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Vicki Chase Interview – Part 2


Vicki Chase 

XCritic: So, this is the one random ass question that I am throwing out there Vicki. I have always wanted to see whose family is bigger because I have heard through mutual friends that your family is huge, so I want to know, whose family is bigger? On my Dad’s side, I have about eighteen aunts and uncles and on my Mom’s side I have eleven. How many do you have? Are we talking your Familia is so big that we all could roll into a stadium and take that place over and shit? Lol.


Vicki Chase: Fuuuuuuuuuuck, now, your considering their offspring and my cousins and then their off spring. My Grandma, she lived to be old enough to see her grandchildren’s children have children. Lol. My Dad’s side of the family is way too expanded for me to even know everyone. My Grandma had thirteen kids which is my Dad’s side.


XCritic: DAMN!

Vicki Chase Vicki Chase: Ha-ha, Yeah! And on my Mom’s side, …she had eight.


XCritic: Damn dude, see now if our families ever got together we would fucking crash a National Park and shit. Lol.


Vicki Chase: For suuuuure! HaHaHa! Oh my God!


XCritic: No this is cool, because the last few times I think we saw each other, I was in Houston you were dead tired and I was so wanting to ask you this question. You rolled in from an after party during a convention and here I am screaming at you as your falling asleep, “come on woman, I have heard how massive your family is.” And you are like “No babe, I gotta go to bed!!!!!!” So now I finally got to ask you. HaHaHa


Vicki Chase: Oh my God, I know those things are fucking crazy! It is tiring, it really is. Because I don’t think most people realize, you are there for hours and you are just talking your ass off to all of these people and for the most part it is cool. You get to do your thing, meet the fans. You do want the fans to know who you are, it is a part of this business.


XCritic: You know doll, I will always commend the performers when it comes to conventions because it is not easy to do what you do. I think fans can sometimes really push boundaries, especially bad ones and let’s face it there are bad fans in all entertainment industries who ruin it for all the good ones.


Vicki Chase: Oh, my goodness Papa, it takes soooooo much patience and now a-days a lot of people do not have fucking patience. If there is one thing I learned from my Mother, or should I say, I got from my Mother, it is patience. I am one patient mother-fucker but Ugh. Now of coarse their times where I can totally be into the grove of conventions, especially when I am flirting. HaHa but when I am hungry and I’m talking hungry and I have not eaten all day, the patience can run out. Lol.

Vicki Chase XCritic: Ha-ha, oh my that is fucking awesome dude! You know, I also think darlin’ and this was the kind of question I was going to randomly throw in here, so what better time than now. I think people forget that you are all entertainers and performers. We live in a day now, more so than ever, where people don’t understand that Hollywood movies are fake and a production. People are obsessed with this shit. I think fans and people in general forget, there is a sweetie pie of a person behind these characters you guys play. I want so to stand by Vicki Chase’s booth and see my homegirl go off on some of these critics but I know better with your amazing self.


Vicki Chase: Oh Don, I don’t think that will ever happen. Lol. I do appreciate my fans so much but I think everyone needs to watch out if I have been at my booth for hours and I am starving. Lol. Then they would have asked for it. Lol.


XCritic: Vicki, you are just something special. Me and my boys, we will simply pave the way to the salad bar for ya baby. Lol.


Vicki Chase: Yeah, that’s what I am talking about! Ha-ha.


XCritic: Ok, now back to some porn talk. Ohhhhh, now this is one I have always wanted to fucking ask you. I always love the fact that every performer you have worked with falls for you. Now, swear to God, I have met two of them, not going to tell you who and they said they have fallen for you after they worked with you. So even the ones that are stubborn and cranky as hell and all this other bullshit, they just go head over heels after working with Vicki Chase. So, what I want to know, what performer is it that has caught your eye? Who is it that you have seen walking by a convention, awards show or on set and you were like… “DAMN! I got to get me some of that!”


Vicki Chase: Ahhhhh, well, … I mean, when I work with somebody, I am going to give it 110% you know? So, if you are there, you are fucking there, I mean 100% in the scene, we are going to have a fun time. I’m glad fellow performers out there have had such an exciting time with me. I can tell you that the feeling was mutual. So, right now, people that I have seen walk by at conventions and awards shows and they caught my eye, it would have to be Marica Hase and Keisha Grey. Now I have not worked with these two ladies but they are both very yummy! I could tell! Ugh, every time I see Marica, I just want to do things to her, HaHa, very naughty things to her. Things that I just don’t want to do with anybody. Mmmm I just want to devour her! In a subtle way, of course!

Vicki Chase XCritic: Odale, You know what? In all honesty, I think you and Keisha, holy shit, you all mother fuckers, Wooooooo. that would be hetter than hot!


Vicki Chase: Oh my God…….Oooooohhhhh! Them titties, that smile, those eyes, that face, oh my and that pussy! Ooooohhhhh!


XCritic: Oh shit, I know. She has that natural beauty too you know? Where you just see her in a fucking t-shirt and jeans and you will be like holy shit, now that is woman!


Vicki Chase: Very beautiful and very natural, Yep, I agree!


XCritic: Ok, I’m going to be your cheerleader. Time to get these three babes booked with you! Lol.


Vicki Chase: Yes, please!!!!!!!!


XCritic: As we move along. Question four sugar, I would love to focus now on the things that you have done. First time I met you, I was so taken back by your beauty, not just how ravishing your external beauty is but your character within that lights a room, that is just how you are. What I want to know, where did this wonderful personality come from? I think you touched on it a little bit. I am a guy who is not ashamed to say that my sweet side came from my Abuelita (Grandmother), so I would love to know, who is it that influenced you in this business? Who created this sweet charmer that is Vicki Chase?


Vicki Chase: Awwwwww …. (She laughs so sweetly) Well, I grew up on my Mom’s side mostly, a lot more than my Dad’s side. My Tia, you know, my aunties, they were all still all living in the same roof when my Mother moved out with my Dad when I was born. My first couple of months, my Mom said: “You were hardly ever in your crib, we always picked you up, you were always embraced and played with and loved.” I remember growing up with my Tias, I saw how personable they were and how charming they were, so it just came natural to me. I really think I learned a lot from my aunts. My Grandma on my Dad’s side, she was just a saint. She always had a smile on her face no matter what and that lady has gone through so much. I just admired that about her. It just came so easy with her. I think in a way, all of that just stuck to me since then. You know, I always had a smile in front of me, so that made it easy for me to smile and give them back.

Vicki Chase 

XCritic: Now, is this your Abuelita that had thirteen kids?


Vicki Chase: Yes, it is.


XCritic: That is crazy girl. My Abuelita, the one that had eighteen kids, who is also my santo and my savior in many situations in life. She was the same way homie. She never talked shit about anyone in her life, she was never mad at anybody and she grew up on a ranch raising all eighteen of those children. Can you imagine being pregnant for eighteen years? I would always say, “Grandma, how can you simply not be pissed at the world?”  and she never was dude!

Vicki Chase Vicki Chase: Oh wow, Fuck! …. it’s amazing. My Abuelita, she was always like the happiest person with everybody. She would take her time with everybody and hold their hand and have a talk with them, where she always included the words, “God bless you” and “may God be with you.” She would just laugh at any stupidity you would bring her way. Lol. She would be so patient and happy every time you would be in front of her. So, I learned a lot from her.


XCritic: Damn dude, that is so cool, no wonder me and you gel.


Vicki Chase: Yeah…awwww, our Abuelitas are just the bomb. My Abuelita past in 2015. It was a very rough year. It was a wonderful year in the industry, I got my awards that year but I also lost my dog, my Chihuahua and my Grandma passed that same year. So, it was rough! That year, I also got a new dog and I know my Grandma is doing well, watching over us. You know, she is still very much talked about, loved and remembered. You know, whenever we all get together as family she is still around us in spirit.


XCritic: Awwwwww, that she is. That I know, because she comes out in you darlin’, she really does. There are not too many sweetie pies in this business, who are still sweetie pies when the cameras stop rolling and the voice recorders stop taping.


Vicki Chase: Awww that is sweet of you to say. I know at times it can feel like that and sometimes people do have another agenda but I think that happens in many lines of work.

Vicki Chase 

XCritic: No, I agree. I think you can see with my twitter handle and the way that I present myself on social media. I am always kind of nice to people because I am in the media and press, so I must be nice to people, that is how I can get great articlrs going sometimes but you know, there are sometimes where I meet people and I will not name names, who after I meet them, I simply say, I got to get the fuck out of the room! Lol. The first time I ever met you, I was like Esa, what’s up?

 Vicki Chase: Esa, Esa. Lol. For real! HaHaHa

Vicki Chase XCritic: No, I like those stories of meeting good people in the industry, I really do sweetheart. So, I think I was telling you that I just began writing for a fetish magazine. So, you know for me, the aspect in the industry that is “kink” as I like to call it. Is very fascinating to me. As I have befriended people in this business, I have discovered that they have deep rooted fetishes. I would love to know with you, if you are willing to share, what is Vicki Chase’s hidden passion when it comes to sex, kink and everything in between. What is Vicki Chase’s fetish?


Vicki Chase: Of course, I am an open book Papa. Lol. I share it all! I am private you know. I still have that side to me where I am still a very private person indoors. I have started to become a little more open on social media, I think you have noticed. Social media has not always been my thing but I try. So one of my fetishes, that I do not mind putting out there on social media is, my oral work. I just fucking loooooove to suck on…… dick, balls and pussy! Lol. I do not know if it is considered a fetish but it is to me. See Don, to me, if it looks good and I simply feel the urge to put my mouth on your part, I’m going to do it and if you don’t mind, I am also going to snap some pictures. Because if there is not a picture or a video, it never happened! HaHaHa. Yeah, for me, I really get off on it. It makes me horny, turns me on. I think it started for me the first day I was on a porn set. I saw that girl just having so much fun sucking dick. I think that did something for me. HaHaHa. To this day, I always embrace that and try to do my best at it, you know?


XCritic: She lit that fuse for you huh? Rock on!


Vicki Chase: She did, she turned that shit on. It’s lit and it is still going. Lol.


XCritic: Oh my God girl. Some funny shit that I can truly laugh at it because I am a dude who is pretty up front with who I am. Most of my homegirls, they tell me, at least the people who know me pretty intimately, is that, “I should have been born a lesbian” Because I do not love fucking, well, I like it but I love giving more. I don’t know why, I just have always been that way.

Vicki Chase Vicki Chase: Ohh-kay!!! Lol. We have that in common. We are oralists!!!


XCritic: Oh, I am telling you. It is sometimes funny. See, I am truly a guy who embraces a lot of things that are feminine, especially in the eyes of my fellow guy friends. I am the one guy that fucking loves shopping, I fucking love those little niches in women, their hair, their nails, their shoes and I love that oral aspect. HaHa. I don’t know why either. It is just the way the good Lord made us. Lol. My homies have said I am just a dick away from being a lesbian. Lol.

Vicki Chase: Exactly! lol. Oh, my God, I can relate! We got an oral fixation, yes, we do! I used to do it more so before than now. I don’t have a foot fetish but if I see a pretty foot, I might just want to suck on your toes. I just would love to suck on those pretty toes. I don’t know, I just think that they are that nice.


XCritic: You know, now that I have heard this. The next time we do Denver, or we meet up at one of these cons in either Chicago, Jersey or whatever. I am going to bring one of my gals down. She used to be a fetish performer. She is retired from the business but I am trying to get her to be the interviewer for XCritic. Ugh, she is gorgeous and she has pretty feet. Lol. Maybe I can have her conducting the interview and I will be her wing man, introducing her to the one and only Vicki Chase to see if the sparks fly, because I know that you are a lover of women just like me and she is my bestie.


Vicki Chase: Nice, yeah!  Of course, you know it. I do appreciate my ladies! They are made with an extra touch of love.


XCritic: That isn’t no bullshit! Lol. Now I am not going to lie Vicki. I was having fun researching you, prepping for this interview. It was so fascinating learning about where you came from. I recently saw that you picked up a few more trophies to add to your mantle. Congratulations on that by the way sweetie. So my question I pose to you darlin’ is what is it that you think defines Vicki Chase in this industry? What scene, or what accomplishment is it that spells Vicki Chase.

Vicki Chase 

Vicki Chase: Well first, gracias …… and so far, I must say that 2015, actually, I think the stuff I did and first got awarded for, was 2014 but it came out closer to 2015 and I won the award. I just think that it defined me as a solid performer, because it was a showcase. It was a star showcase all about me, so that people got to see that I was in focus and that I can actually fuck! Lol. There you have it! You know, that same year I won the award for best oral sex scene. I don’t think it was anything different that I didn’t always do, not just for Vicki but for some reason, that is the one that I won for. The point is, that I got to not only prove to myself but to everyone else out there, that I am truly a performer and I am true to the artistry of having that title. I think that was a very defining moment for me in this industry, it set my status as a true performer you know? It is winning those awards, so there you have it. XRCO, XBIZ, AVN up until 2015 I have to say that is a solid definition for me.


XCritic: That is cool babe. I dig it!

Vicki Chase Vicki Chase: Yeah, because I had already had this reputation in the industry that I was good at what I do. People would say, “yes, she is good, she is solid.” But, of course, every year I was always out shined. I has always thought I was up against bigger names and for whatever fucking reason, I just could not shine myself until I did and bang, it was just me.

XCritic: Well see doll, this truly brings me to another point when it comes to you as a performer. Were you will see that I am not blowing smoke up your ass. See, I have screened with many companies. I recently had the opportunity to review your last film. I think we were talking about it right after Denver. Because you were telling me, Girl/Girl fucking rocks. But your scene with Girlsway, you were paired with a very good young performer named Alice March, beautiful woman and you have out lasted her already, she is out of the business. That’s the composure and longevity you have as a performer and a true superstar.

Vicki Chase: Yeah? Really? She is out of the industry already?

XCritic: Yeah, she hung it up already and she was damn good on film and was a sweetheart.

Vicki Chase: Fuck yeah, she was, I was pleasantly impressed with her. The thing I think I was impressed the most about with Alice, was that she was one of those girls who simply shows up “is not there.” No, she was very much there, in the scene, in the moment. You know, I think that made for a stronger scene.

Vicki Chase

XCritic: Oh dude, the shit was gangster homie! I think you both fucking killed it! I mean in all honesty Vic, from the stand point of a critic, I had met her a few times before and she was a sweetie too. She is very much like you, very in tune with who she is as a person and I dig that. I think it is like you said, younger gals, it’s hard to make this amount of money and be responsible. Shit, if I made the money you guys did in the business when I was nineteen or twenty, I would be like, fuck, you would find my ass in Costa Rica. Lol.

Vicki Chase: Shit, that is where I am trying to get too. This shit is no joke. You just have to at one point and trust me, we all do it at some point. When you are earning money at this pace, especially when you are new and you are just hot and you are shooting every other day. You need to blow through some of that and have fun! Trust me, I believe in that too and you should live life and have some fun.


XCritic: I feel you babe. Being as how large my family is, I have learned, you should indulge in all the “sinful” things in life, you do. Because if you don’t, you are going to someday. It does not matter if you are twenty-five or you are sixty-five, you’re going to meet a person, or obstacle that makes you hit the more colorful things in life and you might as well have at it when you are young and you can keep up with the fucking pace. Lol


Vicki Chase: Isn’t that the truth. You know, I feel like I have had so many great experiences that I have indulged in and you know what? I have earned it! I have worked hard at what I do. There is a time where you must really think about your future and stop and think what it is going to take to reach those future goals. So, you know, in all honesty, that is where I am at. You know, I had fun, I am still having fun in this industry and now a days I am just a lot more focused. It was not like that in the beginning. Lol. Cause you know, in the beginning it’s hard, because we are all young, were dumb and were full of cum!


To Be Continued In Part 3.

Vicki Chase

 As we both laughed hysterically at that last answer, I could help but feel that Vicki is a woman who leaves a legacy where ever she goes, in what ever she does. In part one of this interview. She spoke of the the things that wanted to leave behind for the girls of this business. Vicki Chase, after having added the title of being the newest Vixen within the graces of Mr. Lansky's amazing creations, I saw that this woman truly loves the industry and is so truthful about where she has been, what she is planning on doing. It was almost as if her words came to life in front of my very eyes. It is true, that with hard work, with dedication, you can achieve anything you want to in life and in this business. That is what Vicki did. It is truly why, her "Chase" to the top is becoming a peak that is within view for her and this writer could be happier to see her reach the summit. Stay tuned readers, part three is a doozee and one of best looks into what it is like to be an adult performer in the modern world we live in and what it is like when Vicki steps out from behind the camera to enter that world daily.

Don Juan DeMarko





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