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XCritic Interview: Riley Reyes


Riley Reyes

XCritic: Ok, Ok, …..now I have to ask this one first before we get into the good old porn shit. So you, having been a woman bold enough to venture from her hometown to the streets of the Big Apple really impresses me. Actually, I am a native of Soundview, South Bronx. NYC all the way baby and I miss my home sweet home every day? I can only imagine after getting to see a bit of your personality here and there in conversations and correspondence that you may feel the same way. What do you miss most about New York, was it a city that grew on you, can you tell the XCritic readers what brought you there?

Riley Reyes: I miss the spirit of New York, which to me is symbolized most by the bodegas on every corner. Everybody goes there: it’s a convenience store, a grocery, a deli, anything you need. And the guy behind the counter always speaks like 5 languages. The one on my block had a cat who would hang out inside. In the summer, people would be outside on the sidewalk playing dominoes. I miss that neighborhood.

Riley Reyes

New York didn’t have to grow on me, I loved it right away

I went there to be at the heart of art and culture. To paint, to meet interesting people, and to be a part of something bigger than myself.

XCritic: I like that you entered the business in your mid-twenties. I also like that you discovered who you were in this industry once you finished everything that comes with school, college, the normal 9 to 5, even though I can imagine your goal was to never have a normal 9 to 5, that is why my guess is that you went to art school. I would love to know, what have you discovered about yourself in this business from coming in it at the age you did. Do you find yourself discovering things about yourself that you may not have otherwise?

Riley Reyes: I never had a 9 to 5 really. I don’t know what gave you that impression. Sure, I worked during the day, mostly, but I was a freelance artist. Nothing was consistent. I always had to grind and hunt for the next gig.

I didn’t really learn things about myself in the business. I learned about the business itself: marketing myself, asserting myself, basic video editing, dealing with the types of people I meet, and so on. I knew who I was when I came into porn. I had lived enough to have a strong sense of self, which has helped keep people from pushing me around. People still try sometimes, and, while doing so, talk to me like I’m clueless. My pet peeve is when someone starts to give me a pitch that they wrote for an air-headed audience. That makes a lot of assumptions about me and other female performers. We are constantly being underestimated.

XCritic: Oh, now this is my favorite question. Being as you went to art school and I am a graphic designer. I would love to know, what is your favorite style art? I can imagine you saw this question coming. Is there any possibility that fans or myself, could actually buy a painting, a sculpture, something to grace our mantle, created by the artist known as Riley Reyes?

Riley Reyes

Riley Reyes: To look at? I am drawn to paintings that are raw and almost grotesque. I am a big fan of Francis Bacon. And pretty much all German Expressionism.

In my own paintings, I am pretty flexible. I am used to taking commissions and can imitate the styles of other artists. So yes. You can buy whatever you want. Just reach out to me about a quote and to discuss designs.

For my own happiness, I like to do 2 very different types of art: One, cute cartoon pop-culture mashups (like Adventure Time characters as the cast of Star Wars). And two, melodramatic expressionistic paintings of famous murders and ancient mythology (like the agony of Persephone getting dragged to the underworld)


XCritic: Can you tell the fans who do not know, what is a polyamorous lifestyle? I myself love such sex positive things as this way of life but I think many people are not hip to all that the lifestyle is or includes. Besides giving the readers the 411 on the lifestyle, can you tell us what brought you this lifestyle, how did you discover and find out that this something that was definitely for you?


Riley Reyes: Polyamory, very simply, means multiple loves. It is the idea that you can develop and explore romantic feelings for multiple people at once. This is not an inherently promiscuous way of loving, and even asexual people can be polyamorous. Maybe someone is in a closed off relationship with their other two partners. But maybe they prefer to also swing and go to sex parties. There are soooo many ways to be polyamorous. All it means is multiple romances. Please Google it if you want to know more about possible relationship configurations. I can’t cover it all here.

I discovered non monogamy when I was 17. My boyfriend’s roommates were swingers, and I was really impressed that they could be with other people without sacrificing their love for one another. In college I found polyamory, and dated a couple who taught me a lot about myself and how to communicate. Polyamory is mostly about honest communication.

Riley Reyes

XCritic: I am just becoming more and more intrigued by who you are as I research you. I have found that you shoot a lot of content, that you produce a lot of your content. I dig that, because I think you performers should forever own a piece of what you create. That is what comes with being an artist. My question is, since you have joined this industry and you seem like a very smart woman, do you see the industry as something that will continue to grow in this department? Do you see this as a possible road that the industry will take in an uncertain future that lies ahead?

Riley Reyes: This question is not terribly clear to me, but I will do my best to answer what I think you’re asking

The industry already is changing. Most serious performers are also producers of their own content. I think model-produced content will only continue to grow, as production costs go down and major studios die off under the weight of piracy.

 Riley ReyesXCritic: Do you find other aspects of the business as something you would love to grow and nurture into something grand in this business? Do you see yourself possibly stepping behind the camera for big companies, possibly being the gal who brings in the financiers and starts something bog and great or becomes the go to gal for something? I have been curious about this with you since I said hello and introduced myself. See, I find artists have such vision, they travel, they are never in the same place. Do you see yourself in a few years taking on a new role in the business as well as performing to keep those creative juices alive within that big beautiful brain of yours?

Riley Reyes: I am versatile, and try to learn as many skills as I can. I want to increase my skills with the camera and lights, for sure, but I am not trying to grow in the more traditional porn narrative, in which I transition into camera or directing. Instead, I am trying to build my brand as a sex educator. I currently teach classes at swing events and kink events, as well as presenting on panels at colleges.


XCritic: HaHa, now this is going to be a hard one. Well, kinda. Riley, I would love to know, being that you are a huge gamer like me, well, at least I try to be. What is the sexiest fucking game you have ever played? Now I am testing you a bit because being a guy who has worked for software gaming companies in their art department and knowing how much you love nostalgic things like old science fiction movies and amazing music from years past. I want to see how big your gaming knowledge is on this one. Tee-Hee.

Riley Reyes: Video games aren’t sexy. I have seen a lot of half-naked hotties in games but nothing actually sensual, kinky, or engaging to my sexual imagination. I feel like it’s all very two-dimensional.

Riley Reyes

XCritic: God damn woman, we so should hang out. A mutual friend said you are a big sushi person, and you love classic rock. So, my first instinct is that you can either play an instrument or that you love to cook? Am I right on either one of those guesses? If I have made a fool of myself by playing mind reader, part two of this question would be where did you develop this passion for things that the “everyday” person takes for granted in this amazing world of ours, especially when it comes to food and music?

Riley Reyes: I love to cook, though I have no skill for Japanese food, which I love to eat. I mostly make traditional southern food. Lots of fattening home-cooking: collards, gumbo, red rice, and spoon bread, you know?

I don’t play any instruments.


XCritic: So I have to know. With as much as you put into everything that is Riley, I must know, what scene, what production defines who you are in this business so far into your career? What is it that fans must go out and buy, that you will say, this is the most amazing time I had on set, or that this was the moment I felt so empowered, beautiful, amazing etc. that I simply was on cloud nine and was so proud of the work I did. What scene or movie just screams Riley Reyes.

Riley Reyes: My work is varied, from fetish to mainstream, straight and lesbian. There is no scene that defines me. I can, however, recommend Dark X Interracial Anal 3 as a scene in which I pushed myself and achieved a really intense scene.


XCritic: I will admit. I always get a kick out of this one Riley. What performer is it in the industry that has caught your eye, or has always caught your eye, that you have not yet worked with but would simply give your right arm in order to get in front of the camera and devour? I would love to know, which guy or gal has just pushed all those buttons of anticipation with Riley Reyes?

Riley Reyes

Riley Reyes: I am crazy about the more alternative types! Tattooed hotties are life, and I feel like I never get to shoot with them! Because I am a no-tattoo girl, so we don’t “match.” Nikki Hearts is currently high on my list.


XCritic: The hype these days seems to be Greg Lansky and his amazing productions. Can you tell us, what was it like to be on his sets? They look so extravagant and beautiful. I have had a friend who has shot with him and she said just shooting with him got her basically hooked on watching his porn. I found that so cool. I would just love to hear about your experiences on a Greg Lansky set if you are willing to share.


Riley Reyes: Shooting with Tushy was amazing. I hope to shoot for Vixen and Blacked too. It’s a long day on set, and a lot of work, but they treat you like a princess. They have an inspiring commitment to quality. Every shot has to be like the vision they had in mind.

I could never ever watch it myself though after shooting it! I don’t know how your friend does it. Now that I know how it’s made, watching mainstream porn just makes me think about work. I have to watch amateur stuff or animated porn.


XCritic: When you were dancing in clubs, what do you find more nerve racking? Going up on stage and performing this seductive dance moving to this incredible groove? Or getting pumped and ready to shoot a sex scene with a friend or stranger in the business? I always ask this of performers because only you all know the nerves and talent it takes to do both. Not many “mainstream” actors, if you even want to call them that could do what you all do in terms of creating fantasy, so I would love to know what is the most anxious of the two for you and why? Small part two to this question, what was your most killer fucking jam to dance to. I am dying to know this being as you like doo-wop, and 80’s shit and some of greatest music ever. Shit girl, I bet you are one of the only gals in the business who knows who the Spinners are and the song Pipeline I bet?

 Riley Reyes

Riley Reyes: Neither stripping nor porn make me nervous.

And I liked to dance to Ragdoll by Aerosmith. It was my go-to pole dancing song. Even now, when I hear 80s style cock rock, I feel like I’m late to stage.

Riley Reyes

XCritic: In closing, is there anything you have upcoming the fans simply cannot miss? What is the next big thing coming out? Shameless plugs are always welcome here. Thank you so much for taking time to sit down with us at XCritic Riley, you are truly one hell of a subject to research and I hope we get a chance to do this in other formats as the years go on. Thank you so much doll.


Riley Reyes: My new projects are all related to my sex education. I will be teaching at Naughty N’awlins and the Couple’s Cruise, both of which are lifestyle couples’ retreats. I teach classes on Anal A-Z and The Art of Lap-dance. And within the next couple months I will also be launching a YouTube series called No Shame Diaries in which I will talk about my life, sex worker rights, alternative lifestyles, and human sexuality.

 Riley Reyes

Photos Courtesy of: Mile High Media

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