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Johnny Goodluck A Man of Many Talents


In my second installment of the Hottest  Men in Porn, I got the chance to interview  a still fairly new performer, Johnny Goodluck. Johnny previously spent most of his time behind the camera and then  decided that it was  much  more fun being in front and being with the hottest babes in Porn. Aside from being in Porn, Johnny tends bar and took XCritic on a tour of what a day in the Life of Johnny Goodluck is really like with the last stop being the bar that he works in when not on set.

A man of many talents, Johnny is also a professionally trained chef who has held the titles of Head Chef and Executive Chef as well as owning his own catering/personal chef company. A vastly talented individual, who has full intentions of grabbing the bull by the horns and holding on for dear life in the Adult Industry. How far will Johnny’s career goes is up tp him but at this rate with his  popularity with the  ladies on set who knows just how many awards he might take at the 2019 AVN’s!  Thank You Johnny for taking time out of your schedule to answer a few questions for your fans!

1-How has your personal life changed if any since you started working in front of the camera?

I will definitely say that it has an effect on your sex life in ways you might not immediately think of. Off-camera sex DEFINITELY becomes very, very important. Some weeks when I shoot a lot, I just want to lay in bed, have "normal people" sex, be a 2 pump chump, and sleep immediately afterwards. It's also pretty interesting when your relatives and friends admit casually that they've incidentally watched your porn.

2-Has it made your off-camera life stronger with your wife?

It has indeed. We count on each other to help us feel normal. 

3-Some couples have problems working in porn with the opposite sex without jealousy coming into play.. Is this true with you and your wife?

Draven and I don't have hang-ups about work. I was a long time bystander and supporter of Draven before I ever started performing. We don't put any restriction on each other’s work with the exception that we don't like performing in discriminatory rolls. I have filmed my wife being double teamed, we have been filmed together with both sexes, and she has filmed me working with other female performers. We are very rare, and incredibly lucky to have such an understanding partnership. 


4-How does it feel being in front of the camera after being behind the scene for four years?

It is definitely an unexpected turn of events! I learned so many valuable lessons that made me a worth-while male talent. Spending time working for production companies and directors gave me an opportunity to see firsthand how production works, how performing is supposed to go, the ins and outs of shooting. I feel like I got a degree in adult performing before having to step into the work place. I owe a lot to the people who let me on set, and the performers that I had the opportunity to study. Big shout out to Tommy Pistol, Small Hands, Mike Quasar, and so many other people that I had the chance to sit and learn from. I’m so lucky to have this experience before I started performing. 

5-How did you come by the name of modern day  James Bond of Porn?

I don't know. Money Penny? It's like that song "The Rainbow Connection" . . . "Somebody thought of it, and someone believed it" and now it has stuck. 

6-Do you see yourself as a positive role model for the new comers?

I see myself as a solid role model for anyone! I have a lot of wisdom to share, and I love helping people. The most important parts to being a performer in my mind are being a kind and understanding person. I try to be someone who is easy to work with, that people WANT to work with, and doesn't add conflict or problem to the scene.  It's all about having a good attitude and I think that is a big factor behind my success.  I always approach a set with professionalism and a positive uplifting attitude. 

7-Do you feel that men are still under paid and not given enough credit when it comes to doing a scene or seeing their names listed on the credits or on the box cover?

I don't actually. I think that everyone is underpaid in this industry and it doesn’t help when porn is pirated. I do think that women deserve to make the superior rate in this business. I don't have any issues making less than my female co-performers. I understand not having male names on the front of the box. I do believe however, that all talent should always be listed in the credits, and have the companies recognize them when it comes to social media exposure. Too  many companies don't tag the male talent when they promote content. 


8-Does the stereotype of working in porn bother you?

I don't mind the typical stereotypes.  There are a few things that are kind of unexpected that I never thought I would have to deal with.  The things that bug me are when my guy friends think that I show up to every social gathering with women for them to engage in acts with. Sorry! I don't own humans, and the idea that people who show up with me are automatically up for sexual acts with you? Get real! Porn stars are people too, and there's this assumption I face often that we are up for any sexual act with anyone at any time. It's so rude. I never have problems talking about sex, or giving advice about sex, but no, I’m not going to hop in your threesome, and no I did not bring a girl for you to have sex with. You are on your own, homie. Also NO, I can't get you in porn, and I can't help you become a porn star. I couldn't even do it for myself. It just happens and you either answer the call or not. 

9-What are your own personal views on condoms?

I think condoms are necessary for the average person who has social sexual encounters.  I don't think condoms are necessary in porn considering how much money we have to spend on testing every month. Between Draven and myself, we spend over $600 a month just to be available to work.  

10-Do you feel that condoms get in the way of your performance?

I don't think that they get in the way of my performance, but they do change the flavor a little bit.  They really don't bug me a ton, but I do know plenty of female performers that get tore up when they shoot a long scene with condoms. It’s definitely harder on the ladies. 

11-Do you find that it is harder to perform with a girl that you are paired up with isn't into you?

Not really. I’m a nice guy and I always go out of my way to make people comfortable. On the occasion that a  performer is having a bad day, I do the best I can to get them into a positive mindset. I make sure not to push their buttons or add to the problem. Honestly, I can't tell if they're not into me or not. Luckily, I’ve worked with wonderful people with good attitudes, or professional enough to get through work without being personal.

12-What goes through your head while you are in the middle of a scene, do you lose yourself in the moment or drift off to someplace else?

I usually stay very focused on the shoot. I lose myself in the scene and am always looking at how to improve the shoot. We're looking for angles, lighting, being "open", keeping the talk up, and making sure were hitting all of the compliance marks. It's a lot to focus on in the middle of hot sex, but it's a job! 


13-Do you feel that other male performers are intimidated by you?

I don't think so. I get along really well with the male performers I work with. Believe it or not, there aren't that many of us, and many of us work together all the time.  Actually, most other male performers have become good friends of mine.  I have never met any male performer that I thought was intimidated by me, nor am I ever intimidated by them. Everyone is so nice, and guys like Robby Echo, Codey Steele, Eric John, Tommy Pistol, Bambino, and Chad Diamond are my favorite dudes to run into on set. We know how to work together really well, and we keep the mood light with some solid humor, and good old-fashioned brotherly love.

14-Which female performers do you enjoy working with that you have a  good amount of chemistry that it carries over on screen?

I actually like working with the female performers that I consider my "homies". It might sound weird to like having sex with your buddies, but it actually makes for great scenes because you know each other so well! That being said, my favorites are always Karma RX and Jojo Kiss. They are good friends, and we have awesome chemistry together. Also, they're both amazing in bed.   

15-You were XCritics First Male Pornstar to take over Snapchat.. how was that?

IT WAS THE COOLEST! I was so honored to get to do it, and I really hope that I killed it.  I made sure my day was full of fun, excitement, and sexiness.  I made it a point to have plenty of pretty girls on there because I feel like I would have lost the audience if it would have just been me. I want to do more like that, it was such a blast. 

16-What was it that changed your mind from being behind the scene to being in front of the camera?

Nothing really changed my mind, it just kind of happened. I never really tried to get into porn, I think that's how I ended up here.  My first shoot was with my wife, so it’s pretty easy to say "Yes, I will definitely accept payment to have sex with my wife on camera" It wasn't even a stretch, we had already done it. After that, over the course of the next year, more people asked for me in front of the camera.  The rapport builds and more work comes in. The more you prove, the more you'll work.

17-With the extent of your experience in many fields... why did you want to work in porn?

I have always been the kind of guy who does what works. I will never say no to work or making money, and building skill sets. I never intended on being a big porn star, but when people were offering me work, I was not saying no. To me it never mattered if I was doing porn, or holding a camera, bartending, or driving a truck. If you offer me a good paycheck, I'm for hire (for the most part of course). I'm here to make money and have a good time, baby.

18-What makes or breaks a good performer?

I believe it’s all in attitude. If you have a good attitude, and you're a good person to work with, you'll have a pretty good chance at staying in business. You have to take care of your body and respect your boundaries. Everyone has bad days, I also think that your resilience and ability to make it through hard times also makes or breaks you. 


19-If there is one thing that you could change in porn, what would that be?

I would change how content is distributed. I wish there was a way to keep content from being stolen or posted by people who don't own the content, but there's really not much we can do. It's so exhausting to try to keep up with keeping our creative property under control. 

20-What advice would you give to someone who is considering working in porn?

Be a good person, and work hard. There are many aspects to being a performer; it’s not as simple as just showing up and boning. You have to look out for each other, keep in good health, stay in shape and have a very strong social media presence.  A lot of work is only offered to performers who keep pushing and promoting work they've already done. Most importantly, DON'T BE A JERK! Be good to people, practice, practice, practice, and work hard. 

Again, Thank You, Johnny, for allowing XCritic and myself to get a small glimpse into your life and I wish you all the continued best in Porn!

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