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Zachary Wild: Big Kid in a Candy Store


We all have different views when it comes to the World of Porn, with so many misconceptions and stigmas attach to it, one has to wonder why anyone would want to go through all that for just for a few minutes of fame on camera.

Why not..Isn’t it every man's dream to be with a beautiful woman having the best sex of one's life with the possibility of not getting your name listed on the movie credits or box cover because you are the newest face among many in the adult industry?

With so many new faces that come and go, what makes him stand out among his peers who have already cut out a niche for themselves in this cut-throat industry.

Looking through the Adult Industry through a fresh set of eyes is the ever lovable Zachary Wild. Over the course of a few days, I got to know the aspiring Adult Male Performer from Society 15's roster owned by Kendra Lust.

He left his life back East in January 2018 to start his claim to fame in the Industry. After spending ten years traveling around the country and working different jobs, he fully understands that this (porn) isn’t going to be easy and that the struggle is most definitely very real.

Zac knows that it is a waiting game when it comes to getting that call to be on set. As for being the "New kid", he is very eager to strut his stuff and to prove the nay Sayers that he made the cut and he has nothing to prove to them... Only to himself.

His internal competition with himself has him focused on being the best performer he can be and to grow as a performer as well as to make the ladies he is paired with on set to have a mind-blowing orgasm with him. Zac challenges himself daily to do better and to learn all the tricks of his trade. His eagerness to perform excels when he is on set with any of the beautiful women that makes the viewers drool.

Zac himself is a delicious morsel for the ladies, standing at 5'10, 180lbs, Blue Eyes and as he put it "Born in the USA". His kindness and outgoing persona shine through brightly through his smile and how he makes others feel around him.

As I got to know more about the man behind the name, he opened up about how he came to the decision to make that move to the West Coast, about his passion for writing and cooking. With an ever-changing industry, he isn’t intimidated by it or the beautiful ladies he has to work with.

Zac is very ambitious and is more than ready to show the world that he has what it takes to be the next  "Best Male Newcomer Performer of the Year" at next year's AVN Award Show. His passion and love for the industry will take him there all he needs to do is be there when the call comes in,.

I want to thank Zac Wild and Kendra Lust, Owner of Society 15 for allowing Zac to talk with me at length for XCritic.Com. I wish Zac all the very best and I will definitely be watching him as he makes his own brand in the industry!

Ladies you can follow Zac on Twitter @ZacharyWildXXX .

1-What made you decide to go into porn?

A lot of things actually. I think it's an accumulation of everything that I've done in my life that has led me to this point. Being 28 I've had the last 10 years (Since High School) to kind of travel around the country and figure myself out... what my path was going to be like; what's going to be that one thing I could dedicate my life to...? I wasn't finding happiness or fulfillment and who isn't happy when they're having sex? Ha! I enjoy the lifestyle, I like being healthy and having a safe sex life.

 2-Do you feel pressure when it comes to performing because you are technically "the New Kid on the block"?

 If there is pressure I don't let it get to me. Cool as a cucumber most of the time.
I like to think I have an internal competition with myself to be the best performer I can be and to grow with each scene.

 3-Can you tell me more about this internal competition.

Yes, self-motivation is like an insatiable hunger. Like a Walt Whitman poem…”Wanting to suck the marrow out of life.” Some people are born with a fire inside of them.. they can't explain it.. but it's just there.

 4-When You shot your first scene how nervous where you...?

I wasn't that nervous. More like naive excitement. Ha! Plus my Co-Star Rachael Cavalli was/is an absolute sweetheart she was so wonderful to work with.

 5-As a new performer do you see the Industry as a whole intimidating...?

 I think the only thing that's intimidating is meeting a performer I've been watching for 10 years or meeting the most prominent directors or producers. As a whole.. for the industry, a lot of people say it's changing quickly.. You see the competition between people but also a balance of family, love, and support.

6-Does the competition between performers challenge you to push even harder during a scene?

Not particularly, I’m just here to give my absolute best for my co-star, director, and crew. If I'm going to be great I want to earn it every single day.

7-Beside that gorgeous smile and energetic stamina what else do you bring to the table when you are on set?

Berries & Celery..ha! Huge sweet tasty cumloads.I also get along with just about everybody.
I'm always down for meaningful conversations.

8-You mentioned you've been watching porn for 10yrs..who are your favorite performers?

Actually, since I was 11 or 12...So 15 years..ha!I have so many favorites but I could go back to like the days of Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick and Briana Banks <(Still going too!)But over the years porn has changed and so has the look of female stars.Asa Akira, Jada Stevens Mandy Muse, Cali Carter, Kendra Lust, Veronica Rodriguez. Emma Hix,  Elsa Jean ,Abella Danger Luna Star, Angela White, Holly Hendrix, Marley Brinx, Ariana Marie, Kira Noir...,

9-What inspires you to write?

I love to write about basically everything. Poetry, stories, life experiences, dreams, goals, aspirations. I carry my notebook wherever I go.

10-Since you love to write, have you given thought to writing your own script?

I have absolutely, I have many scenarios in my brain and notebooks scattered throughout.

11-Is there one scene that you have in your head that you want to bring to life?

Oh yes, A threesome, BGG. A room full of colorful balloons. Lots of oil.
The premises is these girls share the same birthday & live together. They both want to get fucked and both booty call me unbeknownst they called the same guy. So they have to share their cum covered cupcakes together. Simple but fun! Many others too. Porn has a limitless range, I love that.

12-So what else do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy taking care of myself like going to the gym and riding my bicycle everywhere. I love to cook, I'm a really good cook which helps me stay healthy.

13-What is your favorite meal to cook?

The most rewarding meal is one that you cook yourself I believe. Oh, I love steak and pan-fried kale and vegetables. But I love sauces and awesome linguine dishes or lasagna or tortellini

14-So You love to cook...have a deep passion for writing...very outgoing and friendly personality...What else should your fans know about you?

Huge Led Zeppelin, The Doors & Hendrix fan.I hardly drink but only drink IPAs.(beer)
If a fan were to ever say, Hi to me. I would absolutely acknowledge them;"Hey hey!"

15-How many scenes have you shot to date and for who?

13 B/G scenes...3 times an extra (Twice for Blacked) Reality Kings, PornSlap and Kink.Com

16- You've been doing this for how long now?

2 months

17-What do you think about it so far?

I absolutely love it!! It beats bouncing at nightclubs taking care of drunk college kids, or putting up sheetrock all day.

18-You were a bouncer?

I sure was back in Boston

19-You’re from Boston?

Born and raised in New Hampshire but I was living in Boston before I moved out here. I've lived in many places in my time. Lol

20-Did you go to a talent scout or did someone see your pic and tell you that you would be great at it …

Pily from Reality Kings (production coordinator) got in touch with me and told me to come out for an interview. So I flew out on January 10th. Had to pay for everything my flight, my hotels everything. A great investment. I would stay for 3 days, nailed my audition, got an agency. So, they wanted me to move out right away.. I had 3 weeks to move out of my apartment.. liquidate all my possessions into money and moved out here in 3 weeks. I worked a job as a plumber for 6 days and then porn picked up.My running joke for a week was if I'm not laying pipe... I'm laying pipe. Hahha!

21-Tell me about the interview process...

Well, it was about a 20-minute walk from the luxurious Ramada Inn that I was staying at. So I strolled into Reality Kings on a hot January day.I couldn't wait to get naked. Lol.
 Pily was very pleased to see me she knew how far I traveled and what it took for me to be there. So when it came time for me to take some photos and get my cock hard it was no problem at all. I basically walked around naked for a good half an hour just shooting the shit and building an instant report with Pily & Kissy. (Pilys assistant) I'll be shooting my first scene for Reality Kings on the 24th with Carter Cruise

22-So you weren't nervous at all?

Just for a second because it was a really big move and a big deal to me.It's me going for the next big thing in my life I had no choice but to succeed.Everything worked out perfectly sometimes something's got to give in life and I made it happen.

23-Which do you prefer when on set...condom or no condom?

No condoms.

24-Does that change your views on how safe testing is?

Not really, It's the people who fuck around outside of porn production..they're not safe.
Like having unprotected sex with someone who doesn't get tested. No Bueno. My sex life outside of porn really doesn't exist LOL so if I do have sex off camera it's always with a condom.

25-How did your scene with Kink.Com go?

Fantastic, they’re great to work for. Great crew.

26-Who was in the scene with you?

Four other guys and a girl, it was fun!

27-What is the best thing about being an adult performer in today's day and age?

Probably the women. They’re all so gorgeous in their own ways.
The communication abilities, the connectivity and how much safer it's getting with regular standard blood testing.

28-And what's the least thing you like?

Unprofessionalism. People who try to lie to your face when you know the truth.

29-What advice do you have for guys wanting to do porn?

Take care of your body. Mind your manners and always show respect.

30-And to the ladies?

Ladies, same. Be professional..

31-What do you think about all the negative stigma around the people who work in porn?

Some people thrive in such negativity because people are always looking for a challenge and I think porn is one of the realest, ultimate challenges in life  I think it's one of the greatest ways to master yourself. But if anybody has a problem then that's just their problem.

32-What do you want the readers of Your interview to understand about the Man that You are?

I don't want to go to my grave with regrets.No, Woulda, shoulda, couldas.
I'm here to live my life to its fullest.

33-Any regrets now?


34- Favorite position?

All of them...all of them..lol

35-Do you think that chemistry between you and your co-star is important?

Absolutely! Sometimes you have better chemistry with some than others.. everybody's different and you don't know who you're really going to connect with. But that's part of the excitement, experiencing somebody new.
For me I really don't have a problem... there's something about every woman that makes them beautiful.

36-Where do you see yourself 5, 10 years from now?

I'm glad you asked that question.I see myself cruising the Pacific coast highway in a brand new car blasting LA woman by The Doors into a gorgeous orange sunset.At the top of my game Happy, financially stable, with lots of love...

 Once again I want to thank Zach for the interview, it was a great pleasure getting to know you!!

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