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Interview: A Portrait of Angela White


Angela White

If there is a more unexpected woman in the adult industry, she’s been drowned out by the noise that has rallied behind Angela White. A self-made success in the adult industry, Angela had already graced the covers of magazines as far back as 2003, launched one of the most high-end solo sites running today, negotiated a coveted Fleshlight deal, and built up a massive audience on her own by way of camming before she ever stepped foot in America as a performer available for independent hire.

And now, newly available for hire in hardcore scenes, Angela is one of the most frequently booked models today. She moves an enormous amount of traffic and is all but guaranteed the center stage on box covers, advertisements, and promotional headlines as a wide range of studios try to follow the clicks that lead back to her. Kayden Kross takes a look at the amazing Angela White as well as gives a peek at her exclusive scene  "Sacrosanct," available now exclusively on TRENCHCOATx.com.

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