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The X-Rated Audition


Ever wonder what it's like to be a porn girl going on an audition to be in a feature movie? And, if you're a girl in the industry what should you do when auditioning. Guest blogger Kay Brandt has some answers. She held an audition for the role of Ronnie to star alongside Anikka Albrite and Ryan Driller in her new Adam & Eve film. Check out what she has to say.

The X-Rated Audition
By Kay Brandt

Last week I held an audition for the lead role of my next feature, “Babysitting the Baumgartners.” We held it at the offices of The Free Speech Coalition and for two hours I auditioned girls in hopes of finding my perfect babysitter. I knew what I needed from the perfect girl—she had to be young, like nineteen, with a level of believable innocents, a latent naughty streak, and a love for anal sex. No problem, right? As many wonderful nineteen-year-old female performers there are in porn, pinpointing the one who naturally spoke the part while reading lines from a script was the key ingredient—even more important than a love for anal penetration.

Babysitting the Baumgartners is an adaption of the mega best-selling erotic novel from award-winning author, Selena Kitt. About six or seven months ago, Selena and I started discussing the reality of making her much loved story into an adult film. The Baumgartners are a romantic, highly sexual couple and Mrs. B is very bi, with a deep passion for girls a bit younger than her. It turns her on to be the instigator, and she's the one who seduces her nineteen-year-old babysitter, Ronnie, into the martial bed. Ronnie is hopelessly lead into temptation, completely captivated by the gorgeous Mrs. B, and finds herself sexually worshiped and totally devoured by the poly-amorous couple before the trip is over. Ronnie's sent back to her normal life forever changed by the lusty experience, feeling older, wiser, experienced in ways she hadn't imagined. I had to find the right girl who could bring that emotional and psychological transformation to life.

I have tremendous admiration for young woman who are brave enough to strut their stuff at an audition. It's a nerve-wrecking process of having to convince everyone in the room to pick you from the others. For me, I like to laugh, make jokes, do whatever it takes to ease the tension. There's nothing worse than being overcome with nervous energy and delivering lines with a shaky voice. My advice for shaking off a bad case of the jitters is simple: have fun. Walk into the room looking at the experience as an adventure. As one performer who auditioned for Ronnie said, “It's good to scare yourself sometimes.” See the adventure as a thrill ride because at the end of the experience you've shown a side of yourself to a director you might not have met before, and quite possibly an executive from the production company making the movie, as was the case with the Baumgartner auditions.

There are a few things that should be avoided, though, during the reading process. Don't question the writing. You should ask questions pertaining to the character, but not what the writer wrote. Ask questions in regards to the character's intentions or actions and not the script itself. If your feelings about the script or the dialogue are negative, the audition isn't the time to voice an opinion. You're looking to get hired, not dismissed for having a bad attitude or big ego. Be open, excited and give signs to the director that you're easy to work with and truly want the role. Most importantly, be yourself. If you're the right one for the job, it will be clear to everyone in the room. Don't arrive unprepared. Smile and have fun.

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