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eXXXotica Denver 2018 Day: 2


Don Juan DeMarko

Day two is always something to look forward to at any eXXXotica. This has always been the most primed day in all my years of covering these events. You can always look to see the ladies start to begin to really dress down. Now, this does not mean that the ladies look like crap or do not put in an effort to look sexy, but most performers want to really bring out their most colorful attire and revealing outfits on this day. The performers who really put in an effort really go all three days with some of the most provocative looks that simply have you daydreaming of watching their films, which you can buy right then and there. This is a day I want to begin to showcase who were the performers that put in the most effort, who gave fans something that really made them think that they were spending their money wisely. So as we begin this little mission of ours we had a little help from Ambriel Willow to help us keep our minds in the gutter as began to break down the second day of the convention.

Spokes-Model: @AmbrielWillow

Ambriel Willow 

Best Boobs:

Lauren Phillips @LaurenFillsUp Website: LaurenPhillips.com

Lauren Phillips 

I honestly must say, I was a little nervous getting to meet this beauty. Lauren is a performer who I have seen to always bring out that kinky and nasty side in her scenes. I honestly think that she always gives the fans a performance that is exactly what the fans wish to see. In all my encounters with her, which had always been on the internet or through her publicists, things were always about getting exposure to the fans for what she wishes to show them. To me, I find that the best of things when it comes to an adult entertainer. Lauren shows that she wants to be able to bring her fans something extra. This award goes to Lauren for more than just her amazing assets. Yes, her boobs are amazing, that is an easy give in, but Lauren really put in an effort to stick with the guidelines of the convention but to also get as risqué as possible. eXXXotica usually has strict guidelines as to what performers can and can not show. Oh, those damn hotels, let the girls run around naked why don’t you? All joking aside, I get that you can not let the party rage on too wild, but you also have to give the fans that little something extra that I think is well deserved at a convention. Especially to those souls who are buying the performers products. Each day, Lauren’s outfits were planned perfectly to show off everything that you would expect from this amazing performer. Color schemes were gorgeous and alternating mixing these combinations of fishnet stockings and these cute lace panties that could be seen underneath her one piece. The rule in-house on the convention floor was that you could not reveal your nipples, but cleavage was fine. Lauren simply had the coolest pasties that had some thought behind them. Getting to meet Lauren, I would watch from afar as my photographer snapped away pictures and the way she was giving every fan the thrill of a lifetime having them get to take shots of that gorgeous cleavage was very awesome to see. She was giving the fans thrills beyond belief. You see so many fans who simply do not know the girls are there for them. They are there to show you the goods in person and be able to chat for a few moments about what draws you to their work. Lauren simply stole the show with fans and seeing how much effort she really put in, fans, when you see this babe in your town, you get your fucking ass in gear and drive down and say hello. These are boobs you must see in person, trust me.

 Lauren Phillips

Baddest Booty:

Jill Kassidy @JillKassidyy

Jill Kassidy Hot damn, this was a tough choice. It is not just because I am an ass man, no, this convention had some of the best damn booty shakers in the business attending and my goodness, so many ladies really came out and put on one hell of a show for the fans. Now, the reason I had to choose Jill, it was not just the fact that she is one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, or that she loves to show off that gorgeous asset of hers. No, Jill always looked amazing. I remember seeing her and Jillian Janson arrive at the second night's after party. Her dress was gorgeous, she looked as if she was about to hit the Hollywood clubs in style, with her one of her besties on her arm, the stunning Jillian Janson. Jill, she made an effort to really make sure every fan, every photographer and yes, every writer was taken care of, even in those moments where you have been signing away for three straight hours and you have been on your feet posing for a hundred pictures and you just want to go up to your room and relax. Jill, never once did I see this young starlet turn down one person. Not once did I detect anything but kindness. She has this cute shyness that in all honesty, every great actor has. It is as if they can turn on this switch when the camera is on and they truly become someone else. I saw that so much with Jill. This may sound like a load of bullshit, but I have met this guy, so the comparison is real. She honestly reminded me of Heath Ledger in her demeanor. I have seen her in more than a few films in my time. Her acting, no matter if it is small or big, sexy or dark, she hits everything perfectly. I have never seen this beauty stammer. She is always making things look so easy and I am not just talking about the sex. Jill, she really put in a strong effort with all her outfits as well. She had this cute teeny-bopper that made me go back to my college days. The things I think fans never look past is that everything is planned with these girls. They put in a lot of fucking time and nervously pick out what will, of course, be something they like but will be something you like. The girls are here to make money, yes, but they are also here to meet their fans and that is nerve racking as hell. Jill here, she made sure that everything from her shoes to amazing hairstyles was gorgeous. It says so much when a performer has these shoes that have glitter patterns that match her pasties. Yes, all that is done for your viewing pleasure fans. Jill, she simply made sure that she was climbing on everything from her chair to her table to get some of the most amazing booty shots with her fans and all of the industry people there to take her photo. She was just as amazing as can be.

Best Engagement with Fans:

Honey Gold @HoneyGoldxx Website: HoneyGoldxxx.com

Honey Gold & Ambriel Willow This little lady. She stole the show. She could have come out wearing sweats and people would have still been jumping through hoops to meet her, which they were. Now, I think that one thing must be said to fans when it comes to conventions. These beautiful babes are here to make money, back in the days of Polaroids, all photos cost money. Some performers do let you take a photo for free, others do not. It is just proper respect to engage the performers to ask before you do anything. This is how the ladies of the industry make their living and it is only right to see where they stand. Honey Gold, she is truly a performer for the people. She loves to engage in conversation, she has a deep love for this business and you can see it is every single smile she gave to fans. Her lines were always steady but the amount of time she spent with each fan felt like an eternity. When you see couples, single guys and gals simply waiting as long as can be just to see Honey Gold, then you have their fantasies come to life by having her not only greet them with hugs and kindness but a general offering of who she is, that ladies and gents, that is something that goes beyond the term, “down to earth.” Our very own spokes-model, Ambriel Willow, she was constantly looking to see Honey Gold each day after their first meeting. Yes, watching the girls tease each other was fun to observe, this old reporter will not lie but something I really loved the most was how the girls spoke about the things they love. They truly were engaging within passions of the adult industry and I think both ladies will tell you, all of us who have that type of composure we are still fans at heart and always will be. The bottom line is here fans, you need to ensure that when you attend eXXXotica that you go say hello to miss Honey Gold. She is someone that will give you that delicate touch that you always dreamed of when meeting a porn star. There is truly a reason this beauty won an award for being the best new starlet. I see a lot of greatness coming from this little lady for years to come. Fans, what I implore you the most to discover, is that sometimes you only have one chance to see these stars that you love. You can not miss this opportunity. When I was just a fan, I once had the opportunity to meet Micky Lynn, my favorite porn star of all time. Needless to say, I chickened out and never had that opportunity again. I got lucky this year and she was voted into the XRCO Hall of Fame, so I will finally get my chance fifteen years later. Don’t make the same mistake I did fans, for you never know when a performers star will shoot into orbit and you will never have a chance to see them again in a lifetime.


Hottest Newcomer to a Con:

Anna Claire Clouds @AnnaClaireCloud Website: AnnaClaireClpuds.com

Anna Claire Clouds Although Anna Claire is no stranger to fans, this beauty was getting her first taste of an adult convention. This can be something that is very nerve racking for any performer/model. Meeting your fans is not the easiest in any business. I have found adult fans to probably be the most well behaved. Yes, I did say adult fans and believe you me performers of the business reading this, fans of every other genre are far, far worse and this is coming from a man who covers them all from Comic Con, to trade conventions in Vegas. This Arccus Model is simply one of the most gorgeous women to enter the business. I mean this gal has it all fans. Let’s talk about the performer for a second. Her website is amazing, her scenes are as sexy as they get and when we begin to talk about modeling and performance, this beauty is far ahead of her years in terms of how she can draw a fan in and simply leave them breathless. I honestly implore you, visit her site. It was with that research and frame of mind I went to meet Anna Claire at the Tremor Booth. Being as we were bringing our spokesmodel around with us, to handle the meet and greets, I can think of no other performer that our spokesmodel Ambriel Willow simply had a better time with. Once again. To see a beautiful woman who is every bit as energetic as the fans that are coming to meet her says volumes. What impressed me the most, was how this woman turned every fan's photo into a photo shoot. Her poses were always provocative and never forced. The way that she simply lit up the Tremor booth with her amazing smile will never be forgotten. She was every bit as sexual as she was kind. Anna Claire, I think rarely had her top on. Most models will tell you in this business that they prefer to be naked. I think Anna Claire simply takes that to another level. The Tremor Booth was truly one of the standouts of the convention the first two day and a lot was due to this little blond-haired bombshell. This gal can simply take you on a ride to her world of fantasy when you meet her. She is the essence of what a true performer is. She is exactly what you would expect when you are meeting a character that lives only within your imagination. That is the only way that I can describe Anna Claire Clouds. She was always whispering sweet something’s into the fans and fellow models' ears and she was always jumping into everyone’s arms with a smile. I see grandiose things coming with this little lady and the air is always better when you live within the clouds, that is all I will say.


Porn Star Bad Ass & Best Outfits & Attire

Cindy Starfall @CindyStarfall Website: CindyStarfall.net

Cindy Starfall Now this accolade it always goes to that performer that goes above and beyond. I may get my ass kicked for revealing this about Cindy, but this is a story that must be told to a certain extent.


Cindy, she is a performer who has a reputation for always coming to a convention and putting on a show for the fans that is as real as it gets. Cindy is truly as easy to talk to as she is beautiful She simply always looks her best. Her makeup was gorgeous, as was her hair. I never passed up giving this beauty a hug.


She always had on this sweet-smelling perfume that simply brought me to my knees and had me floating like Pepe the skunk in a Looney Tunes cartoon chasing the cunning female feline.

She had on these gorgeous shows and cute stockings, not with one run in them. I am never a stickler to point out any model’s wrongdoings, but a fan always notices when a performer does not put effort into their attire and when they do not want to be at a convention.


Cindy was always on her A+ game. Now, what makes this little lady the “Bad Ass” of the convention is that we all know that a model’s trip into any city is not always easy.

I will not divulge every secret of a woman who was simply amazing and some but let’s just say, during a time when most models would have stayed home. Cindy came out in style and did not miss one beat with her fans.


Cindy was not at a hundred percent at this convention. When Cindy had told me she was not feeling 100% I sat back and observed to see how she was feeling. Naturally, I wanted to be the superhero who would flock to her aid to bring her some water or anything.

Who does not want to be that that guy right? What really made my jaw hang to the floor, was how this beauty did not miss a beat. She was never once turning a fan away or not posing with her fans so that they could get the thrill of a lifetime. Cindy truly showed why porn stars and their amazing ways are far beyond want any fan knows, or even more so the critics of our industry who say that these women are lazy, arrogant and the furthest thing from classy.

Cindy Starfall

Cindy Starfall proved them wrong in the blink of an eye. She wowed so may in the building, especially this reporter. I was dazzled by her attire alone but her conviction and character, it made this convention truly special and was one of the true highlights of the Bad Dragon Booth.


The one thing you will always get with Cindy is her full attention and gratitude that is rarely seen in life. Fans, you simply have to support a star who goes to this length for you.

I truly mean that. Cindy, in all honesty, could have stayed home. I have known models who have stayed home and were feeling less pain on a daily basis. But this is what makes her the bad ass she is. She did all of that for you.

She got up each morning, through hours of make-up and wardrobe be just so you would get your moneys worth and that is what a convention is all about.








Best in Show:

Vicki Chase @VickiChase website: VickiChaseShop.com

Vicki Chase 

You may not know this but for the longest time, Vicky was the best-kept secret in the business. I will be the first to tell you, this beauty had many years where her star was not given the spotlight it deserved. Vicky is truly one of this generation's truly legendary performers. It is not just her sex appeal, her nastiness as one of the most bad ass sex kittens on the planet that makes her one of the greatest performers of all time. No, it is the fact that she still takes time to make it to every fucking convention known to mankind. Even when she does not have to. Over the years, you do see some performers become divas and rightfully so. These women deserve to be put up on a pedestal. They have earned that. When you have traveled the world, had to work until 3 AM on a shoot only to wake up again at 6 AM to finish the stills for the box cover, then catch a flight to LA two hours later, you have more than earned the right to be a cocky mother fucker. Few can actually do that in life and still be sane, let alone cordial. Vicki Chase, this is a woman who has done all that and some. She is a woman who I have never seen complain about anything in her amazing life. Especially her time in the business. What always makes me smile is how Vicki still to this day, takes time to meet her fans at every convention in the world no matter how small or how big. Vicki has never let that diva essence take control of her. She is always taking her time to say thank you to her fans and she does it honestly. Vicki is an intimidating woman because of how beautiful she is. But if there is one woman fans you should never fear in this business, it is Vicki Chase. Unless of course, you are standing in her way in getting her grub on like I did once in New Jersey and I almost got my ass ran over. No, truthfully Vicki is what everyone goes to a convention to see. Their fantasy comes to life in every shape and form. Her attire is never the same in one city to the next. She is always changing it and it goes from bad ass to sexy in a heartbeat. One of the most common reoccurring sayings her fans ask her is, “how do you get more beautiful from one day to the next?” Which I found so amazing because I have heard fans tell her that in every city I have been in with her. Vicki Chase, she steals the show at every convention. She takes time with each fan and one thing I simply always root on is that her fans be more upfront with her. She will not bite. Vicki is one of the few legends of this business who will sign your DVD, give you a sexy message to go along with and pose with you for a picture. All with a smile and all with a genuine flirtation. She is that amazing , people. She is what this business was built upon, a performer’s performer. You will not find a more willing person to be at these conventions as well as a person who will enjoy every second of her trip. Vicki Chase is the reason these types of shows where created. She is a throwback to such legendary performers as Nina Hartley and Evan Stone. Folks who love what they do, love being within the crowd of fans and friends and simply always manage to create something so special for every XXX fan. When this beauty hangs it up, which I hope is not anytime soon, I really hope that she knows how much of an impact she made in this business and why no one will ever, and I mean ever fill her shoes. That is what a true legend she is, she is simply the woman who makes these conventions what they are and she always will be.

Vicki Chase


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