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Tylo Duran interview


Tylo Duran is a woman who everyone should keep their eyes on as she progresses on her adult career. She is a gorgeous lady whose sex appeal and personality capture your attention. Her exciting and sexy personal feature dances are a way for her to get close to her fans and show how much she appreciates them. Tylo Duran is here to stay.   

Hi Tylo, it's a pleasure to interview you. Why did you decide to enter the adult industry?

I've been in the adult industry for a good while, in various forms I should say.  From being an adult magazine model to a feature entertainer for numerous Gentlemen's clubs across the U.S.  Lately, I've been presented with the opportunity to add some international tours to my resume as a porn star feature. Being a sexual person as well as a high degree of being an exhibitionist, for me this seems to make sense. To a certain extent, I'm a free-spirit and Porn done correctly, is pure feminism and complete freedom of social constructs ... it's an art form.

How did you become a magazine and calendar model?

Whether it has been through conventions, beauty/swimsuit contests/competitions or just being in the Right Place at the Right Time, I'm always meeting and networking with lots of industry people. I've been extremely fortunate to have had and continue to have many great opportunities come my way through the years.

Your first and only adult scene thus far has been with Score. How was that experience? You must had been so nervous.

As you stated, it was my first scene thus far, so no prior shoots to gauge or compare to, but the experience was fabulous. Between working with the amazing talent each day, and The SCORE Group having such an impeccable reputation; any nervousness that I had melted away.  I'm looking forward to my upcoming shoots with other production companies.
How does it feel having guys admire you as a MILF?

Not really into "labels"..., the way I view it is like this, sex IS SEXY at any age. Provided you take care of your body and don't abuse it All to HELL.


Since you are very good as a feature dancer and enjoy it a lot, will you be performing on stage more often? Why does performing on stage in front of your adoring fans such a thrill?

Performing on stage is a great way to connect with the fans and meet news fans. I will bring an unsuspecting fan on stage and make them part of the show. They really like the personal attention and that makes me happy. I'm focusing on shooting and establishing myself. If I can fit more tour dates into my schedule, then we'll see.

What makes a man sexy? What makes a woman sexy?

Intelligence, confidence, and quick-wit- that goes for both sexes.
What are your hobbies and interests?

Travel, learning about a new culture, learning a new language, surfing, gardening, and sushi.

How does it feel when someone recognizes you in public?

It's great, love it! It's the best when the fans are respectful of my space when I'm out in public with my friends - just smile and keep walking.

Many adult performers love animals. Do you have any pets?

I'm an animal lover, always have been. I have a six year old male, miniature pinscher, named Bailey, or aka, my lil' love.


Are there any websites, programs, or any other things that you would like to promote? Where can your fans reach you?

Stay up-to-speed on All the craziness that happens by following me on Twitter: @RealTyloDuran and Instagram: @tylo.duran

Interview by Apache Warrior


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