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News: Live eXXXotica Denver Update



eXXXotica 2018 is in full swing. The “Mile-High City” is hosting its second convention having set the Colorado indoor attendance record at the time for convention gatherings. First things first, the site that has been chosen, the Crowne Plaza Hotel, its something very beautiful for such a wonderful event that showcases the world’s most stunning models. As we get into each day’s events, we will showcase more of all the venues that this event is bringing to XXX fans all over the Denver metro area.

Tiffany Watson

One of the venues that are hosting parties galore is Platinum 84. One of Denver’s best gentleman’s clubs and one that has the reputation of always bringing in adult superstars to feature dance and entertain a city that has been starved for a long time of true adult entertainment. This venue has always been one of my favorites and housed some of my best friends in the business as they climbed the ranks years ago and became porn stars themselves. Getting to see that they were springing this year again to host all the pre and after parties, I was happy, to say the least. The opening party has been getting lots of play over our local radio stations late at night, tuning into the channeled market in ways that I found very impressive. I am seeing that our lifestyle in the industry is becoming less and less taboo and something that is far beyond something we all have in common as human beings with the number of couples, businessmen and yes, you churchgoers, all who have asked me for tickets to the convention, which I tried to supply as many as I could. This is the hype that I wanted to see for my beloved city.

Tiffany Watson 

As the cold, what I thought to be spring night was beginning, I was treated to a rather delicious show of one of our spokesmodels getting dolled up, dressed and ready for her night promoting the event and the XCritic brand. We all went there to support the industry, which is something that many of us do in the business being how a lot of us are more than friends and are more like family. Tiffany Watson was going to be one of the feature dancers at Platinum 84 kicking things off. My girls were all on cloud nine, wondering what they were going to do when they met her. One of our models, she is just starting in the business and the other, she is a retired fetish performer getting ready to strut her stuff one more time to promote an industry she loved and was a part of for many years.

Tiffany Watson 

As Lady Laura and Ambriel Willow arrived at the club, this beautiful venue came to be within eye view. Pool tables, smoking patios, Hookah’s that look like something out of a Greg Lansky film. The staff consists of some of the most gorgeous female entertainers and dancers that I have ever seen. I was treated to rather yummy viewing of one of Platinum 84’s supreme promoters, the stunning Porshe Lynn. As we talked about the beauty of the industry and shared some shots, she told me about her passion and her love for this business. It reminded me of exactly why I got into this business. She was one of many who simply made my girls feel welcome and the security was on par, giving VIP treatment to the max. Thank you once again to Scott Raja and Dave with Platinum 84 for being the class acts that you are.

Now, time to tell you about this once in a lifetime show. Now, I have seen many, many performers dance. From legends from the past to modern legends in the making. I have learned there is a true art to the dance of seduction that an adult entertainer creates. There is something that must come from within, just like how a writer writes a book, or a musician plays an instrument. Too many fans do not know what a performer goes through to create her show for her fans. When I saw Tiffany come onto the stage, I knew something great was going to happen. Her eyeshadow was done for the perfect lighting situation. Her attire was sexy and expensive. Being a man who has been in this business in many forms for years, I could see she splurged on her outfit and why not, this is a special occasion. Tiffany hit the stage with force, always making rounds to every single fan that she encountered, leaving no one behind. If you have seen as many shows as I have, you have seen as many bad as you do good. Bad performances are where the girl does not follow the code of the dancer. The art of erotic dancing is far different from acting on set. Too many women in the business do not know that. Tiffany, she had her respects paid in full to the dancing Gods as she spun around with elegance as one of our XCritic models removed her bra. Her smile was always there, and I was simply taken back with my jaw on the floor watching her dance and move with pure skill, pure passion, and even more allure. Tiffany Watson is the next massive thing in this business. She showed me skills that I have not seen since the days of the Vivid girls. That is how much she had the crowd eating out of her hand wanting more.

Tiffany Watson

I can not say how much this woman made this opening what it was. The fans followed her everywhere. She had them feel the presence of fantasy and then made their dreams come true with lap dances and small talk that only comes from the sweetest of souls and true performers. If this is just the start fans, imagine what she has in store for you at convention open today. One thing is for sure, Tiffany has been my cup of coffee since. I admit, covering a convention at times can wear on you but this woman, she gave me a spark and that is simply what makes this industry great and why performers like her are why you must attend fans.

Written by Don Juan DeMarko

Photos by Peter Dunn

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