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AJ Applegate Is Bootylicious


By Rob Perez


Recent XRCO Awards winner for Anal Specialist, AJ Applegate is also ArchAngel’s current Booty Queen, a title she earned for not only having a spectacularly great ass but for getting her ass drilled, pounded and banged by the biggest cocks in the business. She’s also proven to be a top notch performer as she is constantly nominated for awards at all the major award shows. To follow a woman who many have deemed at having the best ass in the business today, AJ ain’t too far in the running there but one thing that is fact; AJ is a true porn anal queen!

How honored are you to be ArchAngel’s new Booty Queen?

It was definitely an awesome moment when they asked me. I came up with the concept last year, but then they made Jada (Stevens) Booty Queen. That was fine. She deserved it. She’s got a great ass and she knows how to use it! But I was so thankful when ArchAngel asked me to be the new Booty Queen. It’s special because I feel like I earned something. It wasn't just handed to me. I had to earn it. I was really thankful and grateful.  


Is it true Jada Stevens actually hand-picked you to succeed her?

That's what I heard. I think she thought I was the best choice to come after her because I had planned on doing an anal and a DP scene, so I think it was the best choice.  


What are some of the ArchAngel titles you have appeared in?

Ultimate Blonde, Pour It On, My Face 2 and Booty Queen 2 to name a few. 


Was Booty Queen 2 the first time you worked with Mandingo?

No. Not the first time. He's my favorite African-American male performer to work with.

You also did an interracial DP with Prince Yashua and Sean Michaels. Did you choose those guys personally?

ArchAngel lets me pick everybody I work with. That DP was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I felt we all worked really well together as a group.

You have a background as a dancer and you do a lot of feature dancing. What's the best part about being a feature dancer?

I like putting on shows, being able to get up there and dance and do my thing. Dance is really my first love. I love meeting the fans, and making new friends, which is awesome. That's probably the best part about feature dancing. I love being able to show everybody that I can actually dance.


In Gangbang Me, right before the gangbang, you did the sexiest, hottest tease I've ever seen.

Thank you! That was definitely one of the hottest scenes I've ever been in since entering porn. 

Have you done any gangbangs since then?

I did a black gangbang for Zero Tolerance, and I have two more showcases I am doing for ArchAngel, and one of those will be a gangbang. 

Your reign as Booty Queen lasts one year. Do you know approximately how many titles you will be performing in?

I was supposed to do 14 or 15 scenes this year. I have shot a bunch already; I'm not sure how many I have left to shoot for ArchAngel.


Did you always have a big booty?

Yes! I was always known as the blond cheerleader with the big butt. I hated it when I was younger. All my girlfriends would be like, "Oh my God, your butt is so big!" They would make fun of me, but guys would always hit on me. Now, I am glad I have a big butt! It works!


Will you pass the torch to the next Booty Queen? 

I'm not sure who I would pass the torch to. I feel like big butt girls are dying out, you know? I don't know who really stands out. Maybe now that Kristina Rose is back in the business, she would be a good choice.

She'd be great! Kendra Lust has a nice big butt too.

Yeah, Kendra would be great!

What are some of the qualities the next Booty Queen needs to have?

Professionalism is a huge thing. Showing up on time, being prepared, and promoting the companies you work for and the scenes you are in. The girl should be really good at anal, and should have a unique ass. And she should be able to twerk!


What are your long-term goals?

I'd like to keep shooting, and possibly direct in the future. I hope I can keep shooting for as long as I can. Maybe I can get a toy or something. That would be cool.

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