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Interview: Taylor May


Taylor May


Here at XCritic, we've always got our eyes out for fresh new talent. Taylor May has done just that. With a unique look and a smile that's just electric, Taylor May has all the right elements for a strong porn career.

As with many fresh faces, Taylor May got her start with Eddie Powell behind the lens in My Sister Has A Tight Pussy 3. Powell has an impeccable eye for new talent and it's clear he's hit gold with this new starlet.

We interviewed Taylor May who we think has a very promising career ahead of her.


Where are you from?

I was born in Oregon and raised in Washington state.

What's your ethnicity?

I'm mixed with a few different things, you would never guess what they are lol.

What made you decide to get into the adult entertainment industry?

I used to do webcam shows and was making more money as a cam model than I was making at my full time job so I decided to look further into the adult industry and decided I wanted to give porn a try. I gave it a try and I never wanted to go back to my full time job :)

Your first "credited" performance was in the upcoming My Sister Has a Tight Pussy 3, what was the experience like working for you? How did you get the gig? How was working with Eddie Powell?

It was a fun experience! I hadn't shot in a few months before I got that gig and was still rather new to being in front of the camera so Eddie was really helpful! He helped me with my poses and when it came time to shoot the video walked me through everything first. It was great working with them!

Taylor May

What's your favorite thing you've done so far in the adult industry? 

My favorite thing so far is definitely anal! I love anal sex in my personal life and I sometimes prefer it to regular vaginal sex.

Yes, anal certainly does make me squirt. My agent gets all gigs for me, so she ran it by me and I decided to take it on. I'm very happy I did Greg Lansky is an awesome Director and Photographer and it was an honor working with them for the brand new anal site.

Is there a difference to you between doing scenes for DVD release or Online?

Taylor May

It doesn't feel like to much of a difference for me. Everything is typically set up the same, the only difference is for DVD release you get some pictures taken and hope for the box cover lol.

How different is the industry than you expected? What's been better, what's been worse?

When I came into the industry I had never been in front of the camera before I never had any modeling pictures of any kind taken of me before. That was the only thing I really had to get used to, I've learned a lot about posing and angles and what not. I was expecting it to just be lots and lots of sex but really there is an art shooting a perfect porn scene, You have to make sure you're angled right at all times. You cant just get in front of a camera and fuck like you do at home, it takes work.

Taylor May

Who is on your wish list for scenes and what would you like to do with them?

Pretty much anyone I haven't yet worked with. I think It would be epic to do a squirting scene with Veronica Rodriguez she's truly amazing. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I spend most of my free time with my friends we're all roommates most of them are in the adult industry as well so we always come up with fun stuff to do together.

What are your goals in the industry?

I want to take home an AVN award one year. I think it'd be awesome if they had a category for squirters!

Are there any porn stars who are your role models? If so who and why?

I really admire Riley Reid & Veronica Rodriguez. I think it's really amazing how they have built themselves an empire from the industry. They are not only some of the biggest porn stars but also very smart business women with their own websites and stores. I look up to them both for that! 

Taylor May

Whats something that your fans don't know about you that you'd love them to know?

I was a straight A student all through high school but also the biggest slut lol. I got called all kinds of names and would even see things written on desks about me because I was so open sexually and was still so young, the kids in my school didn't understand it. Looking back I could care less I'm glad I found a community of like minded people who accepts me!

How can people best follow you?  

My twitter is @taylormayxxx and I also have an instagram: taymayxo

How can studios book you?

I do all bookings through my agency Thevipconnect.com my agent is Shy Love.

What's next for you? 

There are a lot more videos to come! I'm hoping for lots of anal in my future lol. I'm also learning what it takes to run a website so hopefully more stuff to come there :)


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