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Dangerous Curves–Sara Star Superstar


By Rob Perez


Most new girls in the business expect everything to be instant, not realizing the amount of work they have to put in to get work. Not every girl becomes an overnight sensation and those who aren't patient don't last. Good riddance to them. One performer who does understand that with hard work riches will be rewarded to them is Sara Star. Since her debut in 2012, Sara has been on a slow and steady climb to the top of the BBW porn world. After shooting a dozen scenes for the premier BBW studio, Plumper Pass, Sara recently caught the attention of other major BBW players Jeff's Models and Rodney Moore. She recently returned from her first trip to the West coast to shoot where she also appeared on BBW legend April Flores' Vivid radio show, shot with current BBW Performer of the Year Karla Lane, and cultimated with Sara winning a Biggie Award for best BBW Cam Girl.

Sara's future looks bright as she will be the first BBW to sign for Inked Angels and is now a favorite to win an Inked Award for BBW of the Year. Can an AVN nomination for BBW Performer Of the Year on the horizon for this very talented, future "Star" perhaps? It would be criminal if she weren't but Sara has definitely earned the title of XCritic's Dangerous Curves.

How did it feel winning a Biggie Award for best cam girl?

I’m still totally shocked I won! It’s such a validating experience because I love what I do and it’s nice to be rewarded for my dedication to my art.

Did you think you would win?

Never! I’m not online 24/7. But again, I love what I do and I like to think it shows in my work. But I never saw myself as an award winner.

You’re now nominated for an Inked Award for BBW of the Year? Are you equally excited about that award?

I’m very excited – and equally surprised. My ink is special to me and it’s very exciting to be included in a platform that features so many amazing talents.


You’ve had a great few months? What have been some highlights that have come your way?

So much stuff – shooting with new studios and some amazing talent. I’m also working on launching my website soon – sarastarxxx.com. It almost feels like everything is a highlight because so much has been happening.

You’ve been performing since 2012 and now things are starting to happen to you. Do you appreciate things more now since you’ve been on a slow and steady pace to the top?

I do. I feel like I’ve experienced a lot during the last several years, but I’m nowhere near the top. I still see myself as a pretty small fish in a super large sea. I love what I do and want my fans to love my work as much as I love creating it for them.

Have you always been a big girl?

Yes, always plushy. I played sports back in the day, so I used to be a little more toned. But I’ve always been large.


Before doing porn did you do anything adult related such as stripping, camming, modeling, escort, etc.?

Only cam work, which I still do. I think the “live porn” aspect gave me a good lead in to doing porn for video.

Had you always thought about doing porn or being in the adult industry?

It had been something in the back of my mind, but I didn’t know how to get into the industry or if people would like to see me naked. Well, that’s all history and now I’m doing it and loving it!

When did you first become aware of BBW porn and was that when you thought you could do porn?

About the time I got into camming. I had seen videos in porn shops a few times but always shrugged off the idea of me being able to do it. Then I thought I’d give camming a try to burn off some excess sexual energy.

Were you nervous or excited when you performed in your first scene?

Both! I was nervous because I hadn’t packed contact lenses, so I couldn’t see and thought I’d look awful. But I was excited because I wasn’t just having sex with a fun, hot guy – but it was also being filmed.


How many scenes have you shot?

Ten or so? I don’t keep track very well.

Who are some of your favorite performers to work with?

Juan Largo is always a blast – he’s so funny and easy to work with. I recently shot some side stuff with Karla Lane and she’s amazing! Such a sweetheart and so smart about the industry!

Who’s on your porn wishlist?

A girl can dream, but I’d love to bang James Deen like on a screen door in a storm for a scene. I think it’d be fun to work with some other tattooed ladies.

What would you say was one of the hottest scenes you shot and with who, and can you describe it a little?

I loved the bathtub scene I shot with Juan Largo for Plumperpass. I got to soak in this amazing tub and bubble bath. Then he came home to rub me in all the right ways.


How often do you work?

I cam almost daily and work on custom and web videos throughout the week. I’m trying to shoot more porn, at least quarterly now, as I don’t live in a porn-friendly population and have to travel for shoots.

What’s the best thing about being a big girl in the business?

I love the creativity and how I can express myself in so many different ways. And it’s not just my body – I bring a lot of personality to the table.

Because BBWs tend to represent real women, do you have fans especially female fans say you’re an inspiration and how does it make you feel you’re kind of a role model?

I’ve never come across that. I’m not sure how much of a role model I’d be for women.

What have been some career highlights?

Definitely winning the Biggie Award for Cam Performer of the Year and being nominated for BBW of the Year for the Inked Awards.


Your scenes are always hot. Do you arrive to each scene prepared and down to fuck?

Yes! I hate to use the word “addict,” but I really enjoy sex a lot. So I’m always down for a good banging.

Do you orgasm in every scene?

Almost! I do think I’m lucky that I’m given the opportunity to climax multiple times in a scene.

Who are some other BBWs you get along with really well?

I only just recently met other BBWs in real life. I absolutely adore Karla Lane, Reyna Mae and Sydney Screams! Ivy Davenport is great, too. I was able to hang and work with them recently and they were incredible.

Because you are a big girl, do you ever have self-esteem issues because of your size?

There are parts of my body I’d like to tone more, but I love my fluff and stuff.


When it comes time to take your clothes off are you ever self-conscious about it?

I get a little shy at the gym, but never on set or around friends.

Are you very comfortable being naked? What’s it like having a job where you can be naked at work?

Nudity is my friend! Everyone knows my apartment is a pants-free zone and if they come over, chances are I won’t be wearing pants or much clothing.

How do you feel about the word fat?

It doesn’t bother me. I have fat. I am fat. It’s not a stigma or “downer” part of me. It’s better than being the girl with an ugly personality or a hateful manner.

Were you active sexually before porn and can you describe one of your hottest sexual encounters outside of porn? Is your sex life as wild as it is on camera?

I’m adventurous on and off camera. I think I realized porn would be good for me after visiting a swing club and not being bothered by people watching me on a sex swing with a friend. It was an incredible experience.


What kind of guys in general are you into and what do you look for a girl? Are you with girls in your personal life?

As far as looks, I absolutely love rugby guys. But I’m far more into personality and humor. Girls are fun, but I don’t have any girlfriends to play with where I live.

How should a guy approach you if he was interested?

He should just be nice and honest and come say hello. No cheesy pickup lines required - just a hello and a smile.

Have you done feedie videos or any other type of BBW type fetish scenes and are you open to doing them?

I have done a couple. They’re fun. I enjoy showing off my fluff.

What are some sexual fantasies you have yet to fulfill? Are you willing to do gangbangs, anal, DPs; what haven’t you done yet sexually that you really want to do?

As for porn, I want to do a boy-boy-girl scene and I’d love to shoot some girl/girl hardcore scenes. I’m also dying to do some fun domination shoots.


Where do you see yourself in the future porn-wise? What do you ultimately want to accomplish?

Goals right now are landing on a DVD cover or two. Maybe winning a couple more awards over the next few years and having a successful website.

Any final words you’d like to say to your fans reading this in XCritic?

I absolutely adore my fans and love to connect with them. I enjoy hearing what fans like and want to see from me when it comes to porn and my videos.


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Visit Sara at her website at Sarastarxxx.com.



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