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Cam Girl Spotlight: Raquel Love


By Rob Perez


Meet Raquel Love, one of the sexiest, curviest girls on Chaturbate’s roster of powerhouse cam girls. When you enter her room, which you can visit during various times of the day seven days a week, you can best be sure you’ll be treated to lots of fun conversation, some sass if you’re a freeloader, but also lots of curvy treats. But what sets her apart is, her cam room is all about welcoming her thousands of followers which has made Raquel a regular on the front page of Chaturbate.com. You don’t just appear on the front page, you have to earn it, and Raquel has definitely earned her place among the elite cam girls of the site. So much so that Raquel has represented Chaturbate at its booth at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas last January, and has most recently appeared at EXXXotica New Jersey representing Chaturbate this past November. Raquel may not fit what many imagine a stereotypical cam girl to be, and it’s her unique, mysterious, one of a kind look is exactly what caught XCritic’s eye to feature her in this month’s Cam Girl Spotlight.

Cam name: Love_Raquel_XO

How Long Have You Been Camming: about 2 years total

Location: Private

Social Medias: Twitter @LoveRaquelxo

Type of equipment you use:My computer is a 27” iMac. Sometimes when I’m travelling I use an older Macbook. I use a C920 Logitech Webcam and a fan recently bought me a Blue Yeti Blackout USB Microphone.

Cam Site(s) You Frequently Cam From: I only cam on Chaturbate at the moment on-which you can easily find me just by going to RaquelLive.com

Average Daily Take Home Pay: about $150

Average # of Hours You Spend Camming Each Week: 20-30 hrs

Biggest Tip Ever: 2,500 tokens

Biggest Payout: $2,500 in a pay period

Who Are Your Cam Room Heroes: cloud3040, mikedabear, kiri_anomei

# of Followers (if known): 92k followers

ManyVids Ranking: 630

Amazon Wishlist Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1T9LVB70VEP2D/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1

Best Gift You Ever Received From Your Wishlist: That’s difficult. [Laughs] Either my game consoles or a 5ft Teddy Bear

Most Unusual Request: Probably to have my dog lick my who-ha

Biggest Pet Cam Peeve: When people come into my room just to be mean or when people tip 5 tokens less for a request and ask for the request anyways. It’s seriously like a daily occurrence.

Anything You’re Known For:My race always has people scratching their heads. They can never figure out what I’m mixed with. [Laughs] Also having a bush is something a lot of people know me for.


Are you currently promoting anything, something you want to get the word out on?

I’ve mostly been promoting my Manyvids. I’m really starting to focus more attention on making new content and custom videos for fans. I’m also in the process of setting up a Clips4sale store so everyone can be on the lookout for that too!

How did you hear about camming and what led you to start camming?

Actually my boyfriend introduced me to it. At first, I was standoffish towards it. I didn’t want to be put out on the internet like that. I was afraid of my family being able to find me (Especially having a brother almost out of high school and a step-brother just 2 years older than me). But he knew I was stressing for money and quickly losing my savings after having to quit my previous job, so one night he made me a profile, set a computer with a webcam in front of me and told me to just talk to people that talked to me. It was one of those times where, in the moment I was not very happy with him, but looking back on it I’m glad he pushed me to do it.

Can you describe your very first time camming? Were you nervous or excited?

I was extremely nervous! I had never really watched cams before or knew what to do, but my boyfriend had and so he was there supporting me and helping me the whole time. I was still nervous though. I’m such a shy, quiet person I didn’t think I was fit for it.  After an hour or 2 I relaxed and started enjoying myself.

Were you shy before you started camming? Did camming help you get out of your shell and are you more confident and comfortable with your body as a result of camming?

I was definitely shy and quiet before camming. I’ve dealt with low self-esteem issues for as long as I can remember. It was always easier for me to just be quiet and stay invisible than put it all out there and risk people making fun of me. When I started camming I somehow knew that I needed to be outgoing as a camgirl so, yeah camming brought out that side of me. It’s just limited to when I’m on cam or doing something cam related. [Laughs] I would say that my confidence level is a little higher than it used to be and I’m more accepting of my body. I’m not extremely confident, and there are definitely times when my confidence level drops significantly, but overall I’m not as shy and introverted as I used to be. It helps when you have dozens of people telling you how beautiful and sexy you are everyday.


Does anyone (family, friends) know you cam? How do they feel about it or do you keep camming private?

Yes. My parents, my sister, and my close friends all know. I’m not sure if my parents decided to tell my brother and step-siblings or not. My friends are all cool with it. They don’t really ask many questions about camming, but they don’t judge me for it. My parents, of course, wish I did something else, but understand that I’m an adult and can make my own decisions. If you watch my shows long enough you’ll hear me rant about the messed up way my parents found out about me camming. [Laughs]

Is it good money? How can you make a good living or at least make a good supplemental income from camming?

I would say it can be good money. It really depends on what your money goals are. Some girls are happy if they make 1,000 tokens a night. Some girls need to make 10,000 tokens to be happy. Personally, I’ve managed to pay all my monthly bills and still have money to put away for savings. I would set a daily, weekly, and monthly goal for myself and do my best to reach it. If I don’t reach a goal one day, then I make sure to put in extra time to make up for what I didn’t make. If I know I’m not gonna be able to cam at a certain time, I make sure to make up for it another day. Some of it depends on how much time you’re willing to spend trying to reach that goal. Some of it is really just luck, because you never know who’s going to get on and tip the crap out of you. Just like you never know when you’re going to get on and no one is going to tip you.  The interesting thing is one single fan can come in even someone I’ve never seen in my room before and spend hundreds of dollars on me which completely and unexpectedly changes my whole day or week.

Why are some cam sites a better fit for you as opposed to others? Are there cam sites that you feel don’t really work for you but others do, and why?

I feel like some sites are more competitive than others. And you have to be on a certain level of commonly accepted beauty to do well. When I first started camming I started on MyFreeCams. I could never get a decent room count or many tips, which resulted in my camscore getting lower and lower by the day. Low camscore usually meant you were less likely to be seen. I got bored and frustrated with camming quickly when I was on MFC. After a long break from camming, my boyfriend told me about Chaturbate. So I tried it one night and my first night on there I got at least 500 people in my room. I was a little more excited about it after that. [Laughs] I felt way more accepted on Chaturbate than MFC. I’m not a skinny, in-shape girl. I’ve got some curves and while there were a couple of fans that loved my curves on MFC there were hundreds more people on CB that loved them.

In your opinion, what does it take to become a successful cam girl? How can a girl develop a large following, a high ranking on a cam site, make good money, etc.?

Commitment. Of course, one’s success always depends on the person and what they consider success to be. I feel like truly committing to camming and treating it like a job is part of what it takes to be a successful camgirl. Some girls think you need to be skinny, or have abs or have big boobs and a small waist, but look at me! I have almost 100k followers. I’ve had viewer-counts of over 1,000 people many times. I’ve even been top girl’s room before. You should also be open-minded, be yourself, and overall have a good personality. Sure you’ll attract guys with your body, but in my experience the ones that like your personality, the ones that fall in love with you, those are the ones that will stick around and always be there month after month to support you.


What do you have that makes you standout, unique from other cam girls? How long did it take you to find what made you standout?

For one there’s my curves in general. I know a lot of girls have curves, but mine are completely natural and fans tend to appreciate that about me. When I was camming on MFC I always shaved or only had a landing strip. But when I started Chaturbate I had grown out my bush and that really stood out and attracted people to my room. So few girls have bushes these days, I got a lot of attention for being different and having one.  In fact since I started on Chaturbate I have noticed many other models have started to keep one as well. [Laughs]

What is the best and worst thing about camming?

The worst thing about camming is you never know how much your next paycheck is going to be until it’s payout time. And the people who are a-holes that are, unfortunately, unavoidable. The best thing about camming would be the amazing friendships that I have found from camming both from my fans and even a few other cam-models that I have met and worked with from time-to-time and the unwavering support I get from my biggest fans. I have also gotten the opportunity to visit some places like Las Vegas and New York for the first time because of going to shows like the AVNs and Exxxotica which were fun experiences.

What’s a big misconception people have about cam girls?

We are/want to be pornstars or escorts, or are looking for people to have casual sex with all the time. I understand why people just look at us as another sex object, but camgirls are a different type of sex worker and some people have yet to figure that out.


Do you ever meet up with any of your cam regulars? Have you ever and was it a good or bad experience?

I’ve met fans at conventions like Exxxotica or the AVNs. I LOVE meeting fans because I know without them I wouldn’t be here! And they have always been respectful and nice.

What makes a good cam room follower?

Someone who will actually talk to you about anything and everything, tips when he can or just because he likes you and thinks you deserve it. Even when my guys can’t afford to tip me if they are in my room having good conversations with me that really helps me enjoy myself.  Some of the hardest times for me online is when I will be sitting there for 15 or 20 minutes sometimes and nobody is chatting at all even though there might be 200 or 400 Viewers in my room.  Also, someone who will stick around for a long time, not just come in one time and then you never see them again.

Is this statement true: “Cam girls are the new porn stars.” Why or why not is this statement true?

I don’t think that’s true. When I think of porn, it’s always the same things. As many different genres of porn there is, you still know what to expect or what you’re getting when you’re watching a porno. With camgirls, it’s always something different or new and exciting. We come up with games to play, raffles, and activities to get things going in the chat room. It’s not scripted, it’s real. And guys have the opportunity to change the way the show goes. It’s just more interactive in general.


Have you ever been nominated for any cam awards? What would be the ultimate award you’d want to win for being a cam girl?

No I’ve never been nominated for an award. I actually don’t really pay much attention to all the different awards shows they have for the adult industry so I wouldn’t know what I would want to win or be nominated for. [Laughs] It would be pretty awesome if I was nominated for an award though!

What are your long term goals with camming?

I want to get myself where I want to be in life with camming. I want to reach my life goals, like owning my own house and being able to travel the world. Having a large-enough fan base to have significant residual income through fan-clubs or video sales would be really awesome as well!  I want to become a well-known camgirl and like I said earlier, it would be pretty awesome to be nominated for an award.

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