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Snap Chat Takeover: Mindi Mink


As we begin a bit of a push to show you the fan, the treasures that are the MILFs of this industry in our "March MILF Madness" Snap Chat Takeover series, we thought what better gal to start things off with than the vivacious Mindi Mink. This lovely lady is no stranger to the ways of seduction and passion, being one of the top MILF girl/girl performers in all the industry. Mindi is someone who has rocked the industry since she started in 2014. This beauty came into the business with a lot of personal experience in the ways of sexuality and kink and those are the exact things that she wishes to convey to you the fans when she takes over the Xcritic Snap Chat on Monday March 6th and you get to follow her in a day in the life of a MILF superstar.

Mindi Mink

Mindi is a woman who has taken the industry by storm since day one. Her passion and sensuality is something that not only makes her fans go ga-ga but her co-stars as well and who can blame them when you see a body like that mixed with such enthusiasm on screen. Mindi became a Girlfriends contract star after Dan and crew saw just how much this little lady loved all things about sex and women early in her start and it says so much to see that now as she begins a stint in other genres of the industry like fetish, kink and everything in between, that we are able to bring you her to you the viewer in all her glory behind the scenes here at Xcritic. Don't miss the action on the Xcritic Snap Chat account: XcriticCom and be prepared to see one of the best shows of the early 2017 year as Mindi is looking forward to this even more than you are.

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