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XCritic Kink Series Part 1: Lisa Lux


Lisa Lux

When the majority of people hear the terms "Bondage”, "Domination”, or "Sadism" they immediately get an image of whips, chains, paddles, nipple clamps and other enjoyable props. It’s very hard for some to see past the "kinky sex" stereotype to the deeper meaning of the mental and emotional aspects within the lifestyle. Thanks to movies like Secretary, The Story of O, Belle Du Jour, The Submission of Emma Marx they have each opened a small window for those that live the “vanilla” life who are curious about the lifestyle.

In this three part series, XCritic writer Ravyn will be exploring the world of three women who are called “Fin Dommes “or Financial Dominatrix’s - where men and or women get off on giving money, gifts ranging from the extravagant to the most mundane who enter into online and real life relationships with a Dom/Domme or Master/ Mistress who lead them in elaborate games of degradation, humiliation, and of course in some cases sexual pleasure. The first in this series is Lisa Lux, whose career started as a sophomore in college in response to a craigslist ad. Now Lisa is one of the top Fin Dommes on iWantClips.com and she discusses the Fin Domme lifestyle and her work in it.

Check out Part 1 in our spotlight Kink series on Financial Domination with Lisa Lux

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