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Silvia Sage

XCritic: Of course, Silvia, we at XCritic would love to know how such a charming, super talented performer like you got into this business?


Silvia Saige: Of course, all of us have varying reasons and experiences in how we got into the industry, and I am no different. After a move to Los Angeles to pursue my comedy career, I found myself short on funds. I was lucky enough to have a girlfriend (Kylie Kalvetti) already working in the industry, so my move-in was pretty easy. In fact, my first shoot was with her!


XCritic: Silvia, I have seen some of the most amazing comedians in the business in person. I do not mean mainstream, I mean in the adult world. I think that comedy and porn go hand in hand. My question to you is, do you see the industry starting to go away from the comedic films? Do you see less emphasis on that type of performance these days being as you are a comedian?

Silvia Sage Silvia Saige: Forgive me, I'm having a bit of a hard time understanding the question here. So, I will do my best to answer what I think you were asking. Do I see the porn industry going away from comedic films? To that I would say… All porn is comedic. If you're asking if I see mainstream going away from comedic films, absolutely not. I think there are more comedic films now than ever. Just not as iconic of films, if you will. I don't really have any fears for my future as a comedian. Either in TV or stand up. I think the world is ready for a lot more laughter.


XCritic: I love asking these questions because truth be told Evan Stone inspired me so much. What comedian simply did it for you? Who inspired you to really pursue this dream of being on stage and facing something that very few performers in any industry could handle?


Silvia Saige: First off, let me just say I absolutely adore Evan Stone it myself. He is a character unlike anyone I've ever met before. However, I think my true inspiration came from more of the comedy greats. George Carlin and Ellen DeGeneres we're probably the two main people inspiring me to speak my truth. However, as a working Comedian, I truly look up to people like Anthony Jeselnik, Joe Rogan, Ron White, Russell Peters and Jay Mohr. I am fortunate now to have befriended all these gentlemen as well… So, they are truly shaping me into the comic I feel that I am becoming.


XCritic: Do you remember that scene in Me, Myself and Irene, where Jim Carrey has the boys all plopped down in front of the tube watching Richard Pryor? For me, Eddie Murphy Raw is what turned me into the foul mouthed, inquisitive crazy bastard that is interviewing you. Lol. That experience was so special to me and it did shape who I am today. Can you tell us about your first experience like this and what it did for you? Oh my, I am so excited to hear this.


Silvia Saige: Although it might sound odd, I grew up watching Ellen DeGeneres do stand up and then Per sitcom, in which she came out as being gay on television. Although I was not gay, I certainly knew I was hiding who I was from everyone around me. Watching someone be so vulnerable, at such a time in history when that wasn't really allowed, it was truly inspiring for me. The kicker to it was she was doing it in a hilarious style. I truly idolize strong women, and she was one of the first to show me what that could look like.

Silvia Sage XCritic: I have really been watching this series on CNN about the History of Comedy. One of the most touching moments was when they talked about the mind of a comedian. I guess you can say that they said a comedian possess dark tendencies in order to do what they do. Is that something you agree with? I have always said adult performers and comedians share something that other actors and performers do not, you deal with senses that are so hard to tap into, such as fantasy and humor. What does it take to do both? What type of things must a performer face who does both like you? I guess I would just love to take a dive into that brain of yours for a second and show the fans what it truly does require to do what you do.


Silvia Saige: I absolutely love this question, because I do get it quite often. Everyone assumes that I am some dark demented soul. But in fact, that could not be farther from the truth. I have in fact gone through incredibly dark moments in my life… But those are exactly what shaped me into the positive person that I am today. I truly feel I have a platform to speak on with both of my careers, and I hope to open the minds and hearts of people across this nation into what it looks like to be a happy soul who exposes herself in both comedy and porn. I love to laugh and I love watching others laugh… Whether it be at my expense or not! And as far as the sex aspect, I only wish that more people felt as free as I do sexually. I grew up fearing being sexual in anyway, thinking that it would make me less desirable. It's an awful way to feel. Porn opened my eyes and my mind to so many things, and I could not be more thankful for that.


XCritic: Ok, now we can delve into some fun stuff. So the first question I always love to ask a performer is who has caught their eye in the business? I am talking who is the gal, that when she walks past your jaw is just hanging on the floor and you would simply kill to have a scene with her. Part two to that question, what is it about her that has caught your eye?

Silvia Sage Silvia Saige: Well for this question, you're barking up the wrong tree. Haha, I am not typically into women however, I do find Nicole Aniston to be one mesmerizing creature!


XCritic: To date, what has been your craziest moment on set. Now of course, I do not want to get anybody in trouble but porn sets are simply an amazing thing to be a part of. I remember a time I was on set with my girl and another performer walked into one of the rooms where us “porn hubbies” and significant others were playing cards and bullshitting and she asked if anybody wanted to engage in a little anal sex. So needless to say, porn sets are something else to say the least. Can you share a fun story that maybe you have seen or experienced on set for the fans?


Silvia Saige: Unfortunately, most of my porn sets stay pretty calm and businesslike. I suppose though, there are a few times when even though the producer has yelled cut, I still find myself fucking!


XCritic: The premise behind the question is a complex yet simple story. I would love to know what you were like before entering this business? See, I began when a friend who eventually became a porn star got into dancing when we were seniors in high school. She was a gal who was picked on since we were in middle school. She was always beautiful, down to earth and kind. She was always the outcast because of others. Later at out ten-year reunion, everyone wanted to be friends, especially the gals that picked on her. I would just love to know if you went through a similar path because I always find this part of a porn star’s life fascinating and I think fans do as well.


Silvia Saige: Prior to the industry I work in corporate America for eight years. I was always a very outgoing and bubbly personality with a bit of a sexual deviance. Let's just say, a porn wasn't the biggest jump I could have made.

Silvia Sage XCritic: All right, so I guess we can get into the kinkier side of things. So I would love it if you would share with the Xcritic readers some of the standards that every porn fan wants to know. I myself being a hopeless romantic always like this part too. What is your ideal situation when you go out on a date? What does Mr. or Miss Right have to do in order to get you to melt like putty in their hand and walk you up stairs for an after date rendezvous?


Silvia Saige: My ideal situation for a date is to not be treated like a porn star. I definitely have a more romantic side as well. I just want to be treated like a lady, open my doors and tell me I'm beautiful. As long as he can make me laugh and have a stimulating conversation, I'm in!


XCritic: Of course, we have the throw this one in for the fans. What is your favorite part about sex? Are you a giver or receiver and once again, I just simply would love to know, what is your ideal sexual encounter? Setting, background? The whole nine yards.


Silvia Saige: My favorite part about sex is obviously the orgasms! Lol. I think that's all what we're aiming for in the end. I hope I'm both the giver and the receiver. I certainly like to know that he's being satisfied just as much as I am. My ideal sexual encounter… I have always imagined it would be in a Casino in Las Vegas. With the scene starting to get hot and heavy at the black jack tables… Me wearing no panties, of course. His hand sliding up my dress and getting inappropriate to the point where we must excuse ourselves from the table. On the way up in the elevator things get out of control… By the time we get off the elevator and down the hallway to our room, both of us have lost most of our clothing and are ravaging one another's body. Once inside the room he would throw me up against the wall and rip off any remaining clothing. I think you can understand where it might go from there…


XCritic: Now, I am a huge fan of the entire Society 15 crew. What is it like working for Kendra Lust? Now this question is part fantasy, part reality. Now I would love to know, when you first saw that beautiful woman and you were signing your contract, was there just a part of you that wanted to reach over and seal the deal porn style on her desk? On the more traditional realistic side of things, what has it been like getting to do all the publicity stills for the agency and do all the little things that only come with being signed with an agency. I think fans and new gals in the industry alike would love to hear your perspective.

Silvia Sage


Silvia Saige: I do consider myself extremely lucky to be a part of Society 15. Kendra and her crew actually reached out to me when I was attempting to leave the business. They were looking for a new MILFS to add to their roster, and I was among the top people they were looking to take in. I said yes, a beautiful relationship emerged!

Kendra and her entire team have been nothing short of exceptional. I look at Kendra in a very idolizing type of way, she is a beast!! They are very big into the branding of their talents, and that is something I have found with no other agency. I think it is key to have an agent, however, I would warn women looking to get into the industry to do their research into who they are picking as an agent. It is certainly not a level playing field.


XCritic: We cannot thank you enough for joining us here at XCritic, do you have any last words for the fans and can you leave us all your pages so that the fans know where they can find you? Please also let us know of all your dates upcoming for both your comedy act and adult performances. I simply cannot wait to see you on stage do your thing.


Silvia Saige: As always, I just say stay tuned… As I know there are huge things to come! You can find me on all social media fronts:


Twitter: @SilviaSaigeXXX

E-Mail: [email protected]

Instagram: silviasaigesex

Facebook: Silvia Saige

YouTube: Sexy Funny Raw

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