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Talking With Ariana Marie



By Rob Perez


Ariana Marie is more than a porn girl. She’s also a business owner, who runs the Sylvaria Agency and helping younger performers get a great head start. Ariana is off to a great start in porn who’s already a top performer and whom we see as a top performer for years to come!

What are your long-term goals with Sylvaria?

Our long term goals is to really make it to where the girls actually experience something great, and we don’t want to be like any other agencies. We want to step away from that and really help the girls advance their careers, make a brand for them and do fan sites, stuff like that. So it’s more than just booking the job. Our goal is to have girls that are very serious about their careers and help make them a brand, and steer them in the right direction. Those are our long-term goals and to just be successful doing that.


Agencies like LA Direct and VIP Connect are run by former performers. Why do you feel talent is better off being represented by fellow performers?

I think the girl will obviously know that the person representing them has been in the industry for a while, has made a brand and has made a name for themselves.

What type of girls do you want to represent? Who do you look for when deciding to represent a perspective talent?

We have two branches of the agency. There’s Adult Star Model and then there’s Sylvaria. Sylvaria is the name of the agency but there are two branches. When we bring a girl on for Sylvaria and we’re determining whether or not she should be a Sylvaria girl, it’s more “Is she a Penthouse Pet?” I just got Twisty’s Treat of The Year. So we look for girls that want to be on Sylvaria, how long have they been in the industry, what are their accomplishments, and are they trying to pursue an actual career out of it? That’s Sylvaria. Adult Star is more for the girls who are brand new. They’re excited to work and they’re really serious about it. It’s almost like graduating to Sylvaria in a way. Once you go from Adult Star you can eventually get to Sylvaria.


Do you still shoot for other companies or only with other Sylvaria talent?

I still shoot for other companies. My goal within the next year is to start shooting for the production side of Sylvaria, and that’s where we’ll be able to work with our roster. But I still shoot for other companies and I like shooting for other companies. But I want to be on the production side of stuff eventually. I want to start shooting my own stuff and hiring people to shoot for me. That’s one of my goals.


I know you feature dance. What is it about feature dancing that you love about it?

What I love most about feature dancing is, when I get on stage all eyes are on me. I’ve never danced in front of people before so when I first started feature dancing I was a little scared. Now I love feature dancing so much. I get to dress up in cute outfits. People come to see you and meet you and that’s always nice. I like having all eyes on me for like five minutes. [Laughs]


How did it feel being named Twisty’s Treat of the Year? The fans vote for that one, right?

Yeah, the fans vote for it. I was actually really shocked because they had just announced Pet of the Year and I was a little disappointed because obviously, I was in the running for that. But the girl who got it I’m friends with her so I was happy she got it. I worked with her, literally the next day and I was like, “Oh my gosh, your key is huge.” But yeah, Twisty’s Treat Of the Year that was fun because I hadn’t won anything like that and I was like, “Oh my gosh, that’s so awesome.” I was literally running around my house. That was cool, that was awesome.


Is being in magazines and on magazine covers, is that still a big deal for girls your age?

I mean, it was a big deal for me. I got into the industry and I’m very low key. I’m very shy when you first meet me. I’m just a quiet person. So it was exciting for me considering I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect to get covers of magazines, so it was a big deal to me. So I want to say yes because it was awesome for me to get it.


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