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Dangerous Curves–The Mysterious Raven_Triple X


By Rob Perez


Raven Triple X is an anomoly in the world of BBW porn. She's short, not big enough to be considered a BBW but is too big for any other genre of porn. But that's what makes her standout to become a rising star in BBW porn. She's a feedist who is striving for an ideal body shape, not weight, and with a few well received scenes under her big belly, she has shown to have what it takes to be worthy of being called a BBW porn star. She's certainly shown what it takes to have dangerous curves.

Have you always been a big girl?

I have not. I’m an active feedist and gainer. Two years ago is when I decided I wanted to gain weight. Before, I was very fit

Before doing porn did you do anything adult related such as stripping, camming, modeling, escort, etc.?

Nope. I started doing some alt pinup modeling and then it turned into fetish modeling, and then camming and now porn. [Laughs]


Had you always thought about doing porn or being in the adult industry?

I’ve always been sexually independent but never really put much thought into doing porn honestly. It just sort of happened. I enjoy most of the people I’ve met in the industry and that led me to want to pursue a career in pornography

When did you first become aware of BBW porn and was that when you thought you could do porn?

I am an avid porn watcher and a natural FA (fat admirer), so I’ve always watched some sort of BBW porn.


Were you nervous or excited when you performed in your first scene?

I was a little of both. My first b/g was with Tim Von Swine and he made me very comfortable. We chatted a bit and he went over the scene. I appreciated his patience with me. He still is my most favorite person to work with. I feel like it shows a lot in our videos.

How many scenes have you shot?

I’ve shot six scenes but I’ll be shooting again soon. [Laughs]


Who are some of your favorite performers to work with?

I believe I mentioned it before. [Laughs] I enjoy shooting with swiney. I’ve also shot with Miss LingLing BBW and that was a lot of fun as well.

Who’s on your porn wishlist?

Oh gosh. [Laughs] There’s so many people but it’s sort of hard because I’m still just chubby. I’m not considered a BBW in the BBW community but I’m too big for mainstream porn as well. [Laughs]


What would you say was one of the hottest scenes you shot and with who, and can you describe it a little?

The hottest scene I’ve done is the scene I shot back in July with Christian XXX. I enjoyed the contrast between him and I, him being very tall and myself being very short. He’s really experienced and all my photos came out wonderful, and he’s great at positioning you so you look really good on camera.

How often do you work?

Well, I own my own business so I’m pretty busy during the week and I also run my own Clips4Sales and ManyVids store. I shoot and edit all of my own content, but I try to work a few times a month with other models doing trade shoots, and I also try to shoot with whatever BBW studios that are available.


What’s the best thing about being a big girl in the business?

I love seeing all the confident sexy women. It’s so empowering to be around! And all the awesome men who love us.

Because BBWs tend to represent real women, do you have fans especially female fans say you’re an inspiration and how does it make you feel you’re kind of a role model?

Well being an active feedist so I get a lot of women who have a desire to be gainers who previously were really worried about what other people would say or feel. They approach me and tell me how I’ve helped them be happy and confident with their bodies because of how confident I am in mine. It’s awesome! When someone tells you that you’ve helped them feel beautiful, it’s almost indescribable because everyone deserves to feel beautiful no matter what size they are.


What have been some career highlights?

I love going to events and talking to people who have been following me since I started. It’s super surreal. I attended BBWCon2016 and I had so many models who I knew that knew me and wanted to work with me. I fangirled a lot. [Laughs]

Your scenes are always hot. Do you arrive to each scene prepared and down to fuck?

I’m sort of slutty so I’m forever prepared to fuck! I masturbate seven or eight times a day. I’m perpetually horny.


Do you orgasm in every scene?

So far, yes. [Laughs]

Who are some other BBWs you get along with really well?

I get along with just about every model I’ve met for the most part. I’m pretty close to Miss LIngLing BBW. We do a lot of stuff together.


Because you are a big girl, do you ever have self-esteem issues because of your size?

Well I’m human. I’m not always happy with my body. I have good days and bad days. My bad days are usually when I want to wear something in particular and it doesn’t fit anymore [Laughs] or it doesn’t fit right, but I think that’s just being a girl.

When it comes time to take your clothes off are you ever self-conscious about it?

Nope, not at all. I’m very comfortable in my own skin.


Are you very comfortable being naked? What’s it like having a job where you can be naked at work?

Well no one likes wearing pants so any job I get to be pantless is a great.

How do you feel about the word fat?

I feel like it’s a good descriptive word. [Laughs] I’ve never seen it as an insult nor have I used it as one.


Were you active sexually before porn and can you describe one of your hottest sexual encounters outside of porn? Is your sex life as wild as it is on camera?

I was and still am pretty sexually active now, I just make sure I have safe partners and they wear condoms when I’m not performing to be safe and keep anyone I work with safe as well.

I don’t live a wild life at all. [Laughs] I’m pretty boring. I have a very plain vanilla life outside of porn. Honestly, I don’t even think anyone would recognize me on the street.

What kind of guys in general are you into and what do you look for in a girl? Are you with girls in your personal life?

I don’t have a type of look really. I’m attracted to confident men who take pride in their appearance and carry themselves well. Men who can speak respectfully and command attention. Alpha males come in all shapes and sizes.

As for women, I like all women. Women are beautiful, soft and delicate even when they aren’t. Everything about a woman is desirable to me.


How should a guy approach you if he was interested?

With confidence. I’m pretty sarcastic. I like a guy who can hold a witty conversation and laugh a lot.

Have you done feedie videos or any other type of BBW type fetish scenes and are you open to doing them?

That’s 90 percent of what do [Laughs] and I love them. I’m a feedist in my personal life. It’s a personal fetish for me so I enjoy it very much so.


What are some sexual fantasies you have yet to fulfill? Are you willing to do gangbangs, anal, DPs; what haven’t you done yet sexually that you really want to do?

I’d like to do a gang bang one day, maybe get crazy and do a DP but that’s very intimidating so well see about that. [Laughs]

Where do you see yourself in the future porn-wise? What do you ultimately want to accomplish?

Right now I’m just having fun with it, but I am a very competitive person and I have a huge ego. I want to be the best at everything I do so naturally I’d like to be the best BBW/plumper in my niche, but I know I have a lot of awesome competition, and that’s just more motivation.


Any final words you’d like to say to your fans reading this in Xcritic?

Keep an eye out for me. I plan to be just about everywhere.

Follow Raven On Twitter  @raven_triplex, tumblr raventriplex.tumblr.com or email raventriplex@gmail.com



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