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Hope Harper Interview


Hope Harper's "girl next door" look makes her the perfect young leading lady for those daughter-father scenes. She looks innocent and yet, she has that naughty grin and those horny looking happy eyes on her face whenever she wants a familiar cock. An additional quality in her believable taboo scenes is her dirty vocal conversation that occur between she and her "daddy". Hope has a very promising future.
Hi Hope, it was very nice to had met you at the AEE's last month. How was your experience this year meeting your fans? Any funny or memorable memories?
It was just as amazing talking to you!!  I've never had a better experience. The fans were awesome. Most memorable guy - the one who got on the sybian. Funniest would half to be that too. 

Your work with Desperate Pleasures is amazing. I consider you the unofficial contract girl for them. How do you like being the young starlet in those taboo scenes? How does it feel working with JW Ties and the rest of his crew?

It has been an amazing adventure. They are awesome at what they do. I love taboo so it works perfectly.

What has been the biggest surprise for you thus far about this industry?

Biggest surprise hmmm, I'd have to say finding out what fetish people have.

You are a big promoter of Clips4Sale. What types of fetish stuff do you enjoy and sell?

They are amazing yes!!! I do a lot of joi (jerk of instructions) and ass worships. Tease and denials are my favorite as well as edgeing.

How did you enter the adult industry?

I was camming and someone contacted me being able to fuck and get paid at that same time was awesome!

What is your dream scene?

Dream scene to be banged by 5 guys.

What makes a man sexy? What traits do you admire in a man?

His personality and confidence. I don't care what you look like. If you make me laugh, I'm sold.

What makes a woman sexy? What traits do you admire in a woman?

Her pussy lol girls turn me on so much.

With toys becoming a huge part in the bedroom, what is your favorite pleasure toy?

Hitachi is the best for me and the guys I use them with. Also, I love the we vibe.

Who are your fantasy "fucks", male and female? They do not have to be adult performers.

Male fuck would be Sam Hunt the country singer lol. And female, Taylor Swift.

How were you as a kid?

I was a great kid until boys and feelings started.

Many adult stars are animal lovers. Are you one of them? Are you a cat or dog person?

I am a dog lover none of my own, but I love bullmastiffs.

Who are your role models?

Everyone I work to be like every successful person.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love playing volleyball and watching TV series.

What is your shoe size?

Size 5.

Do you have any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on?
I have a new fan site for all my fans Hopeharperfanclub.com
I have DVDs that come out every month.
My membership site is being worked on and when it comes back to everyone it will be so amazing Hopeharperxxx.com
New clips updated every other day at hopeharper.com
Email me and let me make all your fetishes come true through ordering customs at [email protected]
I want to say thank you to all my fans for watching me and coming back and back again to watch what I have done for you.
Interview by Apache Warrior

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