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Cam Girl Spotlight: Kendra Sunderland



By Rob Perez



We’ve all heard about “The Library Girl” Kendra Sunderland. After her show was illegally recorded and released on a tube site, Kendra instantly became the most famous cam girl in the world. You can also say she put camming on the map, as many girls before Kendra have used camming to make good money safely. For Kendra, not only was her outing as a cam girl lead to her being expelled from her college, having to go to court and a little public humiliation, she was awarded with other opportunities such as being featured in Penthouse, traveling, feature dancing, and knowing wherever she goes, being the Library Girl will always lead to riches most cam girl dream of. She is an outstanding representative of this new adult medium and it’s why we picked Kendra to be our inaugural Cam Girl Spotlight feature.


XCritic has always been on the forefront of featuring girls that don’t get a lot of mainstream press such as BBWs, teens, Trans and now, cam girls. We realize that these girls are adult stars and they’re taking the business by storm. Cam girls are not the future of adult, they have already taken over. Most porn girls started out camming and camming is where many of our favorite retired porn girls have gone on to make a successful second career. But for the most part, cam girls come from all walks of life, any age, race, and a variety of countries. It’s very possible your co-worker, student in class, your next door neighbor, your local barista, or girl you see at the gym cams. With thousands of cam girls for the hundreds of cam sites that exists (with more starting up), it is very likely you’ve been in the presence of a cam girl and didn’t even know it. We will be spotlighting the best cam girls we come across from a variety of top cam sites and we hope you’ll join us each month in XCritic’s new interview series, Cam Girl Spotlight.


Cam name: Kendra Sunderland

How Long Have You Been Camming: Year and a half 

Location: Salem, Oregon

Social Medias: Twitter @Kslibrarygirl Instagram: @kinkylittlestoner

Cam Site(s) You Frequently Cam From: cams.com

Average Daily Take Home Pay: $400

Average # of Hours You Spend Camming Each Week: 10 hours 

Biggest Tip Ever: $300

Biggest Payout: $5,500

Who Are Your Cam Room Heroes: Geed49win 

# of Followers: collectively 100k

Amazon Wish list Link: https://amzn.com/w/3UH11F0E0U048

Best Gift You Ever Received From Your Wish list: Lush bath bombs

Most Unusual Request: Spit in my shoes

Biggest Pet Cam Peeve: People taking me private with one minute worth of money and immediately asking me to get naked and play and then they don’t say goodbye before they leave.

Anything You’re Known For: Being the Oregon State library girl


Since you were outed as a cam girl, how has your life changed being known as the Library Girl? 

My life has changed completely. For the most part I’m not broke anymore which is nice. I got to travel all around the country, meet a ton of amazing people, and fulfill my dream of being in a magazine. I’ve got to see how the adult industry really works and so many people have the wrong idea about it. My favorite thing that has come from this though has been the way I have grown as a person. I’ve really matured and realized that what people say about me does not matter. I feel so free being able to be who I am and to not be afraid of people seeing me naked. 

What were the positives that came out of the whole experience and can you list them? 

I feel a lot closer with my family. I’ve made lots of friends in the industry and they’re just as open minded as me and I can relate to them more. I will always have a job I can’t be fired from. I have an extremely easy way to make lots of money. I’ve traveled to so many states I would’ve never been able to afford to go to. I get positive messages from fans every day.


What are you currently doing at the moment you want to promote? 

Watch me live on cams.com/reg/KendraSunderland 

Before the whole controversy began, were you happy being a cam girl? Were you doing well financially with it? 

I was very happy being a cam girl. I was just beginning to be more open about it and stopped lying to people about what my job was. I was doing well with camming; the only reason I make more now is because I have other opportunities to make money like feature dancing and selling my SnapChat.

Was being outed both a blessing and a curse and what was the biggest learning experience you came away with it? 

It was definitely a blessing because my dreams came true but also a curse because I was really lonely at the beginning with traveling by myself and being alone in hotels a lot. I’ve learned so much about myself like what really matters to me, that I get more joy from helping others than helping myself, that what people think about me doesn’t matter and that getting naked for money doesn’t define who I am as a person or the level of respect I have for myself. 


How did you hear about camming and what led you to start camming? 

I was complaining to a friend about how tired I was of being poor and they had mentioned they know girls who have made a lot from camming and how easy it was to sign up since I was having a problem with getting hired. I thought about it for a few days before I decided to try it out.

Can you describe your very first time camming? Were you nervous or excited? 

I was really excited as soon as I saw how easy it was to make money. But I was also really nervous about my parents and boyfriend at the time finding out because I had talked to him about it a few days before and he said he would break up with me if I did it. But I decided that my future and financial situation was more important. 


Does anyone (family, friends) know you cam? How do they feel about it or do you keep camming private? 

Basically everyone knows at this point. It was very awkward at first and I feel like they didn’t understand why I wanted to do it but since the library thing got out they have been extremely supportive. I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to have my dream come true and have a family that loves me.

Is it good money? How can you make a good living or at least make a good supplemental income from camming? 

It’s very good money and it’s so easy to make. Sometimes I will get paid to just sit there and listen or do barely anything. Being online frequently is very important because I will have guys come back multiple times a day or always ask me when I will be online. So consistency is most important!


In your opinion, what does it take to become a successful cam girl? How can a girl develop a large following, a high ranking on a cam site, make good money, etc.? 

Like I said above being online often is very important. Also, making a set schedule of when you will be online so they will always know when they can find you. CrowdFire is a good app for increasing your following; you can copy other cam girl’s followers or just follow mass people at a time. If you follow a lot of people normally they will follow back. To get a high ranking on cam you just need to be online the most which obviously will give you higher chances at making money. 

What do you have that makes you standout, unique from other cam girls? How long did it take you to find what made you standout? 

I don’t feel the need to make myself “stand out” from other girls. This isn’t a competition and I feel like making girls feel that way is what causes us to look at each other so negatively. If someone likes who you are as a person they will stay in your chat room; if they don’t they will leave. You shouldn’t change who you are just in the hopes that more people will like you. I’ve found a lot of inner peace from thinking that way. 


What is the best and worst thing about camming? 

The best thing about camming for me is the positive impact that I have on people. Making their day brighter or making them feel better is my ultimate goal. I love the positive feedback that I get from my fans. The worst thing about camming is when it’s slow and nobody is talking. Or when I get the annoying guys who try to boss me around when they clearly have no money.

What’s a big misconception people have about cam girls? 

That we don’t respect ourselves. It’s so comical to me. I had an old friend who would sleep around without condoms and would always worry about being pregnant or having an STD. Then she told me that she had more respect for herself than to get naked for money over the computer. It makes no sense to me. I have a very high self confidence and I value myself enough to not let people talking crap bother me. To me measuring your-self respect is based on how you view yourself or the way you take care of yourself. People think that we do it because our parents don’t love us or we don’t love ourselves and that is just such a joke. I cam because I love getting naked and I love being sexual and making people happy. 


Do you ever meet up with any of your cam regulars? Have you ever and was it a good or bad experience? 

I don’t go to meet a fan personally but they are always free to come meet me when I feature dance or when I’m at conventions like EXXXOTICA. I have had a fan come meet me once who I talked to regularly even offline but they fell in love with me and the feeling wasn’t mutual which made for a very awkward fall out. I love having fans come meet me as long as they understand that we only have a friendship.

What makes a good cam room follower? 

Being polite obviously, not just to me but to the other guys in there as well. I hate when guys will make fun of other fans in there for the things they like or the way they talk. My cam room is a place for people to come and be themselves and to get what will make them happy. There’s no reason to put someone down for liking something different than you. Also, please just take the time to say thank you or goodbye once you’re done. It’s really not that hard.

Is this statement true: “Cam girls are the new porn stars.” Why or why not is this statement true? 

I don’t think it’s true considering a cam girl is a cam girl and a porn star is a porn star. People get the two mixed up a lot or they’re just too ignorant to get it right. It’s insulting to both of us. Not because I see being a porn star as an insult, don’t get me wrong. A porn star is someone who gets famous or well known from doing porn. Just because I have videos on PornHub doesn’t make me a porn star either. Kim Kardashian has videos on PornHub, and she is listed on the top porn stars page ONLY because she is searched so much but you wouldn’t call her a porn star. Also, someone just getting into porn should be called a porn actress, but someone like Jenna Jameson who is famous for doing porn should be called a porn star. But that’s just the way that I view it. 


Have you ever been nominated for any cam awards? What would be the ultimate award you’d want to win for being a cam girl?

I’ve received a few awards since I’ve become the library girl. I won the “Miss Congeniality” award for NightMoves. I’ve won the 2016 XBIZ “Web Celebrity of the year” award. I’ve also been nominated for AVN “Cam girl Of the Year” award but didn’t win. If I’m being honest, I’m really flattered when I get nominated but I truly don’t care if I win or not. It doesn’t change who I am as a person or how I view myself.

What are your long term goals with camming? 

My long term goals with camming is to use my ability to make money fast to help people that need it. I’ve done multiple charity cam shows to raise money for different causes like breast cancer research, the against malaria foundation, and for care packages for the military and for the homeless. I just don’t see the need to have thousands and thousands of dollars when there are others struggling to stay healthy or even just eat. I want to make a difference in the world and help people see that helping others is more important than being greedy. 

Check out Kendra on Cams.com, and on Twitter @KSLibraryGirl 


Follow me on Twitter @RobGPerez


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