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XCritic Interview: Bree Mills


Bree Mills

Bree Mills is an unquestionable talent, and she has the distinction of snagging our highest rating, the XCritic Pick on two of her debut efforts: Vampires and Half His Age - A Teenage Tragedy. We at XCritic couldn't wait to get to know Bree better and we managed to find time in her crazy busy schedule to interview her. 

Bree is special, and so we could think of no one better for the debut interview from resident XCritic porn star writer Jay Taylor. Jay says of Bree:

Like a lot of avid porn watchers, I was extremely intrigued and curious during the lead up to launching Gamma Films' Pure Taboo. I watched the first scene as soon as it was available, and was conflicted as to where I should put my hands... covering my mouth in shock or a little further down south? I am absolutely in awe of what this studio has created, and was very excited at the opportunity to catch up with the woman behind the twisted madness, Bree Mills. 

Read Jay Taylor's complete interview with the amazing Bree Mills.

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