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Snapchat Takeover: Ginger Banks


When you think of adult entertainment, what is it that you picture in your head? As of late, so much has changed in the adult industry that many different answers exist for that question, larger in quantity now than ever before. XCritic is proud to bring to you an actor, a performer, a model and cam star who is simply erasing the lines that separate so much and so many of us in the adult world. The multi-talented and ever so beautiful Ginger Banks @GingerBanks1 is taking over the XCritic Snap Chat, live this Friday, March 23rd, in what is sure to be a show you will not soon forget.

Ginger Banks 

This Arizona beauty has been wowing fans for more than a few years and is truly one of the unsung pioneers in the growth of scene and clip productions. Ginger is a woman who loves what she does, her websites feature some of the most lust filled ideas and scenes that will simply arouse your curiosity as well as many other things when you visit her store to see for yourself. At GingerBanks.com you will find some of the most daring scenes, one of our favorite at XCritic’s is some of public and sneaky sex-capades that are pure entertainment and simply what is creating a spark of new ideas within the adult industry. This woman is a voice for something so much more in this industry, her always growing YouTube channel (Ginger Banks) showcases a voice that is showing the true essence of the beautiful people within this industry. So fans, never have we ever been so adamite that you see for yourself what is the big buzz behind a performer. Ginger Banks is doing things that are simply changing the world. So be sure you tune in to her snap chat takeover which will be from 7AM to 11PM PST Join us at XCriticCom for this is going to be one hell of a show.

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