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XCooking: An Introduction


Cristi Ann's Bacon Wrapped ShrimpWelcome to XCooking, where adult industry members let you know they are people too by sharing their own, personal recipes or their faves from other household members. We hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of what happens after the scene is filmed and it's time to eat!

Check back this weekend for some delicious recipes from the cast of 'Forked'.

Gotta give some credit to Kay Brandt for the inspiration to branch out, and Sin Kitchen for adding some fuel to the fire! The XCritic team appreciates much more than the pretty faces onscreen, we appreciate the people behind the personas and those personas need to eat too!

Remember to wash your hands before you attempt any dishes you see here, because we have a pretty good idea of where your hands have been.

* Please note that the recipes in the XCooking column may contain explicit photos, so you may not want to share the pages with your entire circle of family and friends (just the fun-loving ones).





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