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Dangerous Curves-The Asian Invasion Miss LingLing


By Rob Perez


No other BBW who has recently arrived onto the porn scene in 2016 has had such a big impact in BBW porn than Miss LingLing. She has several things going for her that make her BBW porn’s best new starlet; her voracious sexual appetite, natural sex appeal, her charming and friendly personality, love for her fans and physically speaking, it doesn’t hurt that Miss LingLing is one of the very few Asian BBWs, one who is blessed with an incredible fit body, and giant O-size tits. LingLing is heavily in demand, having shot for virtually all the top BBW studios, the major independent BBW companies, and numerous self-produced videos for her site. Not to mention her regular appearances on cam, Skype shows, custom videos, LingLing is constantly working to establish her brand to further heights. Always busy, or as LingLing puts it, always hustling, the award nominated performer found time to speak to the authority on BBW to discuss what makes LingLing dangerous curves material.

Have you always been a big girl? 
Yes and no. I have fluctuated in weight with age and pregnancy, but I’ve mostly been chubby.

Before doing porn did you do anything adult related such as stripping, camming, modeling escort, etc? 
I was a swinger before the model life, then a cam girl, and then I got into hardcore filming before escorting.

Had you always thought about doing porn or being in the adult industry? 
No, it took me 36 years to accept my body and goddess qualities before entering the paid adult industry. The term "porn" is different to me now. I've done that all my life, sometimes with someone else there, sometimes on the phone or video chat, before the thought entered in my mind to resell that image and promote it. 

When did you first become aware of BBW porn and was that when you thought you could do porn? 
I knew it always existed but I didn't think about it till I was offered a scene. Sometimes I thought I wasn’t freak show fat enough, and sometimes I thought my physical stamina needed work to film reverse cowgirl correctly. I just did it blindly because of the hype and financial reasons for a company anyway. For significant others and close swinger friends, I've filmed and photographed privately. Doing it for profit and to a director’s specifications were something I had to overcome after practice in the webcam world. I believe I have jumped that hurdle successfully.

Were you nervous or excited when you performed in your first scene?

Nervous as fuck! I felt had no control and it was scary.

How many scenes have you shot?

Seventeen for professional companies and 70 scenes on my own that includes fetish, trade, customs and such since this January.

Who are some of your favorite performers to work with?

Mazzaratie Monica, Raven Triple XXX, Don Prince and Time Von Swine.

Who's on your porn wishlist?

Marilyn Mayson. I’m happy that I've fulfilled most of my bucket list, but there's always someone under my radar. 

What would you say was one of the hottest scenes you shot and with who, and can you describe it a little?

It was a Rome Major trade shoot. The orgasms were real and the chemistry was awesome, and it was a hot ass erotic mess!

How often do you work?

Everyday I'm hustling!

What's the best thing about being a big girl in the business?
That I don't have to worry about my figure or exercise, and every insecurity about my body, somebody wants me to do a custom scene for them.

Because BBWs tend to represent real women, do you have fans especially female fans say you are an inspiration and how does it make you feel that you are kind of a role model?

Yes I have female fans, and I do have other modes who say I am an inspiration to them. That frightens me because I am a fuck up. [Laughs]

What have been some career highlights?

Travelling has been the best! I get to see America and secondly, I get to be my own boss.

Your scenes are always hot. Do you arrive to each scene prepared and down to fuck? 
DTF always yes! Preparedness is a case by case basis with every scene. It's different, every co-star is different and that’s what makes it fun!

Do you orgasm in every scene?

No, absolutely not! It is performance art, so maybe only 90 percent of time I do.

Who are some other BBWs you get along with really well?

The list is huge! I adore Raven Triple XXX, Mazzaratie Monica just to name a few, but I could go on and it's not fair to list the masses. 

Because you are a big girl, do you ever have self-esteem issues because of your size? 
I have less self-esteem issues image wise. I have more issue physically and filming in certain positions especially with my Big O tits. But everyday body image issues are a thing of the past. 

When it comes time to take your clothes off are you self conscious about it?

Only because of my scars not because of my weight or size. I love being naked.

Are you comfortable being naked? What's it like having a job where you can be naked at work?

Yes, more now than ever. Being naked at work has been the best uniform I ever had to wear.

How do you feel about the word fat?

Fat is the nutritional guide line I read on labels at the supermarket, and it also helps make my steak taste yummy! 

Were you active sexually before porn and can you describe one of your hottest sexual encounters outside of porn? Is your sex life as wild as it is on camera?

I was a virgin before porn. [Laughs] The hottest sexual encounter I had was with my ex-husband and his wife at the time. Yes it is, that’s why I only film what I legally can.

What kind of guys in general are you into and what do you look for in a girl? Are you with girls in your personal life? 
Guys with money and a sense of humor. Girls with tits and ass! Yes, I have been with girls in my personal life. I am often the unicorn

How should a guy approach you if he was interested? 
With fat stacks of cash!

Have you done feedie videos or any other type of BBW type fetish scenes and are you open to doing them?

I am open to eating and being fed on cam, but I will not lose or gain weight for anyone. I currently do smothering and big tit mommy domme, and  I am open to lactation videos when I have time. 

What are some sexual fantasies you have yet to fulfill? Are you willing to do gangbangs, anal, DPs; what haven't you done yet sexually that you really want to do? 
This is all future stuff. I experiment as I go, and if I feel comfortable with those things. You will have to watch and see.

Where do you see yourself in the future porn-wise? What do you ultimately want to accomplish? 
My goal was always to have an open schedule and be in control of my time. I only want to accomplish work on my own terms as much as possible. 

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