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Alexis Fawx


Since she entered this business, Alexis Fawx has always done things her way, on her terms. I could think of no better woman to put in the spotlight, to show the performers of the adult world, the fans, the directors, the critics, what it means to truly live a life of empowerment in a world that does not always believe it to exist. I wanted to capture Alexis and her positivity. A characteristic she has that guides her life. She is a woman that many in the adult industry chase. Performers simply want to always be around her, have her company be in their presence. I had to try and find that in an interview. I had to try and bottle lightning, so that the fans could see something they may not know exists within the women of empowerment in this industry. For the first time, I found myself trying to create a work of art, for one of the biggest art lovers in the business. So without further delay..... Alexis

Don Juan DeMarko



Alexis Fawx

Don Juan DeMarko: First off, how have you been love? It has been so long since we have got to just sit down and bullshit. I have heard that you have been keeping ultra-busy and that you have been doing some amazing things with your writing and that you have even been helping out with some casting. It is simply nice to talk with my sweet Alexis as always.


Alexis Fawx: Oh God it was really awesome! It has been a really great 2017. It has just been absolutely wonderful!


Don Juan DeMarko: I am so glad that you have been having a good year. You know babe, we writers are simply going to riot if you do not get a fucking trophy this year, I really mean that. You have had one hell of a year darlin’!


Alexis Fawx: Dude, I am just so exited to be nominated. I have been all over the globe Don and I have been in so many great roles, that I was so excited to be apart of. You know me Don, I always love to just jump across the borders and take my word all over the place. I've seen a lot of beautiful places this year and I simply can not say how much of an honor it is to be nominated by XBIZ and AVN. For me, one of the most special things was to be nominated by XBIZ for best Couples Sex Scene. Which was with Tony Montana for Wicked Films, directed by Mike Quasar. That shoot was really fun. I was also nominated for best sex scene girl/girl, as well as another boy/girl which was awesome. So, all I can is, how fucking cool is that? I am just so happy to be nominated for both boy/girl and girl/girl sex scenes.


Don Juan DeMarko: Baby, you are the bomb!


Alexis Fawx: Well Don, I do not consider myself a certain way you know? Heterosexual, bi, straight, gay any of that bullshit. I just like people for who they are, and I just like to have sex with them. (We bust out laughing again.) Oh, Oh, Oh. Don, this so reminds me that I also got nominated, due to sex, yes. (Laughter fills the air once again) No, for best actress in Fantasy Factory. Which is for Girlsway and it was simply one of the best damn scenes of the year. I had so much fun writing and creating something for Girlway. Don, it went into my background in the military. I did the story from a different standpoint. I really wanted this scene to be something that was focused on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” With they way I feel about sexuality, I thought this was something that truly needed to be made. It was something I was very proud of. There was so much we were throwing around as far as ideas go when we were creating this scene. One of the best parts was AJ Applegate. She was just amazing Don, I mean fucking amazing! I knew she would just be perfect for the part. Getting to work with AJ, I just can not put that into words, she is so amazing. You know how much I love sexy women Don, this encounter with AJ it was dreamy! (she laughs the sweetest laugh) If I am going to be writing about dreams, I am going to get my dream on! You know what I am saying?


Don Juan DeMarko: That I do, beautiful!


Alexis Fawx. When Alan and Bree approached me with this and we were talking about dream pairings, I was scanning my brain trying to narrow down what would my fantasy, my dream be. I am thinking of all these things in my mind, all these beautiful women. Fuck, I could not narrow down one to ten, shit, I could not even narrow down just one to twenty. (she laughs again.) I just wanted to look at Alan and say, “can we just have a gang bang day?” (We start laughing our asses off.) I thought it was funny, when they came to me I simply had the attitude of, “how far can I go here?” On a serious note, I really do like working with Girlsway, Don. One of my goals this year was becoming a girl/girl contract star with one of these amazing companies in the business. As a matter of fact, the fruits of that labor should be bearing when this interview comes out. Because I just shot an amazing three way with Cherie Deville with the company that signed me. Everything with them so far has just been fucking awesome! I love them so much, Don, I can not tell you how much that I love Sweetheart Video, I love Girlsway, I love Lesbian X. These companies have the most amazing directors and the crews that are involved are just so wonderful. It is just so fucking awesome to be able to work with such great people. I feel so blessed. Being able to travel the world and do that too, it has just been like a dream. For me, I am just going to stick with this positive attitude. I have had this new take on my life, were I put in all of these great ideas.

Alexis Fawx 

I recently have been given even more opportunities to create something that will be able to show the world my view on so many things. My problem has always been that I am super creative Don, but I have never been able to transition that into business, into something that is going to make money. I am not business. You ask any one of my friends who are artists and they have all said that they also have really struggled when it comes to creating something that goes into business. A creation that you can actually make money from.

Don, there are so many things I want to talk about with you and the fans yes, but the first thing I really want to discuss is where I have been going recently. There has been a lot of rebranding in my world as of late. It is the art that I want to focus on. Now, I don’t want the fans to fall asleep with “Alexis” talk because there is truly a lot of re-branding that I am doing. There is so much that is a part of me that I am going to bring to the fans. There is still that passion for sex, that I will always have. This new venture, it is about art, it is about my travels it is really about bringing something that has all of the passions of mine and creates something unique. Now how is that for a long-winded answer? Huh? (We share another massive laugh.)


Don Juan DeMarko: I love you being long-winded, babe. You should know that. On a serious note though love, I am really, really impressed with the fact that Mile High Media has put you and Brandi together as their tour de force signees as their girl/girl contract performers. Sweetheart Video has one of the best ladies in this business creating these films with passion and love and of course, writing! I think it only natural that they offered the best in the business, in my opinion, contracts to dazzle the minds of the fans in ways that has never been seen like this new release The Coven Wives.


Alexis Fawx: Oh, you cannot forget about Cherie DeVille, Don! So, you have three major power houses. I think a lot of women in this business are power houses, don’t get me wrong. You know me, Don, I am never the egotistical kind of person. But hey, you really do have three major power houses with Cherie DeVille, Brandi Love and Myself under one roof. We are all three passionate women who are passionate about business, who are on top of our game, we are good people you know? From the inside out. I know Brandi on a personal level and she is a fucking phenomenal woman. I really do love her. She and I may not see things the same politically and I am not afraid to talk about it because I respect her opinion, and I am sure that she respects mine and my own. Don, she is just a beautiful woman and so is Cherie! I really love them on a personal level. I think that is why a lot of people truly get to see who we are on screen and they do not believe it to be us. You see our hearts, you see our passion on screen and that is us. That is what we love to do. That is why you all are fans of us. It is nothing that is faked, it is something that is our love, our compassion. It is not bullshit, we love what we do, we have fun on set, we have those moments where we do get as wild as a fan's imagination thinks we would once the cameras start rolling. We simply have a good time doing what we do!

Alexis Fawx Don Juan DeMarko: You said it babe! I will tell you this, this is the honest to goodness truth and you will not hear me say this very often. Being as I get paid to write in this amazing business, it is difficult to find the fan in myself sometimes. Doing something in the industry in one form or another for the past few years it tends to make a critic forget that amazing performance and actor. If there is one woman that I would say that I am a fan of on screen, it is Brandi. If there is one girl I would say I have a crush off camera on, it is Cherie. Cherie knows this, I have told her in person. When she did she blushed and simply made me blush, so oh my goodness, I am blushing right now just speaking of it. (We Laugh Tremendously Loud) I mean seriously, that trifecta of you three, and I love Brandi too, let me set the record straight. She is a head strong, beautiful woman. What I meant by her being the opposite spectrum of you, is that she is blunt, she is straight forward. You are too my friend, but you will give a little bit more benefit of the doubt before you kick someone’s ass, where Brandi will just kick some ass and I love that.


Alexis Fawx: …. (as she is laughing) Sometimes I kick their ass with kindness. Because it really cluster fucks with their brain.


Don Juan DeMarko: No, and I love that about Brandi. First time I met her, I told her, you must get this kind of bullshit all the time. She told me, “thank you for understanding.” I told her “no worries” I know how this business goes, you meet bull shitters and you meet realistic people all on the same day, all dressed the same, pitching the same exact thing. It gets hard for any performer to separate the two at times. I can only imagine. That was going to be my next question for you babe, how has this success been for you this year? Has it been something good this year? Has it been a year filled with more good than bad if you are willing to share that, when it comes to business, fans and everything in between?


Alexis Fawx: I was just speaking with my assistant about this recently. I have to say, Don, I have really had a wonderful year. I think that the good has far outweighed any bad. I honestly can not look back and say that this was a year that was “bad.” I just can’t. There is always hate, Don. I get hate mail just like anyone else does. I see it everywhere. It is something I see in the comments part of my profiles on social media. I truly think that my mindset is so strong, so always looking ahead and so positive that turns into this perpetual motion of good that makes it to where I do not see the bad. So, if there is bad, think of it like the water off of a duck’s back, you simply do not see it, because it is not on the path ahead of you and you must keep moving forward. I just don’t have time for that bullshit. I will never take time away from positive energy to focus on anything negative. I will always be moving forward and to anything that blocks that, I say “fuck that!” … and I keep moving forward. I think a part you just made me think of that is always apart of my journey, is that I take the good, the bad and everything else that I experience on this journey and I embrace it with open arms, because everything is a lesson, everything is something that you can learn from. I would not be who I am today, talking with you if I did not have good and bad in my life. I am all that and everything in between. It is true, we all are as human beings. Everything has balance and that is the way that it does.

Alexis Fawx 

Don Juan DeMarko: There is a truth to this sugar and I was talking about this with a client at the day job. We were talking about a story for the premise of his book. It was such a fascinating subject babe, he was literally talking about some knowledge that I have not heard spoken in years. He said, you can not have ultimate evil without ultimate good. He said, you can not know what it is like in life to succeed unless you have failed at the most massive level. It is a truth that you must have good and bad mixed together.


Alexis Fawx: Yes, you simply must have both. I mean, it is this simple. Without death, we would not have any meaning to life. If we did not have that fear of death, we would not take a day of our lives serious, now would we? People would simply not give a fuck because they always would have tomorrow. It goes the same in reverse Don. Death is something that makes life so powerful and life is something that makes death so powerful. It comes down to such things in a person’s thoughts where they want their death to be something big. Like me, I want my death to be something where I leave a legacy. I want it to be that people will remember me long after I am gone. That is something I think we all think of and experience.


Don Juan DeMarko: That is the honest to goodness truth babe. We will continue to talk about these positive things in the business and move onto something that I have been dying to ask you since last year. What was it like to write your own scene? Ahhhhhhhh! You touched this writers psyche in a flash with what you made. I am so jealous! No, no, no. I am simply happy for you and so curious as to what the feeling was like from start to finish. I am dying to know, because you created some wonderful things with both AJ and Cherie. I mean those scenes were great!


Alexis Fawx: Well, Alan had come to me and he wanted me to create things in a way that I thought would work, stuff like that. I was excited, and I was really nervous. I had so much help with everything. I had help with putting the ideas together. It was the first time that I had ever written anything like this. It was interesting to put all my ideas on paper. It was something that came together in the best of ways. It was cool Don.

Alexis Fawx Don Juan DeMarko: Sweetheart, I mean this, and I say it not just because we are homies, you really put together the best storyline and scene in that film. You know that this is no line because I am that boring asshole who watches porn for it’s writing.


Alexis Fawx: (We start laughing) So you really liked my dream pairing about the military?


Don Juan DeMarko: I did! I really did! I loved it. Because I knew you had something passionate behind it. I knew that you would also put in something that is you, that has that energy that only you can bring and a creativeness that speaks of home. To explore your Air Force background was so neat. You put in little things that simply made that story come to life and become a part of you. I love how you voiced the narrative, it was spot fucking on! I love how you included something that spoke of you, a passionate love affair, a forbidden love affair and I can relate to that so much with my background and I said, this is pretty fucking cool! It had to be very nerve racking for you. I know you are passionate about your service time too and to write something very intricate about it, people don’t know how hard that is.


Alexis Fawx: It was really something. I am quite shy, I know that sound silly doesn’t it? I have a passion for art. You know that. My paintings, I love. My writing, it is something that also is very close to me and who I am. Then we have photographs, and I think you have seen the way that I do photographs, it just comes to life inside of me. For me, I was simply thinking “I hope people like it.” For others like you, you would me sharing that part of me and it looks totally different than the way I approached it. It is just when you create work that you share, you wonder if people are going to look at what you created and say, “my goodness, what was she thinking? Was there something wrong with her? Is she stupid or brain dead?” I really got to feel this new experience in the business, where I was wondering what people thought. I was so pleased to see that people liked it. I mean, it was a relief that people liked it. That meant a lot, especially when you are sharing a part of yourself in these ways. “They like me, they really like me!” (We start laughing uncontrollably) So Don, THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!!!! All my fans and critics who liked it, THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!!!


Don Juan DeMarko: Sweetheart, I really mean this. You know that they made two Dream Pairings Series, actually, I think they are on three right now. With me, when I write a review. I won’t write a review for a bad film. I don’t believe in doing that. I simply want fans to know when they see Don Juan DeMarko’s reviews, they are always about excellence because every film has something good in it, no matter the genre. When I watched yours. The story you created out of the three, you just made such a respectable job of creating something with substance. Something with a real story that turns into a real fantasy. The other two films I think were more of a straight walk into the sex. Hey, I get that. Sex is what makes the business go around, yours was something different. It was very fucking cool. When you add in the videography and the amazing sex stills, it was beyond beautiful. A work of art truly. I simply must express, I am not kissing your ass because you are my buddy, you really did an excellent job and I was simply like, wow! You have talent babe, I really mean that. I would not say that if I did not believe it! For a guy who signs writers to contracts for a living, it is very cool to see that part of you come to life. Because that part of me being a writer, I know how nerve-wracking that is to put your artistic side and put your integrity out in public for everyone to see.


Alexis Fawx: Yes, I am dabbling here and there. I am trying to write my first script. I have never written a script before. It is so hard. I mean I love the challenge, but you say to yourself, “how do I get all of these ideas onto paper that are floating around in my head?


Don Juan DeMarko: Babe, I have always thought you would make the best writer, because of the way that you interpret art. You simply do it so well. You are a person who loves paintings and photography. You love everything there is about art, so I find it only fitting that you are moving to this realm of artistry. True writers are people that can interpret art. I think last time we spoke, I told you about this amazing artist, who is sexy as fuck by the way. I was trying to con you into coming to eXXXotica Denver, so you could check out her work and of course, check her out. But it is that knowledge of painting and art, because she does charcoal work on wood and much, much more, it is that knowledge you possess where you know the things I speak of that simply has me dying wanting to read this script woman!


Alexis Fawx: I know, I know. Well, I have to finish it (she starts laughing the most intoxicating laugh)


Don Juan DeMarko: I think designing sets, creating scenes, that is something that you will excel at.


Alexis Fawx: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I am trying to get things to really benefit me in more ways than one Don. I have begun doing productions on my own and it is something that I really plan on launching in a big way in 2018. It has been a labor of love and I have been working my ass off. It gets to be tedious and I have found that as I keep this growing I need to take time for myself. I don’t think as I have begun this project that I have taken any time for myself. I mean in terms of working on my own site, working on my own brand. I am going to be making a lot of time for that this year.

Alexis Fawx Don Juan DeMarko: You know what babe, if you were to ask me as a businessman, what has been one of the smartest moves. I think I have told you this one many levels. Every person who crosses your path in this business, they simply always have something good to say about you and they simply tell me one phrase that I think summarizes you in an instant, that the “love you to death.” You are a woman I see making a significant impact in this business with her personal work. I mean that. Because everybody would come to work for you.


Alexis Fawx: (She sweetly laughs) That is awesome!


Don Juan DeMarko: It is not just the performers either darlin’! I have talked to people from every place within the business from media to post production on the films you work on. The people at Gammae, they love you, I actually got to work with a few back in the day when they were with other companies and now that they have created this massive force within the business, they all say that you are the bee’s knees. So, to get back to the interview, I always love telling fans this, where have your travels taken you to my favorite globetrotter?


Alexis Fawx: Well, there have been so many. It all started at the beginning of last year. The beginning of last year, I went to South Africa. I had never been to South Africa before. Sorry if I get emotional because it is something that just touched me. South Africa is just amazing, we got to live around all of these animals. We got to visit this amazing location, I can not tell you where, but it was where the Rhinos had been poached. These people literally just walked up right to the animals and hacked off their horns it was so terrible. The animals, they just suffered until they were dead. When you see these massive and I mean massive beasts. I can not describe her any other way. She is just this massive beast. She is so scared, and you can see it in her eyes that she is so scared. That was South Africa. It just had so much beauty to it and things you never see in life. (She is crying, trying to hold back tears to finish the interview.)


Don Juan DeMarko: Megan told me you all had an exciting time.


Alexis Fawx: (Still feeling very emotional) Yes, …….. yes we did.


Don Juan DeMarko: I had met Megan in Denver last year. I had always asked her since, how did you train a Chihuahua to play fetch. I don’t know how but she did. I call her the little Chihuahua whisperer.


Alexis Fawx: That girl. She rocks! It is so funny, I took my XBIZ dress to South Africa and had it photographed there with the beautiful landscape. That is one of my favs. It is also going to be a special edition, limited photo set that I am going to auction off along with some other goodies I cannot tell you about now, but it will all be donated to charity. All those proceedings will, along with the AVN dress that I had taken off and had pictures taken with. I am going to see how much we can raise for charity. I am so excited. The lucky person who bids the highest. They will get the dress, they will get the photos, then they will also get to pick the charity of their choice that the money goes to. No matter how they want to do it. If they want to send it to just one charity, or they want it to go to all three split up in equal sums, I think that this will just be a wonderful experience all around. I just want to do something good. But that is the best way that I can sum up what happened in South Africa. It created something in me, it was beautiful in so many ways. It was nice to spend that time with all the other models. We learned so much. We learned some new things on how to model, how to do photography and shoot within a beautiful area. Then, I got to shoot in London this year. That was beyond an experience. I loved my time there. The company I was shooting with, I am just a huge fan of the way they shoot and present their work. It was cool to be apart of that and I simply always wanted to work for that company. Let’s see, I also went to Kuai for a little break. I hiked all over that island, chasing rainbows and waterfalls, which was absolutely cool as shit. I am going to go back and just spend a week hiking among all the amazing coves that are out there. Let’s see, I also went to Canada and visited the two largest cannabis grows in North America. The facilities were just amazing. I mean it was soooooo cool. I love cannabis, I am a big advocate for it. It helps me in so many ways, so for me to get to visit a facility like that, to be able to stop and smell the flowers. I am going to take the opportunity to do so. Then, I modeled in Fiji, where I once again modeled just like I did in South Africa and to do that again, it was absolutely a very touching experience. I got to be apart of a very special edition collaboration. I am calling it apart of my goddess warrior photo set. When you see it, you will just be blown away. I feel very strong, very empowered. I can say this in my interview, that this has really empowered me as a woman. It has made me a lot stronger. I had a really wonderful time. I feel so strong in my life Don and I wanted to show that. I found so much beauty in all this culture I took in. These photos, they show so many different things from this culture. I am so excited to just watch the footage of the phots getting taken. I am so like, “Hey! Can I get a copy?” (We both start laughing.) This was so cool! I am just excited to be sending everything out and they are even more excited to be getting to see all the work. That is just the definition of fun for me. I love to travel! Oh, you just reminded me. I also went to Mexico this year. I got to chill in Mexico for a week. I really hope that I just keep traveling more and more. There is so much on this beautiful planet to see. So many beautiful cultures to experience. I simply want to see it all and we will see if we can make that happen.

Alexis Fawx Don Juan DeMarko: I am living vicariously through you. I have been so stuck to the US. It has just been stinky for me. How fucking cool! Sounds like my favorite globetrottero just had a year to remember. I think your pictures come to life and they create something that makes others want to see the beauty of this world. You must travel in this life, you simply have to. Now, getting back to the kinky shit. I would love to know, what has been your favorite scene this year? You have been in so many but what has been the tops for you? You talked about so many points, you talked about your strengths, I really mean this because it shows in your interviews, it shows in your performance. You can tell how much of a grasp on acting you have gained this year and other things. How much more of a confidence you have gained. How much more you have put yourself out there. You really made strides this year. I mean that my friend. You really grew as a performer and as an actor, as a production person. So I just have to know, what has been the best of the best for you?


Alexis Fawx: Well, I really don’t have anything bad to say about any scene I did this year. I think the scenes that I enjoyed the most where the scenes that the directors or production people asked for my input. I think at times, people expect things from us performers that just are not possible. Our bodies just do not move that way, I am sorry. If I squirt that way, it will simply be coming out of my ass. My favorites have evolved into the films I got to be a part of the crew in some way. Dream Pairings of course. It is something that just makes me so happy to be apart of the big picture. To be apart of the crew that was really, really a great experience for me. I have fun on every damn set I am on. I always walk away happy. I just am not that type of person to do what I do and not enjoy every second of it.


Don Juan DeMarko: Ok, we are getting near the end doll. So, I always wanted to know, and I cannot believe that I never asked you this. I have been doing some writing for some fetish magazines and it has been a part of the business and sexuality in general that has really grown on me. I would love to know, what is Alexis Fawx’s fetish?


Alexis Fawx: Hmmmmmmm. I really have to think about this one. What is my fetish? You know, you would think about being in the business, that it is something wild and outrageous. I think my fetish at times is, can I just have sex in the bed? (She laughs so sweetly) My fetish is, can we just do missionary for about a minute and a half? I don’t know, I really like making people cum. Can you consider that a fetish? I think the fact that people are getting off, hands, feet, all that jazz, that is just really hot to me. The funny thing is, I think that now that I do all the kinky shit, I don’t want to say what is left. (We laugh uncontrollably)


Don Juan DeMarko: Ok, so in closing. I really don’t want this to seem like I am putting you on the sport but being that you are an “older women” in the business. I think I sound dumb saying that being as you are younger than me. But I want to ask the “MILF” performer extrodinaire, Alexis Fawx, what does she think of this “MILF” title. Before you answer, let me just first say, that I think that the category is silly. I think you all deserve to have a shot at Female Performer of the Year, but I think this category pigeon holds some performers in the business.


Alexis Fawx: I agree with that Don. I think that there are many women in the MILF category that year after year, they are looked over as Female Performer of the Year because of this category. There is no “DILF” performer of the year. You know? They have certain things that make a lot of sense. Like newcomer of the year. I think that there are some categories like that, they simply touch a nerve and make people forget that we are all still females. I can’t speak on some views of society. I do not know why things are broken down that way. I can see that there are some performers who get bypassed because of this category you know what I mean? Do I mind being in that category? No, I don’t. But on that same token, there is no “GILF” performer of the year. Now that is my type of category! (We both laugh.)


Don Juan DeMarko: Yes! That is indeed a category if I ever heard of one. Well sweetheart. I simply have to say thank you for this. I kept this shit under two hours and once again I was cutting you off left and right as if you were interviewing me. You are simply a gem Alexis. I wish you so much luck always. Is there anything you want to say to the fans before we call it a day here? Once again, much love my friend and thank you so much.


Alexis Fawx: Thank you babe so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just want to tell my fans keep watching me, keep jerking off to me. Vote for me in all the categories that you can. I am up for many things and I am always looking to improve my craft. I have the launch of my site coming up and I just want my fans to keep watching, because there is so much I am doing for them. I want to thank them for supporting me and supporting my craft. I really appreciate them so much Don. Please, let them know just how much I will always appreciate my fans.


Don Juan DeMarko: I sure will sweetheart, I sure will!

Alexis Fawx




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