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SnapChat Takeover: Mindi Mink


Mindi Mink

We have been blown away by the response to our XCritic Snap Chat Pornstar Takeover Series. Of course, this is partly due to the great line up of performers we've had who have given you an inside look into their lives.

Since March is a very special month, (spring = fucking), we thought we'd bring you a series of MILF performers who deserve your attention. This will appropriately enough be called our March MILF Madness" Snap Chat Takeover series.

The first performer in this series is MILF Superstar Mindi Mink. This lovely lady has rocked the industry since she started in 2014. Mindi has quickly become one of the top MILF performers in the industry as well as one of the key contract stars for Girlfriends Films. Don't miss Mindi Mink's take over of the XCritic Snap Chat on Monday, March 6th and you get to follow her in a day in the life of a MILF superstar. You can also follow Mindi on twitter @MindiMink.


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