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Ariana Marie


Our interviews for the month of November will feature some of the most dazzling beauties of the adult industry. This is a month that showcases the "girl next door." The woman who truly define fantasy in terms that are basic to the viewers mind but very complex in the way that they can touch our imagination and instinct. XCritic had a chance to sit down with Penthouse Pet and Vixen Angel Ariana Marie as she begins her march back into the industry to start another chapter of her amazing career.


Ariana Marie

Don Juan DeMarko: First Ariana, I want to thank you for taking time to sit down with us here at XCritic. There are many writers in our stable who share an affinity for your work just as much as the fans. Now, the story I would love for you to tell, is how did you get involved in the wonderful X-Rated business of ours?


Ariana Marie: Well, I started out on Webcam, a couple found me on Facebook and of course the idea of making several thousands of dollars a month was very appealing, plus they were hot!!!

From there I learned more about the industry and decided to do nude modeling and eventually hardcore scenes :)

Ariana Marie Don Juan DeMarko: Ariana, I have heard through the grapevine you are a very fun-loving woman. I truly admire that, life is about living. Now, we share a couple of mutual friends in the business and I have heard somewhere from a little birdy that you are very fond of dominant men in your personal life. Now, I must ask this for every red-blooded male that is reading this article. What is it about dominant men that just tickles your fancy? I think many fans and industry peeps alike would just like to see what your true passion is of the dominant male? Personally, I would love to know, do you share a similar kind of passion for the “nice guy?” I would love to hear of your view of both types of males. You are one of the most sought-after women on the planet and I think guys could really use your advice on the things that catch a woman’s eye, well at least yours in both points of view.


Ariana Marie: Yes, it is true I do like dominant men, I am into the whole “Daddy” thing and as many of my fans know my husband is much older than I am, and he was my agent when we first met.


So, for me it is not just about a guy who can take control, you will hear it 1,000 times ALL women are attracted to confidence!!!  So, what does that mean for the “nice guy”? Well can you be a “nice guy” and still be confident and dominate? YES!!! In fact, that is exactly what you should be otherwise your probably an arrogant douche.


So how do you get confidence without experience? Just be sincere, it is okay to not know how or what to do, just be honest and give everything you do your best effort.


P.S. I might fuck the bad boy, but I married the “nice guy” who can also be a bad boy!!!


Oh, and just to be clear NO I do not have and never did have Daddy issues… grew up in a good home with both of my parents :)

Ariana Marie 

Don Juan DeMarko: Ok, I don’t want to sound like a nut here, but I love crime stories. I have worked in the publishing world for some years now. I had read when researching the infamous Ariana Marie that you were born in Clearwater, Florida. Is this true? Now, I don’t know if you know this, but did you know that Clearwater Florida is the city that is mythically the murder capital of the US? Now, I think it is an old wives’ tale, but I honestly would love to know what it was like to grow up there?


Ariana Marie: Well you just made me do a bit of research and I do not see Clearwater listed in the top 30 for murder rates in 2017 so you might want to hit refresh on your browser every now and then and stop watching Married with Children at 3am … just kiddingish ;)


Seriously though, I loved growing up in the Tampa/Clearwater area. I would always go out on the boat with my family or friends on the weekends, often, we would all hang out on the little islands or go fishing. Seems like I spent most of my time in the water which is why when I first started in the industry I always had serious tan lines.


Now I live in Las Vegas which is very different, but I do also enjoy, however I am seriously considering a move back or possibly having a house in both cities.



Don Juan DeMarko: Being a guy that has almost zero rhythm but loves music in general I was fascinated by the fact that you trained professionally in dance at an early age. I find it too cool that you became an exotic dancer as well if my research and if memory serves me right. Where did this passion for dance come from? I would love to know who where your idols in the dance world and is there any way that someday, we could possibly see these amazing skills showcased in an adult film? I think that would fucking rock and would blow the fans minds away in a heartbeat.

Ariana Marie 

Ariana Marie: Short answer: I am 1/2 Puerto Rican, it’s in my blood. You remember me mentioning about going to the little islands on the weekends, well both my parents were surfers, beach people that love to have a few drinks, listen to live music and dance so I am sure that is where I get my passion for dancing.


As far as incorporating that into my feature dancing appearances and films, I am sure it will happen more and more but what might surprise you is that I can be very shy and am still coming out of my shell so to speak.

Ariana Marie My husband who use to be a performer in adult films years ago has really helped me build my confidence and opened my mind sexually as well, for instance he told me when we first started dating that he believed in open relationships, especially while working in the adult industry. I thought that meant he just wanted to bang other women, but I learned over time the it was more about complete trust, loyalty, openness and maintaining mutual respect in all situations. I feel like I have everything, a loving, committed partner and complete freedom to enjoy life to the fullest.


Now I just have to perfect my domination skills :)




Don Juan DeMarko: You are a very sex positive woman. I dig that madam. You and I share some very common ground about sharing what we do with every family member that we have. You know, I would love to hear from a very sex positive woman like yourself, why do you think that critics have such a stigma for this industry. You are a prime example of everything that is right about this business. I have heard you are still a very close family woman and enjoy spending time with your family very much. You are a woman who enjoys some of the things critics never see about performers in this industry like video games, fishing and beach laden activities. I guess I would just love to hear your view of things like this being as you seem to be a woman who grew up with this keen sense of your sexuality and your passion for the adult industry seems like it has always been with you and expressed in the best of ways in your life.

Ariana Marie  Ariana Marie: Well first let me say, “Thank You” for your kind words but truthfully, I have not always had the perspective that I do now and like the rest of us I am still growing, learning and understanding more each day. I was very nervous when my family found out about my work because I always considered them to have a conservative view on sexuality. I also remember being very insecure and getting jealous when a boyfriend would talk to or even look at another girl.


I cannot express how much I have grown from my time with my husband in our “open/swinger” lifestyle. You see I did not know there were other options, I always thought it was married/monogamous or single and slutty… who knew I could have both!!!!


So, I think it is the same for most people, personally it would be neat if couples early in their relationship went to a high-end swings club/party and exposed themselves to other perspectives but to each their own… best advice I have is do not judge what you do not understand.



Don Juan DeMarko: I have always wanted to ask this of a performer, especially as of late. What is it like to be in a Colette Pelissier production? It seems every time she comes out with a new film, it is on this exotic island or beautiful location like this massive mansion or landscape. It looks as if it is one hell of an enjoyable time, even before the cameras start rolling. Can you take the fans on a virtual tour of what it was like the day you shot your scene with Riley Reid and Tyler Nixon? I think that has been one of your best performances of the 2017 year. I wonder, how much does an excellent location and production bring out the performer and sultriness in you?

Ariana Marie: I really enjoy working for Colette, she is super nice & knows what she wants. She definitely cares about how the product comes out, such as getting a beautiful location and making sure she has great performers, also her crew is very helpful. The day I shot with Riley and Tyler it was fun & sexy. Im pretty sure that was my first scene with Riley, so I was ecstatic because I had always wanted to work with her. She is very sweet, and I can’t get enough of her bubbly attitude and smile. I had already worked with Tyler before, so I knew that with all three of us together it was going to be sexy. Anytime I’ve been wanting to work with someone for so long, the energy throughout the scene is so intense. I definitely think location matters because of the fact that I like feeling sexy and it’s the background to where I am. So definitely for me I like feeling like the location is upscale.

Ariana Marie Don Juan DeMarko: Now, as I peruse through your tweet log, I see you have a passion for hitting up all these great places to grub. I just want to tag along with you on a road trip to hit up all these great spots you seem to always be eating at. It is almost like a XXX version of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, except with a far better host. I would love to know a few things. One, do you like to cook yourself? Two, what is the greatest eatery that you have visited to in all your adventures across the globe? What is comfort food to Ariana Marie? Whoops, I guess that was three questions.

Ariana Marie: Haha, yes, I do enjoy posting my meals. Because I travel so much it is hard to cook at home, but when I am home... I LOVE to cook. It’s hard to say where the best place I’ve eaten throughout all my adventures on the road, but if I have to say currently its Dog Haus in LA and I only say that because it is the first that comes to mind. I’ve been traveling back and forth to LA a lot lately for shoots and I love getting something awesome to eat after a long day on set.



Don Juan DeMarko: Ok, I guess we can move on to the more kinkier side of the interview. So, miss Marie. Who in the modern era of today’s adult world has caught your eye? Who both male and female, are you just dying to work with? I would love to hear who you may perhaps have a porn crush on. I think you offer such a different view of things being that you were a fan of adult cinema before you got into the industry. I guess a part two to this question, once you had the performer that you were madly crushing on all to yourself, what type of scene would you shoot? We would love to hear about the fantasy of a porn star.


Ariana Marie: Ah, definitely Female Performer of the Year Adriana Chechik would be my porn crush and I would love to several scenes with her, just the two of us and then us sharing a guy or two or three ;)

Ariana Marie 

As far as guys, I feel like I have worked with them all, but as soon as I hear something good about a new male performer I try and work with them asap because as you know I do LOVE new dick!!!



Don Juan DeMarko: Now, the one thing I don’t think fans now and how industry people rant about is the Florida porn market. One of my best friends lives in Florida and is a big part of that market. Did you come up through the Florida system as I like to call it? May I ask a woman who has been doing this for a while like you have, can you tell the fans, what is the difference between the market in LA and the market in Florida? I don’t want to trash either one by saying one is better than the other. I would just love to hear performers view of both markets and tell us some of the good things about both locations. I always love these little insider questions to show the fans a bit of the porn world they so fantasize about.


Ariana Marie: Great question, I have certainly done the Florida circuit, lol


I can only speak on my firsthand experiences, they both have good things and bad.


Florida seems to be a good place for new girls to start, it is a little less intense, the companies are typically more laid back then LA companies and usually cover the upfront cost of a new model’s expenses: testing, flight, hotel, travel. They also pay the models same day which is great for a brand-new girl who might not have any money at all.


The down side to the laid back / free spirited vibe of Florida is that it can turn into a lot of partying and recreational (off camera) sex which sadly makes it easy for models to catch and pass around STDs.

Ariana Marie This can happen in LA as well, but it just seems like people are more careful in LA because if you flake or screw up for the companies out there, news travels fast and there goes your career.


LA is what you might call the big time, and yes, I did use the word BIG on purpose because if your shooting BG content you better be ready to deal with some dicks bigger than you have ever seen before. PACE yourself… please use lots of lube!!! Now I am not saying the boys in Florida are small but almost every guy you work with in LA/Vegas is BIG.


Also, though people tend to be more on point/professional in LA, which can be nice and a turn off sometimes. Oh, and watch out for payroll checks… sometimes you don’t get your check for weeks and yeah when you get paid $1,000 it seems like almost half is taken in taxes.


Some pluses about LA companies, beautiful looking locations, sets and people... enjoy :)



Don Juan DeMarko: I must ask this, and I may sound like a candy ass, but I absolutely love the magazines of this industry. What was it like, being a porn fan to become Penthouse Pet of the Month November 2014? Oh, my goodness, I would have gone ape shit and partied till the cows came home if it where me. What did you do to celebrate? Also, was this a lifelong dream of yours to do something on this grand of a scale. Finally, can you tell us what it was like during the shoot? I write for a few magazines and I am getting into the photography side of things. I do not think fans know what goes into a shoot and what models must do to create that ultimate pose and shot.

Ariana Marie 

Ariana Marie: Being a porn fan, and then being told you’re going to be in Penthouse alone is such a honor, but that your also going to be the Pet of the Month... I was blown away! I remember my agents were so sweet to me getting me flowers and taking me out to dinner for the big news. When you get into this industry you want to make an impression, so no one forgets you, so it really meant a lot to me. That shoot was very high end and I had so much fun. Yes, knowing how to pose is important. I was a little intimidated when we first started shooting because I’m thinking to myself “this is Penthouse, I can’t mess up”. After the first photo set all my nerves were gone and was just having a blast getting my hair and makeup changed for each distinctive look. I would love to relive that day and shoot another cover for them.



Don Juan DeMarko: There are very few and I mean very few women who have shot as much as you have in these last four years. Ariana. I would just love to know, what is it about sex that is just something that is a big part of your life. I guess some people would call sex a drug. I am one of these people. I do not think that I have ever not been curious or interested about sex. What is it that is the biggest part of your drive? Is it the love making? The intimacy? Do you find that being a part of the adult industry has changed your sex drive in a way and that you are into things that you were not before you got into the adult industry?


Ariana Marie: It is funny that you say I have shot so much in the last four years because I have purposely tried not to shoot much. I think it is important to have quality over quantity although I didn’t understand that as much in the beginning of my career. For example, I have only shot about 20 scenes this year, whereas I probably shot 20 scenes a month my first year.


Either way I can tell you I have always been very sexual, in fact something that got me thinking about doing adult films was when my High School boyfriend said, “you always want to have sex, I can’t keep up, you should do porn” lol

Ariana Marie Let’s be really honest here, we all love that “new” feeling… new dick, new pussy, new ass, new lips to kiss, new tits to play with, new chest to lick, new whispers in your ear… you know what I mean, the tingle of the unknown new.


That is a big part of what drives me, and in this biz, I get all the new I can handle and absolutely I have learned and experienced so much more than I ever would have been able to outside of adult films.


Even though I am a swinger and that can be a lot of fun, nothing compares to the fact that everyone in the biz is tested every 14 days and most take very good care of themselves, they eat right, go to the gym, stay well-trimmed etc.… makes for some yummy playtime.




Don Juan DeMarko: In closing, I would like to know what is the ideal evening with you when it comes to a date. Fans always want to know what it is like to date a porn star and I think that adult film stars are so in tune with who they are, they give a far better answer than almost any female as to what a perfect evening on the town is. What is the perfect date with Ariana Marie? What does a guy or gal have to do on a date to sweep you off your feet. Part two of the question, can you tell the fans about one of you most memorable dates outside the industry when the cameras are not rolling? That would so rock!


Ariana Marie: Well this is fun because going on play dates with other guys and girls is one of the most exciting parts of my open marriage.

Ariana Marie Not to sound typical but I do like to be wined and dined every now and then, gives me the opportunity to go buy a sexy dress and lingerie (if I even wear panties).


So yeah, pick me up at 7pm (don’t forget the flowers) lets have a romantic dinner with a glass of wine or two, head up to your very nice room with a view (maybe a suite) and fuck me like I’m yours. If I am staying the night, lets both cum a few times, order desert from room service (I will answer the door half naked if that is okay) and then lets go one more time before falling asleep snuggled up in all our sloppiness. If I need to get home to hubby, skip desert so that you can drop me off with my make up all messed up and freshly fucked looking, Daddy doesn’t mind sloppy seconds :)


Did I give it up to easily? I also like daytime dates doing fun stuff like go cart racing, hanging out by the pool bar etc.


One of my most memorable dates recently was the first night I went out with a director friend of mine, I got all dressed up and drove to his house, I walked in the door he grabbed me, ripped my panties off, fucked my pussy and then in the ass, came in my ass and then took me to a fancy dinner where I had no underwear on and had to keep going to the restroom because he was leaking out of me the the rest of the night, then we went back to his place and did it all again. I think the entire date last 3 hours, a bit unexpected but fun.


Don Juan DeMarko: We want to thank you for joining us for this wonderful interview Ariana. You are indeed a gem of this industry. Is there anything big and top secret that you have coming up that you can spill the beans on that we simply cannot afford to miss, especially the fans? We would just love to hear about what the future has in store for the amazing Ariana Marie.

Ariana Marie

Ariana Marie: Thank you for interviewing me, I had fun answering the questions you had for me. I took a little break from shooting last year and half of this year, for several reasons, I was under contract with a company, so I was not able to shoot certain scenes for people while being under contract. Besides I didn’t want to over saturate myself with other people owning content of me.


As of now, I do have some things up my sleeve that will be huge, but I can’t say what. I always have enjoyed sharing myself with my fans, but I do love the build up to something amazing for them. I want them to be surprised and blown away by my performances. I am however, working on some things now that I can share such as more anal scenes for top companies, live webcamming, & Feature dancing in the states, shooting for my website ArianaMarie.com also I have another website TheCoupleNextDoor.com that I will be shooting for as well, that one will have all real life HotWife adventures. My husband and I have an open relationship and are real time swingers. So, a lot of sexy content coming soon!!!

Thank you,

Ariana Marie xoxo

Ariana Marie

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