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XCritic Pick: The Preacher’s Daughter


The Preacher's Daughter

Getting the XCritic Pick rating is a massive accomplishment, we give out our highest rating to only an elite few. These XCritic Picks stand clearly above and beyond the rest of what is released. It's so hard to get less than 2% of all the movies, scenes, toys, and sites that we review get this rating.

Wicked Pictures is no stranger to the XCritic Pick, as they've snagged it with a number of their releases. The Preacher's Daughter is the latest Wicked Picture to get our highest rating.

XCritic Reviewer cyber5 says of The Preacher's Daughter:

Buy this now! Look, it doesn't matter to me either way; I'm an independent reviewer with no ties to anybody involved in this industry - and I'm telling you right now: if you like plot-based porn, you aren't going to find much better than this this year. This is a phenomenal disc. If this flick doesn't get nominations from every organization in every category, I don't know what can.

Read our full review of The Preacher's Daughter and find out why you should check it out.

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