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XCooking: Zac Wild’s Avocado Veggie Mash


Zachary Wild-Stovetop; Light to medium heat.
In a large frying pan add a few tablespoons of All natural organic olive oil.With a couple diced garlic cloves.
-Add in small diced carrots, squash, broccoli, peppers, kale & Cherrie tomatoes. (In that order)
*Cover for 3 minutes.
- Add one or two fully ripe avocados.
- Mash avocados/ mix into veggies.
- Add little salt & pepper for seasoning. 
*You can add any kind of protein to this dish. 
Ex: Chicken, Steak, Kidney beans, etc.
* Also goes great with brown jasmine rice!
Simple but very filling & healthy.

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