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SnapChat Takeover: Jillian Janson


Imagine if you will porn fans, you are getting ready to head home from a long day at the grind, you pass motorist after motorist during rush hour until you come upon this beautiful blond in a sports car. The type that captures your eye in just one glance. You can see out through distance that she is a knock out. You say to yourself, "I wonder where she is going tonight." The thoughts and fantasies of her begins to creep up into your mind, espeically ones that involve her heading home like you, dropping her sexy dress to floor, hoping into the shower, as she gets ready for a night of pleasure in the "City of Angels." You picture in your head she is selecting this sexy dress that leaves almost nothing to the imagination, her linegrie, panties on bra on full display, tugging at your emotions in ways on a beautiful woman can. Those are the moments that make you race home that instant and give up what ever plans you may have had in favor of heading out to a local club to see if you can some how get lucky for the night, with a woman as gorgeous as the one you spotted on the freeway. You do the same thing as the gorgeous woman who has sparked this fantasy and after you shower and shave, you find yourself ready to see what the night life has to offer. Entering this club, you find that the dance floor is pulsating with beautiful women everywhere, brunette, blond, every color of the rainbow, but your heart is set on that dirty blond bombshell that set your heart aflutter. As you grab a drink and use the liquid courage to break the ice you approach the blond beauty on the dance floor, you turn her around casually, to your surprise, you see the most stunning face you have ever laid eyes on, eye shadow done to perfection, piercing baby blue eyes that scream she wants you in the worst way. A second glance has you following her flowing blond hair, looking as if she just got it done minutes before she walked into the club. The skin tight dress she is wearing sends shock waves through your heat and as you get closer, you find that this is no ordinary woman tearing up the dance floor but porn super starlet Jillian Janson. As you begin to perhaps take things in and feel a bit light headed, you start to ask her about her dayand find out some of the little niches with some small talk that may get you a late night rendezvous with the girl of your dreams if you play your cards right. Jillian rewards your efforts with that beautiful smile of hers and begins to tease you a bit as you watch her move and mingle throughout the club, showing snip its of her perfect body, boobs and booty, teasing you by pulling the straps of her dress down, then lifting up her skirt to see if you are still watching her. After that, your instincts are to press the envelope, you see if you can get lucky by whispering sweet something into her ear and as she grabs you by the collar and begins to lead you into the ladies room you say, "how the fuck did I get so lucky?"......now I know what you are thinking, this is something that can only happen in one of Jillian's films,...right?...... Wrong and I mean you would be dead wrong in this instance, because this is not the plot of her next film, but exactly what you will get to do, if you join Jillian on Monday, February 13th........ on our Xcritic Snap Chat Takeover that is.........

Jillian Janson

Porn Fantasies do come true dear readers and you will have the opportunity of a lifetime to head out for on a night on the town in a "late night rendezvous" with Jillian Janson, as she will be our latest porn super star to take over our Snap Chat in our Xcritic Porn Star Takeover Series promotion. Jillian has long been known since she stepped foot in this business at the ripe age of 18, that she has seen and done things sexually that few woman have twice her age. Jillian has long been described as a gal who loves all things that involve sexuality, erotica and nudity. That love for the business has taken her from being an AVN Trophy Girl in the start of her career, to becoming a 2017 AVN Nominee for Female Performer of Year. Here at Xcritic, we wanted to be able to give the fans something that they have never experienced before. As we head into the future of porn, we can not help but think the greatest thing we could offer fans is a way to see the porn stars they love, in many different ways behind the curtain so to speak and Snap Chat has allowed just that. Xcritic and Jillian Janson are teaming up to make a porn fantasy come to life and you can be part of the fun by downloading the app and searching for the Xcritic account, which is XcriticCom Join us for free and see what all the buzz is about. Jillian Janson loves to provide a more intimate rendezvous with her premium Snap Chat Premium Membership, that can be purchased by her fans here: http://www.jjsnaps.com/ You can ask Jillian to give you the 411 on twitter atĀ @xoJillianJanson Jillian will tell you herself, there is no better way, to get into the action, then buy seeing what Snap Chat is all about in the adult industry. While you are there, be sure to check out the Xcritic Twitter account to get all the porn reviews and promotions that your heart couldĀ  ever desire here at, @Xcritic This is going to be an encounter you do not want to miss and you will be able to see Jillian doing all the things you could have possibly dreamed of her doing, as she gets ready for a red hot night on the town on Monday, February 13th at 6PM. See her take you on a personal tour through her world of excitement and see what it is like to party like a porn star as she Snaps until 3AM Valentines Day morning. I guarantee you will have a hang over you will never forget after this one dear readers. Don't miss out!

Jillian Janson

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