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Vicki Chase Interview – Part 3


Vicki Chase

Don Juan DeMarko: Ok sugar, we will do a few more and then I will let you go.


Vicki Chase: Are you sure, it is no problem babe, we can definitely do ten or eleven questions. I think that is what we planned. Que no?


Don Juan DeMarko: Sounds good sugar. You know, by the way you always present yourself Vicki in a very articulate way, one of the things that I have always wanted to know about you, being as you have worked in a bank and  I have had family members that have tried to work in banks and they can’t. lol. Have you ever pictured yourself behind the camera babe? With that big beautiful brains of yours, I would love to see your direction of a movie. Has that thought ever crossed your mind?

Vicki Chase Vicki Chase: Oh my God, yes! I am struggling with that actually right now. Even now a days, we kind of have to be our own producers. We all have this fan base and they all want more out of us; more than these companies can supply. I don’t shoot as much as I use to unfortunately. There are a lot of girls in this industry and they need to be shot too. I understand that. It gets hard when you do not have a team. If I had a team it would be a different story. You have to have people that get things done that fans don’t know about. If I had people that were handling production with me, it would be a lot more fun (cute laugh.) So yes, I definitely would love to.


Don Juan DeMarko: Dude, that is so kick ass, because I have always wanted to know that about you. The one thing that the good Lord blessed me with was that I can tell when a woman has vision in many different areas. The thing I can tell about you, is that you are the person on set that knows all of the motions, you know what it takes to make something look good and I have found out through friends that you are the motherfucker that will get your ass up on the steps and you will take some steps being jabbed into your lower lumbar to make a motherfucking scene look good. That is something that transforms a performer into a director in the best of ways. I’m telling your girl, first thing in my mind is if Vicki Chase directed a film, there is going to be some kinky shit going down in that mother fucker.


Vicki Chase: Oh my God, you fucking got it yes! I hope that before I hang it up as a performer, or when I do, that I am able to produce just one film, that way I can be a part of the kinky shit. That would be amazing to just make my own film any way I wanted to before I hang it all up. That would be amazing. There would be a lot of outdoors stuff. Oh my goodness, I am going to have to put a crew together one of these days.


Don Juan DeMarko: My goodness babe, that mother fucker would sell like hot cakes. I am telling you!


Vicki Chase: I am going to have to put a crew together one of these days!

Vicki Chase

Don Juan DeMarko: I am telling you girl. I was talking to a director the other day and I was telling him about his usage of such great videographers such as Billy and Alex Ladd. All those guys, Alex especially because he has been shooting models forever. I commend them so much because all they do is go from set, to set, to set, to set to one person’s home, then to another person’s home and shoot. I think those guys make a great combo, where they get an idea or a direction from a keen mind, they shoot, they get things done and the work day is over. Then when everything is chopped up, out comes this beautiful looking film. I could see you having something produced with your direction by great people like this and they capture what you want to bring to the fans to a tee.


Vicki Chase: Damn Don, I think that I am going to have to give the director inside me, Vicki Chase a shot. Get a crew going for sure.


Don Juan DeMarko: I really think that you would be good at it. I think that your mind has a lot of direction, where people don’t think about certain things during sex. Especially if it is something that is set-up and you shoot with a camera.


Vicki Chase: Oh, there are directors that do let you go Don. I was just with Mercedes and the director was basically like, “go ahead, fuck!” It was a very good shoot. It was a play around style shoot, which I love. The directors thought is during those moments, “just give me the sex and I will shoot it.” But we had a stair case and we were all like, “cool, …. Well, …. Let’s make the best out of it.” That is where my mind goes. I am not going to think to myself that this may be uncomfortable. I am just going to fucking make sure it looks good and I mean dam good.


Don Juan DeMarko: Baby, you’re the bomb. She told the exact same thing about you. Of course, she loves you to pieces but she was straight up with me and said you just simply got shit done and made it sexy as fuck and made it one hell of a work day. I respect the hell out of that. Because that is what makes for the best scenes and that is what creates true adult cinema. Those are the moments that will make fans pay for their shit when it comes to porn.


Vicki Chase: Yeah you are right. You know, you should have something that makes you, you. Performers must remember that there is something that is uniquely you that nobody else possess. They just simply must know, no one is like you in this business. Jesse Jane, oh my God, I love her. She is just so hot and she is just so high intensity. She is there to just fuck the girl, and as a performer alongside her, you are just like “Oh my God! Hold the Fuck on!” She is just a monster and she will just devour you and that is just her style Don. That is just her you know?

Vicki Chase Don Juan DeMarko: Now as long as she was devouring you in a good way babe, then we are all good. (laughing)

Vicki Chase: I was like damn, are we going to have to get some boxing gloves? What the fuck? (playfully laughing) It was Mothers and Daughters and it was this Girl/Girl orgy and I remember just being taken aback by just how much Jesse Jane had this intensity. I was like, wow!


Don Juan DeMarko: Damn dude, I can only imagine. See that is what I love about you though Vicki. As a performer and actor, you have that ability to switch that tempo. Not many performers can do that shit dude. You can go from sultry and sweet, go kinky and seductive, all the way to fast paced and sweat filled aggression. Give or take that it might be because you are a gifted actor, or it is combination that you love what you do. You have that certain something that speaks to all style of fans. You speak to the artistic fan and you speak to the motherfucker who is just like, let’s get it on!


Vicki Chase: (Laughing so sweetly) Yeah, I can see that. I am a pleaser Papa, a pleaser. I simply aim to please. That is me first and foremost.


Don Juan DeMarko: You rock baby. (we both laugh a bit) Ok, ok, back to the seriousness. Now this question. This is a question one of my fellow writers wanted me to put in. I have been learning, from coverage of different artists in the industry. His big question to you is, do you watch porn? Did you ever watch porn before you were in the industry? This is like asking a musician, “what is your play list on Pandora.”


Vicki Chase:  No, I cannot really say that I did. The first thing that I ever saw that was porn, was How to Make Love Like a Porn Star by Jenna Jameson. I just saw the book, I love books. So I see Jenna Jameson and I was like Hmmmmmm. I bought it and I read the book and I was like, oh my God! Wow, the story to her life. It just never seemed back then as something that I could ever relate to. It was a delightful read. So here I am, I read the book and I was of the idea that you had to be blond and you had to have big boobs to be in porn. I left it at that. My boyfriend at the time, we would love to watch porn here and there. He would watch it but I was never one of those girls who was insecure or jealous. Getting on at him like “Ugh, youwant to be watching porn?” If anything, yes did want to be watching porn but he wanted me to be watching porn with him. I would break down sometimes and watch with him I would lose interest because I would get horny and I would want to go to work on him, so, you know. I was more of doer than a voyeur at the time. So no, I didn’t really watch it before porn. Now after porn, that is different. I have my subscription to some of the websites that I have worked for. You know, allowed me some perks. So, I am a huge fan of Vixen and Tushy. I love Greg Lansky’s work. It is just so pretty his films. It is just like you are watching such beautiful sex. I watched one with this beautiful European performer Lexa Thomas and I was like Awwwwwwww my God this is so hot, she is amazing. I want to work with this woman. I was just like Wow! I am just such a fan. So, when I do watch porn, I really do have to watch something that really does it for me.

Vicki Chase Don Juan DeMarko: So, do you think working in this business, as I was trying to interrupt you the whole time like an ass. I was just dying to ask you if you have become more of a voyeur now. Do you think that being in this industry has made you more aggressive in the sack? Is that even possible with Vicki Chase?


Vicki Chase: HaHa, oh yes. It definitely made me more aggressive and it definitely made me a voyeur. You know, before, I was just curious about certain things and I am still curious. There are certain things I still want to know, I still want to discover, if you will let me. Of course, I want to partake in all the fun too while watching. So this industry has definitely added something to me and my sexuality.


Don Juan DeMarko: I dig it baby, that is gangster! All righty, we are jamming woman. So I have to tell you, in some of my writing over the last year, I have used some quotes of you, on certain sites that I have free lanced for. One thing woman that I would kill to edit, would be your memoir, so when you get to that stage in your career, because I think you could write one hell of a fucking bad ass book., keep your boy in mind when you write that mother fucker. Something I think would be a part of that book and one of my favorite quotes of yours derives from something I think is deeply apart of your thoughts of this business. I must ask, what do you think that critics have wrong about this business? You and I share this similar view that we see good and beauty in places that others can’t. Can you share something with the XCritic readers that simply makes this business beautiful to you? That they would never know unless it came from a performer.



Vicki Chase: The thing that is beautiful I think. For a person like me who wanted to be a star. If you asked me what I wanted to be when I was a kid. My answer was, I wanted to be a model, I wanted to be an actress. I wanted to have my name out there, I wanted to be known. It is just that, the opportunity to shine and be star. This industry helps people to follow theor dreams and chase the stars. To have admirers and a career in entertainment. You may not be singing or dancing but you are acting, you are modeling and that is something that I am so blessed to be doing now, even though it is in porn. I feel very lucky to live and work within an industry that is known more so than any performer may believe it to be. We are stars who are in many people’s lives in certain ways like any other entertainer. It is just that our form of entertainment may be a little bit more taboo. I do wish that this industry was not as taboo as it is but I think that it is getting better. It is definitely becoming more accepted but it is still porn. I do not care, I am proud to be in this industry and to have all of the opportunities that I have had because of this industry. It is something amazing to be able to shine as an actor, to have fans that love and respect what I do. That is just something that means a lot to me and that is what most people do not know about the industry. Even people who are in it, like you and me.


Don Juan DeMarko: Pure poetry sweetheart. I fell you. I got into this business through the mainstream world and both of these worlds, they are connected more so than people know within them. You said it to me best once sweetheart. You all are the most ultimate form of entertainment. Because you take the hardest thing there is to turn into something on film, which is raw human fantasy and you make it reality. There is nothing more difficult. Because let’s be honest. If they were to film people fucking the way that most people normally fuck, it would not be entertaining. It is nothing like what you guys do. Every single one of you performers, you all make it beautiful and enticing and that is something that is not easily done dude, so kudos to you.

Vicki Chase Vicki Chase: Fucking-A Papa, we make it fucking cool! I tell people this all the time. It is not as taboo as you think if stop and look at what we create. It is not so wrong. I think many people grow up with this belief that you cannot have sex, you cannot have fun while you are doing it, because you will get diseases and may end up pregnant. Yeah, those things may be true to a certain extent but there are ways to avoid all that. These are things that are actually healthy for you. Sex is something that is good for both your physical and mental state. Bottom line is, you need to fuck!


Don Juan DeMarko: It is so true babe. I think it is in the sense that we do not even tell our children what are the truths about sex. We tell them to be ashamed from almost birth. We tell them that if they kiss a girl before she is your girlfriend there is something wrong with you. We tell them that if they see a woman that arouses them that they are a pervert in the worst of ways, ot if they have thoughts of pleasure towards her, we tell them to be afraid of sex and like you said, you will get pregnant and get an STD. Then we tell them you’re going to do it anyway so go out and have fun and that is so irresponsible.  


Vicki Chase: Yeah! Exactly!


Don Juan DeMarko: Shit doll, seriously, this goes out to every performer so that they know that what they do does make a difference. I have dated a few gals in my life and this is the honest to goodness truth. I have met women, who they could not come out and be sexy unless they first saw an adult film and saw women on film showing this sexiness on film in such an accepted way among fans. It is women like you who helped these gals and they would watch you all and see this confidence on the internet, on DVD, OnDemand in a hotel, on the AVN red carpet and it changed them. You give women who understand their sexuality validity in choosing to be who they are. You actually allow them to be themselves and that is something really special because I do not think women get that in this fucking country now a days. We are told a woman cannot be sexy or like sex and all this other bullshit that holds women down.

Vicki Chase Vicki Chase: It is true, they tell all these girls, “you are a slut, you are a whore.” They think woman who embrace their sexuality are doing it for attention. I tell so many people, “No! I am doing this because it pleases me! I do all of this because I like it.” If that makes me a slut and a fucking whore then so be it! I am having a good time you know. I do see that a lot of women are embracing that. It is very wonderful to see them discover that side of themselves. Now, it is all about social media and they are starlets. They do not even have to be in porn and they are paving the way with this whole “social media” takeover. It is all a revolution that is being started by them just showing off how sexy they are and how open they can be. I think it is a different time that we live in. It is a different day and age. This is an age where you can become a star just by putting yourself out there in the right light.

Don Juan DeMarko: I think me and you have touched on this before and I have spoken with Nina Hartley about this. I do not think that I will ever be a guy that gets married. Not because I do not want that. No, more so I have always loved women, I have always loved sex. I have always been that way. I have had that urge since I was a kid. Then as you get older and people say, “oh my God, you just like to fuck all the time and sleep around.” Trying to say that my deep-rooted passion to always want multiple partners makes me a pervert or a weirdo. It is like you said, it is just such old thinking. People need to get past that shit and yes, I learned it being in this industry, that we are some of the most Intune people with who we are, because most people are not in this world.


Vicki Chase: Yes, and I feel like now-a-days that we are with this whole social media thing. More and more people are doing the cam stuff, they are doing video blogs, they are putting themselves out there and I like to think it is like you said, because they have seen us porn stars having an enjoyable time, living the lives we do on set and off that it makes them more comfortable to be who they truly are inside. I am honestly glad that they have embraced that. I am glad they are seeing that we do not have to be an Academy Award winning star, to simply be a star in your own light. I think that is amazing. I touches me so much to know that I make a difference. I love it when fans write me letters and they request my autograph and they tell me stories like you did and they are nice in doing so. They tell me the sweetest things and how what we all do in this business and my work, makes their lives better. That is just, …..that is just amazing Don.


Don Juan DeMarko: This is really something Vic. I really appreciate you staying here, hanging tight and finishing this interview. I knew this would be something not even I could imagine. The next question I have for you, is what do you find more exciting? Getting on stage at a gentleman’s club? Flirting with the house dancers, among other things? Or do you like shooting a scene with someone? A shoot that makes your body, your mind and your heart skip a beat. Or do you like that simple pleasure of getting to get taken out for a romantic evening, getting wined and dined, followed by a nice evening behind closed doors. What is your favorite thing of all three?


Vicki Chase: Oh my God, I love all those things! (we share a big laugh) But to be honest, the thing that makes me the most nervous is always getting out on stage and dancing. I don’t know why. Lol. It just always gets me but I love it! Every time I get out on stage, I simply have the best time, every time. It is just those little jitters you know? I feel like I don’t do it as much as I used to being on camera. So being on camera is always very exciting. I still get nervous when I am shooting a scene but not as nervous as when I am getting ready to dance! Being on film is just like being on stage, there is something you feel but I always get over it and I end up having the best of times. So, I think those are good feeling s to have, not bad at all. Now what was the third one?

Vicki Chase Don Juan DeMarko: Oh, that would be, do you prefer being wined and dined and being taken out upon the town for something you may not have gotten to witness before?


Vicki Chase: Ehhhhhhhhhhh, God! Does that make me lame? (laughing) I am human, so I am going to keep it real. That is my favorite. Now I am talking the woman behind Vicki Chase. That is my favorite thing.


Don Juan DeMarko: Si mon!


Vicki Chase: I love to go out, I love to fucking eat. I love to be treated to a nice dinner, with an enjoyable conversation and let’s end it with some hot sex and I am butter! Butter! I am simply melting all over you. That is my favorite but that is just the “at home me.” Now being Vicki Chase, I definitely get off on performing, when I am on screen or I am dancing. It may still make me a little nervous before hand but that is always good for what comes next.


Don Juan DeMarko: Damn woman, fuck it. If I must get together with the owner a Platinum 84 and drop a fucking G to get you here. I simply must see you dance woman! I have to see this show!


Vicki Chase: Awwwwwwwwwww, no dude, shit. I am telling you. The first time I danced, they had to push me out onto stage. Somebody was pushing me out. I was like, “no, no, no!” lol. I really was fucking pushed out, you would have laughed Don. It was cute though. I was with LA Direct at the time and there was a group of us. I think that I was the third act. My second song was a Joan Jett song and I had an electric guitar. So, I got to just walk around and be naked with my guitar and rub up on people. (we bust out laughing uncontrollably) It really helped me to open up and have a good time. When that first time took place, when the spotlight hit and I had to move my ass! I was just thinking, "don’t fall on your face." Since then, it has just always been nerve wracking.


Don Juan DeMarko: Dude, we so got to do this again. I think you might have gotten the little video I sent you. My photographer, who accompanies me to most conventions, he is also mi primo. Once upon a time, he use to open up for Wes Borland’s band. He is a bad ass musician. So, what we will do, if we can get these guys to book you to feature here in Denver, we are so going to get you to snap a picture with his Ibanez. We could do the devil hornstogether! Balhhhhhh! Lol.


Vicki Chase: Cool! Yes, that would be sooooooo dope. I want that picture. I want to so get naked and just pose with his guitar.

Vicki Chase Don Juan DeMarko. Fucking gangsta baby. Now of course, in closing is there anything that you got coming up that the fans simply cannot miss? How is your schedule looking? Do you have any big bookings or dates? Maybe some kick ass films, some kick ass dates where the fans can just come up nd gobble all that shit up?

Vicki Chase: Well, what I think is big in the world of Vicki Chase is OnlyFans.com/VickiChase It is basically a page where I get to put all my naughty stuff up and fans have a little incentive to join. It has been working out great for me because more and more fans are checking it out and buying a membership and getting to see the naughty side of Vicki Chase that she keeps from the rest of her social media, so that she is not giving it out for free. So, if you are curious to know Vicki Chase behind the scenes, then follow my OnlyFans account. V for Vicki is going to be shot this year if not early 2018. So, fans be on the lookout for that. I will be at the Gold Club in Sacramento, September 6th through the 9th. Then November 3rd through the 5th for eXXXotica New Jersey. November baby!


Don Juan DeMarko. Oh, cool sugar. I will see you in November then. For I can’t miss the granddaddy of them all when it comes to eXXXotica’s. You be sure to keep us posted here at XCritic so we can get the worked out to all the fans when it comes to Vicki. You are Familia sweetheart and always will be.


Vicki Chase: Awwwwww , thank you Papa. We defiantly got to get things worked out to pregame in Jersey and for other stuff when it comes to my social media and getting more of my name out there. I had a fan who jumped on my OnlyFans.com and he had never heard of Vicki Chase?


Don Juan DeMarko: Damn, what planet has that mother fucker been living on?


Vicki Chase: HaHa, right. Well I told him, "you know me now baby!" (we both share one last laugh)


Don Juan DeMarko: You are just the bomb woman. You be sure, if you need anything that may need your boys expertise you hit me up, like I said. You are family to me doll and I think the world of you.


Vicki Chase: Awwww, that I will. Familia Papa! We will see each other in a month or so for eXXXotica. Thank you and XCritic for having me. Thank you so much again Papi and I will see you soon, take care!


Don Juan DeMarko




........ Writers addition: It was not long after our sit down converstaio that Vicki Chase became a Vixen Angel. She got to fully become a part of the porn that she truly loved. It is something magical to see her words come alive for the fans. It is almost like she was gazing into a crystal ball. All though I will not say that I have the powers to see into the future, what I will say is that Vicki Chase has begun a whole new chapter in her career and we could not be more proud to see her success here at XCritic. Be sure to check out all her social media and websites for you do not want to miss what this every growing super star has in store for her fans.

Twitter: @VickiChase

Website & Store: VickiChaseShop.com


Photos Couretsy of: Evil Angel


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