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XCritic Interview: Cindy Starfall


Cindy Starfall

XCritic: So, I would love to know, how has 2017 been treating you? What have you been up to? I would love to hear about some rather tasty tales that only Cindy Starfall can tell about her latest productions? I would love to know which scene brought Cindy Starfall her most explosive orgasm of 2017 so far.


Cindy Starfall: 2017 has been treating me great. I have shot many great scenes include one in which I squirted 90 times for Hardx with Mick Blue.  I also did an awesome scene with Toni Ribas in which I got fucked in so many flexible positions. In addition to those scenes, I’m a part of a porn series in which me and 2 other girls travel to different destinations and scam men into giving us money by blackmailing them with videos of them fucking us. I can’t wait for everyone to watch all of my new movies!

Cindy Starfall XCritic: I don’t think we actually got to discuss this the last time we collaborated on an interview but I have always been fascinated by performers who have the true gumption it takes to be in this business. You indeed have that. I would love to know Cindy; did you watch porn before you got into the industry? Is there any chance that since you became a part of this industry, it has transformed you into a voyeur in any way shape or form?


Cindy Starfall: Before I got in the industry, I watched a lot of porn and webcam girls in my room which was next to my mom’s room. I always masturbated but I didn’t make any loud noises. Then I joined the swinger lifestyle which turned me into a voyeur; I love watching couples fuck in front of me. I think having my sexuality repressed in my early years along with my exposure into the swinger lifestyle in my early 20s helped make me ready to take adult industry by storm!


XCritic: I would love to know, what has been your greatest sexual adventure you have experienced off camera since being in the industry. Having many friends in this glorious business, I know there are times where you meet up with a co-star and a person with the “game” that you have, I can imagine you concocting a little scenario for you to take them home and ravage them after dinner and drinks perhaps. We would love to share a kinky story to tease the fans with.


Cindy Starfall:I love going to industry parties because all of the female performers are so fun, friendly and sexy. I usually invite some to stay over at my house. One time, it ended up becoming a huge orgy at my house until 6am. It’s fun because everyone is tested and we are so horny all the time that we just fuck, fuck, and fuck.

Cindy Starfall XCritic: You know, I would not call myself a sex-a-holic because I believe that addiction is truly a bullshit word people use to corral us into a category. You have told me that you were the hot, slutty gal that every boy and girl dreams about in high school but is scared shitless to approach. I would love to know, have you always had this deep-rooted passion within you? What age did you discover you had this yearning for sex and what was it like giving into that indulgence for the first time?


Cindy Starfall: I have always had this passion for sex inside. I can turn a normal everyday scenario into a porn scene. I can turn every comment you make into a sexual one. I have plenty of men say I was too horny for them; I can’t turn it down, I love the way I am. Try to keep up with me, I guess is my advice to men. I started masturbating around 12 or 13 years old. I would take a really long shower and put the shower head on top of my clit and it’d make me cum so hard.


XCritic: For me, I am finding that my likes within this industry are constantly changing and growing. I would love to know, is there something we have not seen you in that you love to death but not had a chance to be a part of? Do you have a secret fetish that you would be willing to share with the fans? What is that is defined as “kinky” as hell, that gets you off that perhaps you have not shared with the adult community yet?


Cindy Starfall: I really want to do a bukkake with all of my fans. I want to suck all of their cocks and I will make it happen when I start directing my own productions. I want to be the Ultimate Slut. I love being a little fuck doll for men so they can take turns to fuck me. This concept is seen as very wrong in my Vietnamese culture but it turns me on so much!

 Cindy Starfall

XCritic: This one is for the fans to drool over. So, if you had to pick, if this was going to be the last scene you were ever going to film and you had to choose wither male talent or female, which of the sexes would you pick? I would love to know some of the trivial things to wet the fans appetites. What do find so delicious about women, what do you find is that magic element in a man that simply makes you weak in the knees. I would love to hear Cindy Starfall’s critique of the sexes in a scenario where you could only have one.

Cindy Starfall Cindy Starfall: If I had to pick, I would choose both male and female. I would make it the biggest orgy with the hottest talent. All of my female crushes together and I get to fuck them all. I find big toned ass on woman is so sexy. I also love to kiss soft lips and pleasure women with my tongue on her wet pussy.


XCritic: Now, I think one of the silliest things that adult cinema and other powers that be have restricted, is women creaming on camera. Myself being a man who loves to please a woman first, I think fans would go ape-shit if they got to see a woman cumming on camera in this grand fashion. What is your opinion on this situation? Can you give us some insight as to why we cannot see some of the more delicious things like a woman creaming on camera? Do you ever see something like this breaking down the walls of censorship if fans demanded to see more of it? Would love to hear the view from the performer side of things.


Cindy Starfall: I agree with you, I’m a huge creamer (haha). My pussy gets so wet on camera and the moment a cock is inside of me, I just cream all over that cock. A lot of time, we have to wipe it off so fans don’t think that he already came. Sometimes, men might think it’s gross to see a woman cream. If it’s up to me, I would love to see all that cream on the cock. I love cream pie and I would love to do more of it.


XCritic: All right, we are rolling along here. Cindy, now I would love to know which part of you truly holds the reigns. Are you a gal who loves that date who simply takes you out to a pricey restaurant, gets a nice bottle of wine, takes you home and slowly lets your dress fall to the floor and make love all night long? Or are you the gal who does not truly care where you go, what you do? Possibly just wanting your date to take advantage of and ravage you, leading to those sexual encounters that occur in parked cars, in bathroom stalls and in friends’ houses in the basement. What is it that is your supreme sexual encounter that takes the cake over them all and that you enjoy the most?       

Cindy Starfall 

Cindy Starfall: I’m the type of gal who cares more for company I keep versus where I am. Any man can take a woman to a pricey restaurant and show off but it takes a lot to impress me. I don’t need you to drive the most expensive car, take me to the nicest restaurant. I pay more attention into how much effort you put in and how genuine you are. I love to fuck but I also love someone who can keeps up with a normal conversation. Make me laugh is a plus then fuck me hard. I am a clean freak so make sure your place is neat.

Cindy Starfall XCritic: So, I see again that you are person who wants to delve into clothing. I have seen in any other interviews, that you are very keen on this part of your future. Where did this passion rise from? Are you a seamstress of any sorts, which I have found is a passion and talent that many performers have?


Cindy Starfall: My fashion background came from my major in college. I graduated with a business degree in fashion marketing and merchandising. Following the success of my last Starfall shirts, I just debuted a new t-shirt collaborating with Marica Hase, another sexy Asian performer. I always choose the best material for my shirts along with the best printing method to preserve the photo quality over time. Fans can purchase it on my official online store www.cindystarfall.net


 XCritic: May I ask, what was your first photography session in the industry like? Who was it with? Who was that special photographer that showed you the ropes and gave you the insight on posing and how to turn on that magic for the camera? I always think a model is showcased the most in photography and would really love to hear how all of that began with your first shoot. Do you find that now that you are a veteran performer, that things have become “going through the motions” and perhaps are not as fun as they used to be? Or is there always something new and adventurous that keeps things fresh for you and if so, what is that?


Cindy Starfall: My first photography session was with this webcam company called Nitin Production. It was a solo video and I was very comfortable getting naked in front of strangers. Though I have moved on from Nitin Production, I’m blessed to be able to work with many talented photographers such as Jonnie Darkko, Chris Stream, Jay Allan, Stills by Alan, and many more. There is always something new to try in photography. Each photographer has his own unique style and I love exploring what that is and create magic together.

Cindy Starfall XCritic: Cindy, being as you have done almost everything in this business, I would like you to test your psychic powers for a bit. Well, maybe actually see where a woman with a great mind such as yours sees things going. Where do you see the adult industry in 20 years? Do you see it as a mainstream attraction with a little bit more acceptance in the world? Or do you see it continuing to thrive only as the taboo that people think it to be? I think some believe porn should stay as something that you keep hidden under your bed and something you shop only for in a trench coat and late at night? I would love to hear what a performer like you thinks with your true passion for sexuality.


Cindy Starfall: The adult industry is definitely moving toward the concept of allowing models to create her own content. I love creating my own content for fans to get directly from me. With social media like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, fans can connect with their favorite performers in seconds. For me, I created CLUB STARFALL social app which is similar to Snapchat.  However, fans get to watch my videos over and over again. I post a daily video of my everyday life. In addition, fans can chat with me in Club Starfall directly on my app. Every month, I send my members a voicemail to their phone and downloadable video for platinum members. Fans also receive birthday present during their birthday month. Club Starfall provides a lot of value for a small price starting at $9.99/month.  Fans can try it out free with a 7-day no risk trial www.ClubStarfall.com


XCritic: In closing, we want to thank you for sitting down with us at XCritic and we honestly look forward to all your films here. You are a woman who truly shows passion in this business. Can you tell us if you will be at any upcoming conventions in the near future? Also, we would love to hear about any new projects on the horizon

 Cindy Starfall

Cindy Starfall: Fans can see all my appearances details on www.cindystarfall.net under Calendar.


Some of my upcoming appearances include:


 + St Louis (September 14-16)


+ Edison, NJ (November 3-5)


+ PA (November 16-18)

Cindy Starfall


Images Courtesy of: Mile High Media

With that fans, so concludes one of the most amazing interviews with one of the most amazing women in this buisiness. It is safe to say that Cindy loves what she does for a living. I found that the little things that make up a true porn star are exactly what this beauty features in everything that she does. Cindy's star is one that continues to grow every year that she is in the business, there are so few people that can truly say that within the adult community. The entire XCritic family could not be happier to bring this side of an amazing performer to you the fans and I am sure that there is more to come in the future from this gorgeous little gal.

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