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Marica Hase


Marica Hase

Don Juan DeMarko: Marica, first thank you for taking time to sit down with us here at XCritic. It is something truly special to have the first Japanese Penthouse Pet on with us. Marica, my first question to you, is how did you get started in the adult industry in Japan? 

Marica Hase: I had been modeling and acting in mainstream since I was 18. As my career progressed, I wanted more as a talent, more exposure and experiences in front of camera. Then, I found an audition to became a contract star with one of the biggest porn studio in Japan which is SOD. At that point, I wasn’t interested in sex, I just more experience and ability to become a better model/act

Marica Hase Don Juan DeMarko: How is the porn industry different in Japan compared to hear in the United States? I have always wanted to know what separates the two in clever ways and bad? 

Marica Hase: The styles are very different, from the actors to the way scenes are shot. Girls are more quiet and shy in Japanese scenes, but US girls are noisier and interact more with male talent. Japanese porn is slower and step by step when it comes to the actual scene. American porn seems rushed and everyone gets naked too fast. Japanese porn has sensual undertones and build up. It’s not about the actual sex. The storyline is the focus. Not to say American porn doesnt do this, just not as much as Japanese porn.


Don Juan DeMarko: This was truly the first question I wanted to ask but I always feel a little build up is required for such a wonderful question from my personal curiosity. What was it like to shoot for Penthouse? Can you take the readers on a virtual tour of what it was like from the moment you awoke the day of the shoot, to the pressure of having to keep a secret and not tell anyone that you were going to be the very first Japanese Penthouse Pet? 

Marica Haze: Honestly, I didn’t know what was going on when I had my shoot. It actually was my first photoshoot in America. So I didn't know to point my feet/toes (in Japan pointing feet/toes is not the correct posing) also being asked to show my "pink" (showing inner pussy), so it was very different and difficult for me. In Japan, we don't have Penthouse, like here in the States. Plus, my English wasn't very good. I did not know how big of a honor it was. Mark Spiegler and so many Spieglergirls were at the photoshoot applauding and saying congratulations! I still wasn't sure what was going on. As I said before, I didn't understand English, as well as I do now. I asked friends back in Japan what it meant and no one really believed me, and they thought someone may have been playing a joke on me. They thought it was impossible for a Japanese girl to become a Penthouse Pet. The experience was very thrilling. I didn't fully understand its capacity until I was away traveling and Spiegler sent me a picture saying, "I have your Penthouse Pet Key". At this point, I was extremely happy and proud because it was truly a great honor to become the first and only Japanese Penthouse Pet. I love being part of the Penthouse Family. Kelly Holland is such a great influence on me. She taught me many things to become a strong-minded, beautiful woman. She’s very empowering and positive. I appreciate her and the things she does. Not just for the industry alone, but everything surrounding it, as well.


 Marica Hase

 Don Juan DeMarko: Now, being a student of Bushido and a man who adores Japanese culture, I would love to know, what is your take on American culture? I should say, when I traveled to Japan, it was something of a dream for me. Tokyo was a hypnotic, beautiful place where I simply saw a deep respect the people of Japan have for themselves and the country to which they live. For instance, the way that so much is viewed with dignity and honor like wrestling really blew me away. In Japan, it is sport not spectacle to them. I found that type of way they saw many things to be so unique and beautiful. I would just love to know; how do you see us Americans? No matter how blunt or bold, I would just love to know your view of us and our land. 

Marica Hase: Everything is much bigger, from food portions to housing. When I arrived, I could still see so much land. It wasn’t normal for me. In Japan in the air, I can see all of Japan surrounded by water. America was just endless in my eyes, and full of boundless possibilities. In comparison, the US was a lot diriter with trash in the street and on the freeways. Sometimes interactions with people are definitely not as polite as when in Japan. I felt more safe when I was in Japan. Just the other day, a random guy came up to my car in Hollywood and kicked it, and then another guy came to my window banging on it. But there are many great things in America I have yet to experience. So ask me again in a year or two.



Don Juan DeMarko: As a performer, if I am not mistaken, you webcam? Feature dance and act in adult films? Is that correct? What I always love to find out from performers, especially performers who have done as much as you have in this business, which of the three is the most nerve wracking, that you still get anxious about to this day before you get in front of the spotlight no matter the stage? 

Marica Hase: Yes I webcam from time to time along, with feature dancing and adult films. I have been performing in the front of camera for 17 years, since I started mainstream modeling. I still get so nervous before the work day. I am such a shy girl off camera. It’s a big switch to became "Model Marica Hase". She isn’t shy, so I am ok in the front of camera and I can do anything! But, I ‘m very new to feature dancing. I’m still looking for my "Dancer Marica Hase" switch.

Marica Hase Don Juan DeMarko:  Now, a friend of mine, the lovely Vicki Chase, I think she has a bit of a wonderful infatuation with you. I asked her the question I am about to ask you and she said the one woman she would love to work with is you Marica Hase. She said she saw you at an awards show and “she just wants to do naughty things to you.” I hope you both get a chance to work together in the future, I really do. Plus I said I would be her cheer leader and wingman to try and get you two hooked up.   Now my question to you Marica, what adult star in this business are you simply dying to work with? What performer is it that you saw at first glance that just had your mind going in the best and kinkiest way upon first sight? 

Marica Hase: To be honest, so many performers I've had my eyes on. Vicki Chase is definitely one of them. She is so sensual and I kind of stalk her Twitter. A few others that I want to work with are Maddy O'Reilly, Natalia Starr, Jenna Sativa, Christiana Cinn, and Riley Nixon.


Don Juan DeMarko: Your scene with Bill Bailey in Manhandled 9 is getting really rave reviews. You know, most performers who come to America, they are used to a more aggressive style shoot. At least that is what many performers have told me. My question to you is, do you prefer a more aggressive style of sex in your personal life? This scene you did with Bill for Evil Angel, it is getting a lot of accolades because critics are saying that your performance is so natural and submissive. I would love to know, how much this style of aggressive sex is what really gets you going in personal life? 

Marica Haze: I think I am little bit submissive, but I’m not always aggressive in my private sex life.

My biggest pleasure is fulfilling my partner's wishes in the private life exploring their desires and pleasures. On set, it’s only a slight extension of myself along with the director's wishes for the scene. I’m shy, but still a very sexual woman. So, I can be more aggressive/less aggressive if you want, with all my heart.

Marica Hase Don Juan DeMarko: I have read that you are truly a gifted actor and that you studied before you got into the adult industry, is this true? I love the art of acting and I would love to know, what are some of your favorite roles you have done, no matter what type of production? 

Marica Hase: Thank you so much. Yes my parents gave me lot of opportunities of education and enough money to learn about a lot of things. I have a habit to study things that I don’t know. I bought so many porn movies and read so many porn girl's social networking to study about porn even to get into adult industry. 


My favorite role is exchange student. I hated to be an exchange student before, because I feel my English skill were still limited for a director book me as an exchange student. Now that my English has improved, I’m glad to take on that role.


I had a role in the Dexter parody called Sexter for SexA. I also did a cosplay parody of the video game Mirrors Edge with Xander Corvus for BaDOINK.com. I also love playing teen schoolgirl.


Don Juan DeMarko: Part two to this question, what is your favorite type of acting and production? Are you a type that loves the theatre? Are you really interested in older styles of acting such as old styles of thespianism like Shakespearean style works, or I think in Japan it is more Kabuki if I am not mistaken. Me personally I love Benraku. I like anything were something is an extension of the actor like puppets, animation, voice acting. My guess is that you are a lover of film acting? I would simply love to know what is your favorite and why? 

Marica Haze: I actually prefer reading over watching movies. I like how the books draw you into the story. Not many movies do that anymore. However, I am a fan of Sex in the City, Nana (Japanese movie based on a book), and Bridget Jones’ Diary. I guess you can say I like films/shows based around the female experiences of life and growth.

 Don Juan DeMarko: I have been told by a few mainstreams models that I work with, that mainstream modeling is ten times more difficult than adult work? I had heard that you were a model before you became an adult performer, I would love to hear your take on that analysis. Did you find that world of modeling to be far more cut throat than the adult entertainment industry? 

Marica Hase

Marica Hase: I would have to disagree with them. First, because it varies on talent. Second, although some believe porn is easy and all you do is get naked and have sex, this couldn't be further from the truth. If anything it’s equally as difficult. An industry or mainstream person must put in 100% of themselves in what they’re doing to be the best at what they do. This is fact for any profession. I may have been lucky in my transition from mainstream to adult, but it wasn’t easy.


Don Juan DeMarko: Out of all the work you have done in the adult industry, I would love to know, what work defines you? What scene is it that exists out there, that you say was simply the best show you have ever put on and it is something fans must see in order to see the true essence of Marica Hase the adult performer? 

Marica Hase: These are a few things that come to mind, but definitely my Only Fans captures me in my entirety. Check it out at https://onlyfans.com/marica_1029.


Although it’s not a movie, being the Penthouse Pet of the Month in January of 2013 really defined me. I was the first US Pet.


As for movies, I would say…"Raw #11” from  Evil Angel. The movie was my first movie that I shot in America. My character I played was dating Manuel Ferrara. I couldn't speak English. So, I used dictionary in the movie throughout the day, even we had sex. LOL


Another movie would be "Erotic Encounters 2” from Erotica X. My favorite director shot this. And I geot to be a cute and crazy student, which was a lot of fun!


Don Juan DeMarko: How has the adult industry shaped you as a person, as an independent woman? What is it that has simply made you grow as a human being in this industry? I truly believe that this industry takes a very in tune soul with who they are. I think you must be a strong woman to be in this industry and succeed. Being as you are successful in two countries, I would just love to know what the industry has taught a person like you, so in tune with so much in her world. 

Marica Hase Marica Hase: The industry as a whole, both here in America and overseas, has helped me develop a strong inner peace and well-being. My sexuality, strength and intellect have all complimented each other to complete who I am as an independent woman, who left Japan on her own to make a name for herself in a foreign land. I am undoubtedly thankful for all those who I've met along the way who have contributed to my experiences, both good and bad. To those that surround me now, I hope they know I consider them extended family. I love all my fans and friends that have and continue to show support for me and what I do.



Don Juan DeMarko: In closing, I would just like to thank you for joining us for this interview with XCritic.All the staff here is just delighted to have such a star be a part of this article. Can you tell us about any of your big upcoming productions and films? Do you have any dates ahead that fans simply cannot afford to miss? 

Marica Hase: Thank you so much for interviewing me. I have many projects in the works, some for my site maricahasevip.com and a couple of companies as well.


I have some things going on that you shouldn’t miss:


CAMSODA LIVE WEBCAM SHOW Saturday September 9, 2017 7pm PST/10pm PST https://www.camsoda.com/maricahase.


ADULTCON @ the LA Convention Center September 22 – 24, 2017. Go to www.adultcon.com for tickets and come say hello in person.


EXXXOTICA NEW JERSEY November 3 - 5 2017. Tickets and more info at www.exxxotica.com.


Sexpo in Melbourne, Australia November 16 - 19 2017. Wesbite is www.sexpo.com.au.


I will be feature dancing at Night Trips Gentlemen’s Club in Tulsa, OK December 8, 2017 and Night Trips in Oklahoma City, OK December 9, 2017.


I’m dacing at th4 Hustler Club in Detriot, MI December 29 - 31 2017.


Stay up to date with all my scheduled appearances and everything Marica Hase by going to WWW.MARICA-HASE.COM


Don Juan DeMarko








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