very excited. I am very excited to see what comes of it.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is so fucking awesome! Your passion is so awesome darlin’! It truly shows in your aura, it really does babe because I mean, you can really see a person and I really mean this sweetheart, I am glad that we have you in this business. I mean that so much, I really do. We need more people like you, we really do.


Victoria Voxxx: You are just the sweetest ever! I can not tell you how much that means to me to hear. Because it means that I am doing my job well.


Don Juan DeMarko: I will give you some insight on some amazing people in the business. Mike Quasar, he is a drummer, …..


Victoria Voxxx: Yes, I know! The Cocks, I am so in love with him. I have been talking with this amazing industry make-up artist and I have been wanting to put together a band with all porn stars, I think that would be insane! So you never know what I might have for my fans coming up in the future.


… and with that, we end one of the most amazing insights into a young talent who is just getting started. Her work with Girlfriends Films and Evil Angel has just released as the second part of this interview comes available for fans and industry peeps alike to read. One thing is for sure, this beauty has a hell of a future ahead of her and you do not want to miss this beauty as she discovers who she is within the porn world. It is a ride and journey that no fan can afford to miss. Trust me when I say this fans, this woman is just getting started:

Don Juan DeMarko 

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Twitter: @VictoriaVoxxx

Bookings: NeXXXtLevelTalentAgency.com/model/Victoria-Voxxx


Photos Courtesy of: Evil Angel and Girlfriends Films








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