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Sarah Vandella Gives Tips for the Perfect BJ


Although this is Erika Icon's blog, the clients of The Rub PR take it over from time to time...this week, it's Sarah Vandella talking about the perfect BJ.

Right now, I’m part of this year’s Throated DeepThroat Challenge and I’m in it to win it! This is my second year in a row, so that makes me a BJ Expert of sorts. Please watch my scene and vote for me until January 15th at http://tour03.throated.com/en/scene-sarah-vandella to win prizes like a date with me, exclusive video clips, and goodie bags. Just screenshot proof you voted and send it to votevandellathroated@gmail.com.

I’d like to spread some knowledge to the ladies about starting 2016 with a hot blowjob for your man (or if you’re a guy reading this, you can pass it onto your lady). Some ladies like myself love to give head and deepthroat. Other girls aren't too keen on giving head. If that's your case here's some tips for you to master the art of the perfect blowjob. What a better way to spoil your man!

1. This might be a no-brainer, but definitely be in the mood. Do whatever it takes to get yourself to that place where you want to give to your partner and expect nothing in return. 

2. Prepare yourself. Make sure you have fresh breath and clean mouth and maybe glass of water handy, especially if you don't often give often and/or you have a gag reflex.

3. Eye contact is a way to let him know how into it you are! And, there's nothing hotter than a woman who wants to please her man! 

4. Try new and different positions  Don't be afraid to lay your man down and flip flop all around to keep him guessing where your mouth will go next!

5. Use what you got! Don't be afraid to stroking that cock and give your man all the sensations he can experience! Titty fucking is always favored, especially if you don't do it often and it will make him feel extra special!

6. Don't be afraid to get nasty with it—spit, talk dirty, have him choke or slap you (if that's your thing) and go outside your comfort zone to make it more than just a blowjob! If you're more of a sensual gal, don't be afraid to incorporate long tongue licks and lusty stares in between breaths!  

7. Deepthroat that fucking cock! if you're like one of the ladies I mentioned earlier with sensitivity to gag reflex, you might want to not go to crazy but don’t be afraid to test and challenge yourself. Let your man see that you're willing to go that extra step to please him and make him cum harder than ever! 

8. Don't forget the balls! They’re such a neglected part of the male anatomy, especially in blowjobs. Some men however are extra sensitive in that area, and prefer little to no interaction with their nut sack. So, obviously communication is a must!

9. Be a good cum slut and beg for that hot load all over you! If you're like me and love the taste or you just want to taste a load for the first time, a swallow is the way to go! 

10. NO TEETH!!! Here's a hint and a trick because I love to suck dick and I'm a girl’s girl ! Wrap your tongue around your teeth when your deepthroat—that way there's a soft cushion between his penis in your mouth.

And as a last pointer, ask your man for feedback for any pointers for your next BJ. That way if you’re doing it the way he likes, you can continue to please him. And if not, you can try to take even more over the edge the next time.


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