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XCritic Interview: Victoria Voxxx


When you are being told by one of the greatest directors in the world to take a look at a performer, you take a look at her. That is my story with Victoria Voxxx. I was sitting back on Dan O’Connell’s back walk way leading up to his pool area, trying to keep myself out of the scorching California heat with an umbrella and some cold water. That afternoon was a combination of work and play as my crew came to the Girlfriends Films house in order to complete a bikini photo shoot with a stunning adult model. As Dan and I sat in the shade and my crew shot away to their hearts' content we talked about performers. Dan and I have very similar passions as to what we love about this business. Our conversations will go into so many different realms of entertainment from wrestling to live sex shows in 1980’s San Francisco. During around, say, four hours he brought up Victoria many times. He spoke about her beauty, her charisma and passion. But he also spoke of her personality. Being that I love acting, writing, production more than anything, he said that I had to meet this beauty and I had to see her perform and most of all, talk to her and that is exactly what I did. What I discovered was that this brand new 2018 starlet, is something that this business has never seen. Her idea of where she wants her career to go is ground breaking and as you will find out, this one of a kind vision is no act, it is truly a part of a person who may simply become an adult star and furthermore, an entertainer that this world has never seen. Enjoy……

Victoria Voxxx Don Juan DeMarko: (We join a conversation about acting. He had been talking already for about five minuets and we were just shooting the breeze like we were old chums from high school.) …….I shit you not, that is one of the craziest damn things, because honestly, I use to do promotion for a few smaller wrestling companies once upon a time and the craziest similarity is that fans of that industry and fans of ours, or even critics for that matter only see you as the characters that you play.

Victoria Voxxx: This is true, that is very true, they forget that we are playing characters. Even though that they are small characters, they are typical characters. No matter what, we are still playing a character.

Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, this is so funny, we are going to get through all the interview questions before we even sit down and start it here. The thing that bugs the shit out of me when you face this kind of bullshit and criticism, people do not know how hard it is to portray on camera what every adult film star does. It is not easy. 

Victoria Voxxx

Victoria Voxxx: It is difficult because I think a lot of respect is gained by the people that are new. I have an even deeper respect for all the performers who are in the business even more so now that I am a part of it. I was already a person who was open-minded that way and my respect is even more massive now for the people in the industry.

Don Juan DeMarko: There have been a few times, that I run into people who do mainstream and write for some big companies and the thing they get shocked at the most is when I tell them that these actors in this business, they do everything the others do, except with their clothes off. Shit, I could not even come close to doing what you guys do with my clothes on, I would be scared shitless.

Victoria Voxxx: I was talking with my agents and we were discussing such unique things. We were talking, and I discovered that I got booked because of the shape of my butt. I knew that when I went to go do the scene that my skin had to be perfect, blah, blah, blah and I ended up calling my agent and telling him, “I have a tiny zit on my butt cheek, I can still work, right?” Who else has to ask that question before you go to work.

Don Juan DeMarko: That ain’t no bullshit. I think very few can honestly say that they know of such thoughts and dilemmas when it comes to working. All righty darlin’ so I always like to run about eight to ten questions. They are going to be something unique compared to most interview styles in the adult world, but I always like to start things off with this. How did you find your way to us? How did you get started in this grand business of ours?

Victoria Voxxx: Well, you know, right after college I moved to Vegas because I wanted to start my own band. Upon creating my own band, I met this girl named Mya and she is my guitar player. She knew that I was dancing and that I did not like it. I was stripping, and I did not like it. I didn’t like the hidden aspects like, “yes, I want to give you a dance and it is going to cost you, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” It was the part of having to persuade guys to spend time with me, you know, I just did not like it. It just wasn’t for me. My guitar player, she told me, “well, you are on the right path. You are a very sexual person, you are very expressive. Have you ever thought about doing porn?” I told her that I just did not know if I had the look to do something like that. She tells me, “mmmmmm, YOU DO!” (we both share a laugh.) So, she then told me how to contact agents and broke it all down and made me really think about it. I said to myself, “porn is something you watch so you do not have to think, right?” It was the first time, that I had ever spent time, investing myself in porn without jacking off. I really began to fall in love with the strength of the women that were in the industry and I began to have this respect for the women in the industry. I thought, “this is something that I can really do.”

Victoria Voxxx

So, I sent an e-mail out and had a bunch of interviews and meets lined up with agencies and I just fell in love with Andre and Jonathan at NeXXXt Level Talent. Their business was exactly how I wanted to be represented and before I knew it, they had me up and running and boom, I was in LA.

Don Juan DeMarko: That is a kick-ass fucking story. Now, this is something I know that Jonathan would totally have fun with. You know that he was a performer, obviously, right?

Victoria Voxxx: I did know that, yes.

Don Juan DeMarko: You should see some of his old school Vivid flicks, he is a good actor.

Victoria Voxxx: You know, that doesn’t surprise me, because he always someone who us prepared and he obviously loves being in front of the camera. Or getting asked questions or giving you advice. He is just very genuine that way. So that does not shock me at all. (She deeply laughs.) He is definitely a good actor. I will have to look into this more. So that I will know what he was all about.

Don Juan DeMarko: Here is the kicker, this is a scene where you can really have some fun with him. He actually played a version of “Rain Man” in an adult film.

Victoria Voxxx: Oh, sweet God, I can not wait to see that. That is awesome.

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, it is a great role and I think you know this as an actor as well. It is so hard to portray and be good at it. Especially in this business.

Victoria Voxxx: Oh, God yes, it is very difficult. There is a fine line between being committed and coming off cheesy you know. Wow, I will definitely look into that.

Don Juan DeMarko: (We are both laughing hysterically.) I can see you now, “WHAT UP RAIN MAN!”

Victoria Voxxx: Yes, that is my next line and I am taking it!

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, that is awesome. You totally made me go ga-ga by this next question. So you are really a Shakespearean actress?

Victoria Voxxx Victoria Voxxx: You know, when I was in high school, I did study Shakespeare and the reason I went to college was to study poetry. I just love the romantic, sexual undertones that a lot of people who do not study literature realize that is what Shakespeare was all about. It was the first porn that was out there. Everything that he wrote was sexual. So yes, I studied a lot of Shakespeare.

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh my God, I was so going to bust your chops with this one. Now if you know what play this line is from, I will literally die in my chair. So, before we start this little quiz, I am a published poet and I am a thespian as well, “I will live in thy heart, die in thy lap and be buried in thy eyes.” If you know what that is from, I will be like, holy fucking shit.

Victoria Voxxx: That is Shakespeare?

Don Juan DeMarko: Yep, it sure is.

Victoria Voxxx: Is it Hamlet?

Don Juan DeMarko: NOPE! YOU WERE SO CLOSE!!!!! It is from Much ado about nothing.

Victoria Voxxx: Oh, my goodness of course it is. Much Ado About Nothing, that is one of my favorites. I love the one with Elizabeth Taylor one. Which one was that? ……

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, yes, which one is that, …… The Taming of the Shrew.

Victoria Voxxx: It is Taming of the Shrew, thank you. That is one of my absolute favorite ones.

Don Juan DeMarko. I love how they did the one, see, oh, my God, I can talk to you like for five straight hours about this.

Victoria Voxxx: I am ready.

Don Juan DeMarko: The Heath Ledger movie, Ten Things I Hate About You. It is the Taming of the Shrew just with modern dialogue.

Victoria Voxxx: Really, it is. It absolutely is. That is what I said every time I would watch it. I would say to myself, “Hhhhhmmmmm, that is Shakespeare.

Don Juan DeMarko: Here is what is so funny, I love that we have you in our business, please, don’t let anyone steal you away from us. We need you!

Victoria Voxxx: Awwww,

Victoria Voxxx Don Juan DeMarko: Darlin’ this is the truth. So many movies, their undertone is sex and sexuality. That is what Ten Things I Hate About You is about. It is about a sister who gets laid all the time and the sister who don’t. That is all it is about.

Victoria Voxxx: Absolutely, everything is about romance. Whether it is sexual or strictly intellectual. What ever it is, it is always very intimate, and porn just cuts to the chase quicker. So, I definitely agree with you there. It is all about sex always.

Don Juan DeMarko: I love it. See, what I was going to get into with this question, was, I think it was Benedict, he tells Beatrice, “I will live in they heart, die in thy lap and be buried in thy eyes.” He is basically promising her, that we will forever give her a sexual orgasm and that is all that he is telling her when you decipher it. Now, I simply must know. How did you gain a passion for poetry and the Shakespearean ways? What was it, if you are willing to share.

Victoria Voxxx: Well, my mother when I was growing up, before she became an attorney, she was an English teacher and I could not stand it. I could not stand it because I was terrible at English and literature of any kind growing up. So, when I went to college, I was not excited to really have the heavy reading classes, blah, blah, blah but I love drama, so it was a catch twenty-two. I had one professor who really took a liking to me and my writing. My writing was very broad, and he gave me, Taming of the Shrew and I read it over and over again and I came back to him and said, “you know this is about BDSM right? This is dom-sub 101.” I love this, give me more. So that is where my love for Shakespeare really blossomed. It just really tapped into my inner kink and it still does, almost always. Romeo and Juliette, I love it. I know you are not supposed to, but I love it! So, I really fell in love with Shakespeare there. It was from there that I discovered Silvia Plath and William Blake and all of these poets that were just, so, so brutally honest. So, if it is naked and raw and bleeding, I love it. That is what poetry is, it is very honest.

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, my God! Did we just become best friends? (We both snicker.)

Victoria Voxxx: I think so.

Don Juan DeMarko: Are we now going to go do karate in the garage?

Victoria Voxxx: I am ready.

Don Juan DeMarko: Every single friend I have, who has withstood the test of time and has somehow managed to stay with the winds of destiny and be in my life due to that written path, I always write them poetry on their birthday.

Victoria Voxxx: Oh God, I write it for everyone. I write it for everyone that I care about.

Victoria Voxxx Don Juan DeMarko: I can not believe that I wrote this yesterday. I think we have so much in common when it comes to the art side of things in this business. I was perusing through your NeXXXt Level Agency stills and they are gorgeous! I mean, holy shit, the lighting, the attire. Oh my God, they are gorgeous! Me being a guy who sets these kinds of things up for magazines, I was like, ahhhhhh! Can you tell us about that shoot? What was it like? Who took the shots? It looks like it was just fun as hell.

Victoria Voxxx: Oh my God, you know what, it was the most fun that I have had so far because I was so nervous. All the anticipation was killing me because Andre was the photographer. Yes, that is right, my agent Andre was the photographer. So, not only was this the second time that I was stepping in front of a camera for pictures, being naked or with some type of implied nudity but my agent is seeing how well that I do the first time. So, it was very intimidating to me and it was very exciting. That day, I got to set, and I showed Andre the outfits that I had. He then turns to me and said, “Oh my God, this is going to be so fun. I just then snapped into it, it was the weirdest thing. The camera fell on me and I said, “yes, this is perfect. This is exactly what I am prepared for.

It might have just been the attention whore side of me, but I love being in front of the camera. I love being able to give photographers this rush of, “YES, YES! Keep doing that, it is beautiful. You are a natural.” It is that type of feeling that lights me up inside. I know you can relate I am sure. It is probably the artistic performer in me and Andre has a very artistic view from his lens. He has all of these ideas and you can put your ideas out to him and the best thing about shooting for him, was that he put music on for me. I was like, “Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols, turn that on and I will give you a show!” So, he tapped into the rock side for me and played some tunes while I was posing. It just made it a very natural, expressive shoot for me. To this day, I just love everything about it and I do not ever want to change those pictures. Because they came out so beautiful, Andre is just fantastic.

Don Juan DeMarko: They came out, I mean darlin’ I am telling you, I have done shoots and set-ups for more than a few magazines. I shit you not, when I saw those pictures, I was like, “..damn, they look like they were having a ball” and they are fucking gorgeous. No, I am not bullshitting you. One of the last pieces I did with Fet-Erotica Magazine, we mimicked a Michael Ninn piece where I had a master rope binder, he came and bound one of my girls and he basically did only her right leg and right side of her body, we did her make-up tight, we did her make-up really beautiful. She was trying so hard to hold the pose, I will send you the pictures, they are cute as hell.

Victoria Voxxx: Yes, please do, I want to see it.

Victoria Voxxx Don Juan DeMarko: I indeed will. The best part of that story is that we had hired some non-industry people to do make-up and hair, they were literally hesitant in the beginning right? I told them, “no, trust me, you will enjoy my sets.” They get there and at the end, they say the same thing you said, “this was the best shoot of my life.” I really enjoyed hearing that, because I was really trying to bring out this beauty from Michael Ninn years ago and we nailed it, we matched it to a tee. I love that aspect because I run into some photographers who are like, “just plug in another model” when shit happens and with my art, it just does not work that way. Not when you are an artist you know?

Victoria Voxxx: Exactly, I completely agree. You know, what I was prepared for that day, was to just turn right, turn left, go into circles, spread your holes. I was prepared for something graphic, plain and simple. Because, being new to the industry, that is all you ever really see on the websites and when you buy DVDs. Like it all seems kind of collagical. I was just ready for that, so being teamed up with someone who was artistic and wanted to capture the beauty, the intimidation. The ones in the mirror, I absolutely love, because those shots are so metaphoric. Here is this person and here is her reflection. Here is who you are now and here is who you are going to be. I just had the best time with Andre, because of our artistic visions, we are very similar and he just allowed me to explore and find strength on my own.

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh my god! We are really going to become best fucking friends now and move the karate to the motherfucking garage now God damn it!

Victoria Voxxx: Yes, those photos are so very near and dear to me. It was truly the first time that I really committed to the industry. It was the first time that I realized that I have all of the power. It was at that moment that I realized that this is the most empowering thing that a woman could do.

Don Juan DeMarko: No, it is because truth be told, one of my gals, Ambriel Willow, she is a woman who studies psychology and she wants to be a sex therapist. That is what unlocked her personality years ago she told me. It was discovering her sexuality. I do not think people understand how much it changes you in a good way. You know what I mean?

Victoria Voxxx Victoria Voxxx: Absolutely. The amount of confidence that I have gained in just being the woman that is within my body from doing this work is unparalleled. It does not matter what I put on, or what I have off. I feel completely comfortable I the skin that I am in. Before porn, there was no way that I could walk out of the house without make-up. Now, I show up to set without make-up on. I love the natural look, I love seeing the stretch marks, the scars, all this and that. Because honestly, it makes you feel more human. Everybody has it. You are working with these people who you thought were sexy and perfect forever. Now, come to find out, they are just confident, and they are empowered because of the work that they are doing. You know, it is just the most wonderful thing to be a part of.

Don Juan DeMarko: Truthfully, one of the things I love writing about, …. Idiosyncrasies are the most beautiful things of all human beings. Our imperfections are what make us distinctive on this earth from all other animals.

Victoria Voxxx: I agree with that and I think that porn really exposes that. It just doesn’t expose it. It commands you to embrace your imperfections. For that one little thing that separates you from another model, that is what makes you who you are, and you just learn to love those things.

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh my God, this is fucking awesome. It is almost like you and I share an ESP connection somehow. This thing is just rolling. I always write down notes in preparation and I wrote in my notes that, “now I know what a unicorn looks like.”

Victoria Voxxx: Oh my gosh, yes! A horn-less unicorn! A horn-less, horny unicorn.

Don Juan DeMarko: Now, getting to tap into your total trifecta of being a singer and a dancer. Oh, by the way, I come from a family of musicians. My cousin, he once opened for Wes Borland way back in the day.

Victoria Voxxx: Amazing, wow! I come from a family of musicians too.

Don Juan DeMarko: That is fucking awesome, yes! He was the lead and a front man, I take it that you are a lead too?

Victoria Voxxx: I am a frontwoman, I am a few things. I am a frontwoman in my own band. I am a bass player and vocalist in another band!

Don Juan DeMarko: (I rudely interrupt her, well, more like abruptly) BASS!!!! BASS!!!!

Victoria Voxxx: …. And I am a dancer in a third band.

Victoria Voxxx Don Juan DeMarko: I swear to God, I knew that you were a bass player, I do not know how but I just knew that you were.

Victoria Voxxx: All us chicks, we always play bass, we hold down the fort you know?

Don Juan DeMarko: Well, my theory is that only gifted front people become bass players. Because my cousin, that is what he is. In his older band, it was a Native American metal band. He would alternate bass and lead.

Victoria Voxxx: Interesting, wow! That is incredible. Sounds like something that I would love to hear.

Don Juan DeMarko: I will send you some videos.

Victoria Voxxx: Yes, send me links, send me links! I will just chat you up all day long about music. That is what I really like to do.

Don Juan DeMarko: You are so badass. I want to truly see you as one of the first performers to do it all, I shit you not. One thing that would be very cool, would be to have a woman who could do dancing, who could sing, act and perform. Someone that could do the whole thing. Because truthfully, you can do it in today’s age. You can do it all. You can be the model, the adult film star, the singer the actor, the whole nine yards. So, what I want to know, what are your goals and dreams within the business?

Victoria Voxxx: Oh goodness, the are so broad, that it is difficult to understand them all. Initially, entering the business, I really wanted to set a path for myself that would blossom into something relatable to Sasha Grey’s career. She is so amazing and so different and so in tune into who she is on camera. Everybody wants to know something about her. I want to be that performer that everybody wants to know something about. Whether it is related to sex, my fantasies, my music, my dancing. I just want them to ask themselves questions about me at some point during their day. I want to be somebody that everyone wants to get to know. I think that blossoms out of being one out of six kids in a family full of very talented musicians and always fighting to stand out. I am standing out now and I love it. I really want to interact with people, I think that my main goal is to make everybody feel something or wonder something. Or, explore a part of themselves that they perhaps were afraid of, or they ran away from, or that they did not embrace. I want to be the catalyst to their bravery to invade themselves. That is what I want to do

Don Juan DeMarko: That is so fucking cool! That is beyond awesome! Truthfully, what I want to do is the same thing on my side. Here I am getting a giddy about this and I can imagine like you are like, “come on, who is interviewing who mother fucker? (We both bust out with a huge laugh.) No, you know one day, I want, … well, let me start out by saying, being a guy who works in both worlds. When people find out that I work in adult, they start to confess themselves to me in the best of ways. I will give you an example. This gal that I use to work with, when she figured out what I did, she told , me, “me and my fella, we go to Thailand every year and we get ourselves a cute little Tai girl to play with and I turn into a lesbian for four days” and I am like, “fuck yeah! Rock on!”

Victoria Voxxx Victoria Voxxx: Oh my God, see, isn’t that just the most amazing thing, how nobody has fears after talking to you. Because they know, you are not a judgmental being. You are somebody who is accepting of everything! Oh, my God, that is where the empowerment starts I think. No matter how long you have been in it, you are always approachable, because nobody has to be afraid of their secrets or yours if you put it all out there.

Don Juan DeMarko: Yes, truthfully, me and my former co-worker, we became best buddies all because she figured out who I was. The thing I tell most people is to open your mind and it will allow you to see so much. I am very liberal, and she is very conservative. So, she was so shocked that she could talk to me about such things. Here is what is so funny, for my birthday a few years ago, she gave me a super 8 BETA porno.

Victoria Voxxx: Oh my God. (We both share a laugh.)

Don Juan DeMarko: I am a history major, so I love everything when it comes to anything and it’s sordid history wise, so I was like, “Oh my God! I am in heaven.” It was the best gift I had received in a long, long time.

Victoria Voxxx: History and poetry, you are an intellectual bird, my friend.

Don Juan DeMarko: Indeed, I am Madam.

Victoria Voxxx: I love it!

Don Juan DeMarko: No, you know truthfully, I really love that you are pursuing that because in all honesty you nailed it to a T. I tell people this all the time when they ask me, “does me watching this make me weird?” I tell them, “NO! It makes you normal. You are the most normal person in the world for enjoying this, this or this.”

Victoria Voxxx

Victoria Voxxx: Yes, it is beautiful. It is so beautiful, and I would go, I would surpass normal and say that it makes you brave. Because not only are you doing something that is intimate, or discussing it, or what ever you are doing, you are invoking something very intimate. You are putting more forward by putting your voice out there. By saying, “you know, this probably isn’t going to be your thing, but it is my thing and I do not know why this is what I like, and I really like it. So, to be able to be a part of something that gives that to people, or that I get to explore these things about myself that maybe I wasn’t sure about. I think I have a foot fetish and I did not know that until I started doing porn. You know that is just the most amazing thing to me. To be so in touch with my sexual being and still be learning new things about myself, I am just forever thankful to this industry for giving me that ability.

Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, that is awesome dude. I mean, you know the truth of all human beings is that we evolve until we leave this earth. The truth of evolution is that it takes place in the mind as well as with the physical aspects of a being. You become a different person through out your entire life. One of the things that I think about a lot, is men. I think men especially, they do not unlock who they are until they are seventy of eighty years old beaus they never gave their sexuality the benefit of the doubt.

Victoria Voxxx: Sure, or you know, they become so corrupt by what is accepted among society that they think, “no, it is not acceptable to slap my girlfriend in the face, even if she asks for it.” You know? They are afraid of stuff like that. It just makes me sad and I am so happy that I get to work in a place where I can say, “hit me as hard as you can, I am not going to bruise.” That would be great. (We start sweetly laughing because this is something we both enjoy as people.)

Don Juan DeMarko: I knew this, you know, I have not seen a lot of your work, the only things I have seen is what Dan has shown me. Once again, I could tell in your eyes, that you were a BDSM person, …….

Victoria Voxxx: Absolutely. You read me perfectly, you got it. You hit it right on the nail.

.......with that note #TripleX fans we have to stop this first look into the life and mind of Victoria Voxxx in order to gain our composure after such a vivid tale of who she is. One thing I will tell you about this little lady, she is as charming as you would think and as we leave you on a high note, the only thing I can say is to tune in for part two. Victoria will be talking about her first scene, what it is like to work with Girlfriends and much, much more. This little lady is a part of a new age movement in the land of fantasy. We can not wait to bring you part two of this interview. Trust me, we are as anxious as you are. Please follow Victoria on social media and tell her what you thought. I know she would adore that.

Photos Courtesy of: NeXXXt Level Talent Agency

Follow Victoria on Twitter: @VictoriaVoxxx


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