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Kendra Lust’s Lust For Anal


By Rob Perez


I began the interview by saying to Kendra, “I never thought I’d be interviewing you about your anal sex scene.” In three years, Kendra has taken the industry by storm by quickly becoming one of porn’s hottest MILF performers who fucks on screen like an experienced veteran but with the stamina of young vivacious vixen. In the prime of her career she’s finally done what many had hoped . . . perform her first anal scene for Tushy.com in Miss Tushy with Male Performer of the Year Mick Blue in one sizzling, explosive anal performance that could land Kendra with nominations for Best Anal Sex Scene. Who would’ve thought that of all people, Kendra can very well be taking the stage accepting an award for her ass, one in which Kendra promises will get filled up again. We already loved Kendra here at XCritic.com but with more anal sex scenes in her future, Kendra’s given us one more reason to love her more!

In interviews everyone would ask, "When do you plan to do anal?" Now that’ you’ve done anal, what’s the most common question you’re being asked now?

When are you going to do it again? Everyone is waiting and wanting to shoot that now that I’ve done it. So now with the deal with Tushy.com, they have a 60 day exclusivity time period. So, it’ll be at least 60 days. It’ll be a little while but I’m excited.


You think there might be a new anal scene before the AVN Awards?

Oh, absolutely. It’s something that I’m planning right now but I want to do it for my website, and I’ll shoot it for other companies. I think the next one should be for my website so I can do it how I want to do it. I want it to be completely opposite of how it was done to give the fans something different. So it’ll be completely different, very raw, very dirty, filthy . . .

So it’ll be more of a gonzo style anal scene?

Oh absolutely. Filthy gonzo.


When Tushy.com came to you with this opportunity, did you immediately agree to do the scene?

I did not and for me this was something I had thought about for a long time. I didn’t want to just do it with any company. I had several offers as many girls do because all the companies want your first. For me I thought long and hard about it. I mean for months I dwelled about what I was going to do, and then the opportunity presented itself along with some other great perks. I thought this is the way to go, and I knew if Greg Lansky shot it—he is incomparable on so many different aspects when he shoots. I wanted it to have that level of class. Sexy, classy, hot, elegant, all of that so I knew that Greg would be able to deliver on that level. So that’s kind of the reason.

Had you watched his other Tushy.com and Blacked.com stuff beforehand?

Absolutely. I always do my homework. In anything you do, you’re making a career move you have to research and know what you’re getting into.


Had you seriously considered doing anal for any other studios or directors?

I did. I considered Mason from Hard X. Jules Jordan, Arch, I had all these offers and I thought long and hard about each and every one of them, and why I wanted to versus why it didn’t make sense. Mason asked me, “Why didn’t we get it?” I said, “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.” But I was very candid when I told Mason. I said, “You are so extremely passionate about what you do and I honestly don’t feel I could’ve given you exactly what you wanted with my first.” I felt like I wanted to be a little more seasoned with it before I shoot for her. And it’s not saying other directors require anything less but I know from shooting, what each director kind of is looking for. So for me I just didn’t feel comfortable at that point. As some point I would love to but I need to loosen up my asshole a little bit. [Laughs]

Mick Blue seemed to have spent more time tossing your salad than fucking your ass. Which felt better?

His penis, of course. It was a nice way to warm it up.


How did it feel when you were having anal? Was it really sexually intense or painful?

It was a little of both. I was aroused so it was sexy but it was intense because it’s not something I’m used to doing. So as we got into it more it definitely felt better. And then I actually came, which was really amazing. So I was like, “Holy shit!” I started calling him by his real name. I was like “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” [Laughs]

Did you practice anal or do any preparation beforehand?

Yeah I did of course. I practiced a little bit at home with toys and then, I sampled a few different cock sizes in my ass just to kind of see. So yeah, I definitely did.


Can you explain the whole scenario of the scene and how it led to anal sex? You’re a housewife of a rich guy and Mick is your shrink?

It was kind of cool because while I was filming it I didn’t know it was going to be along the lines of True Lies. So it was cool. I’m going to this therapist to explain how unhappy I am. That I’m feeling kind of bad that I have this dream. Lo and behold it was my therapist who I was dreaming about it. It’s really kind of cool.

Your striptease in the vignette was amazing, definitely the best striptease I’ve seen in an adult film all year.

Aww, thank you so much. I was a little nervous because honestly, the preparation, and I give props to the girls that do a ton of anal because the preparation is pretty grueling on your body, or at least it was for me because I eat all the time. I thought it went well considering that part of it.


I hope people talk about the striptease. Was it choreographed?

Greg more or less said, pick some music and we’re going to get you doing striptease. So do what you’re comfortable doing and that’s kind of what we did. Because of the lighting I had to stay in a certain area, so I couldn’t bend down as much or get as raw as I wanted to. But it was still hot and sensual and sexy.  I had fun with it.

Did you pick Mick to do your first anal and why Mick?

I picked Mick because I love his cock. He’s got a great cock. We have good chemistry, that’s another reason. Also, I didn’t want to go to big because . . . he’s got a great-sized dick. He’s well above average but he’s not a Mandingo. I knew it was something that I could handle and that I could deliver. It helped me build my confidence and that I could do this. And it’s not rocket science; it’s putting a dick in your ass. I’m huge believer, and I know this to be true, not every woman is built the same. Like, every body’s anatomy is not the same. So some girls can naturally gape and open up. Other girls can’t. So for me, it was a little more difficult that’s why I kind of held off a little bit.


Mick has said this was the best vignette scene he’s done this year and one of his best anal scenes ever. How do you feel the scene went overall? Are you happy with the way it came out?

I am more than happy. I kind of surprised myself just allowing myself to let go as much as I did. This was actually one of the first scenes that I actually watched of myself in its entirety. A lot of the other scenes, I’ll watch bits and pieces. You critique yourself but with this I was really proud. I had fun with it and everything fell into place. And I didn’t poop which was really exciting. [Laughs]

When can we expect your first DP or gangbang?

Definitely down the road because a gangbang is one of my biggest fantasies ever. So when I’m fucking a lot of times I’m thinking about, I definitely go to my dirty place and just imagine taking myself to the extreme. It’s just something I want to do and it’s not necessarily for the industry per se. It’s just a personal thing with me.


With anal out of the way what else is there for you to try on camera?

I don’t want to say I’m going to do everything in order, career-wise. I have to see what I can handle. Honestly, I don’t know. Most of the time I plan everything but sometimes it’s fun to be spontaneous. Now that I have my own production company (Lust Army Productions) I can shoot what I want to shoot. I’ll be distributing the movies through Arch Angel/Girlfriends Films. I will be releasing one movie a month and then directing for Zero Tolerance. I direct y next movie next month so I’m really excited.

What would you like to say to your fans reading this on XCritic?

I’m forever grateful for all your support. I have great supportive fans and I’m just so grateful for their loyalty and for everybody in the industry who took a chance on me thank you so much.


Check out Kendra's website, kendralust.com.

Check out Kendra on Twitter @kendralust.

Check out Kendra on Instagram at real_kendralust.


Check me out on Twitter @RobGPerez

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