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Jonelle Brooks interview


Gorgeous Jonelle Brooks is the perfect performer to impersonate Caitlyn Jenner for a parody because she has been a huge role model to other transgender performers during her successful four year career. The ladies look up to her as a confident and sexy woman who always leaves a longing impression to those who she encounters. Now, with the role of Kaitlyn Gender, Jonelle will intrigue, turn on, and capture the imaginations of a more curious audience. Jonelle will continue to be a role model for others to aspire for themselves.
Hi Jonelle, you have the big breakout role as Kaitlyn Gender. How did  Josh Stone contact you for that role? What are your thoughts about portraying her?
Josh first contacted me prior to a trip to LA that I had planned in June. I was gone shooting for 11 days, and he was eager to begin working on this project; at the time I was unaware of the specifics of the project. There was a period where I was unsure if I was still going to be a part of the film, because of scheduling conflicts and timing. Fortunately, the timeline was extended to accommodate for my schedule, and I was able to be in the parody. It wasn't until right before I left for Miami that I was told the details of the movie, and I was thrilled.

What is your opinion on Bruce Jenner's transformation to Caitlyn Jenner?

I think it's something that everyone’s seen coming for a few years. It was very clear that Bruce's appearance was beginning to become more feminine, and it was just a waiting game for Caitlyn to confirm what everyone had already concluded. Transition is an emotional roller coaster and brava to her for deciding to do it publicly. She’s educated so many people who were unaware of what trans people deal with, and she‘s also provided a lot of hope for young trans people.

Do you think that transgender people are beginning to get the respect that they always deserve from the American people?

I’m not sure I would use the word respect. Personally, I believe you have to give respect to get respect. Nobody should just expect respect from others—it’s not a right. I find a lot of trans people are angry towards people who don’t understand their transition. Educating those who don’t understand is the most important stepping stone in gaining "the respect they (we) deserve."

What are your thoughts on the annual Transgender Erotica Awards? I really like them since it is a night of only celebrating the trans adult industry.

I think it’s wonderful that there’s a special night to recognize the efforts of TS in the adult industry. I’m not really big on minority groups separating themselves. I have heard from the LGBT community my entire life that they just want to be like everybody else. In my opinion (and we all have one), separating oneself is a quick way to demonstrate you aren't like everybody else. For instance, wouldn't it be ridiculous if there was a straight pride parade? Why do LGBT feel so strongly about segregating themselves? I’m more about being inclusive, as opposed to excluding those who don't fit a particular definition.

Going back to your Kaitlyn Gender role, I would like to know if you studied any film of Caitlyn Jenner to impersonate her body movements and her voice?

Caityn has a very distinct voice that’s very recognizable. She actually expressed her concern over her voice in an episode of her docu-series.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE her voice! It’s true to her as a person. I can’t tell you how many TS girls I knew prior to their transition that spoke one way, and then all of a sudden, they have breasts and sound like a different person. Look, I understand the want to sound feminine and I think we all put on a certain voice in particular crowds; however, to constantly create this phony voice is cringe-worthy and doesn’t demonstrate a genuine person. So to answer your question, yes, I did emulate her voice, because I felt it important to show that voice in juxtaposition with a feminine appearance.

How long have you been in the industry? How did you get into the adult industry?

This September, I’ll be celebrating 4 years in the adult industry. I entered into the biz with the thought that I would raise some quick cash for my transition. So I submitted photos to Shemale-Club.com, and the rest is history. I have met some wonderful, talented individuals, and also raised the funds for a successful transition.

What does all of the recognition that you receive from fans mean to you?

It’s actually a little embarrassing, LOL. I don't buy into the porn star persona, so when fans fawn over me, it makes me blush a little. To me, I’m just a country gal who walks around barefoot more often than I put on makeup. I’m very grateful for their continued support and definitely recognize the important role fans play in this industry. 

What traits of a woman do you admire most? What makes a woman sexy? What traits of a man do you admire most? What makes a man sexy?
I’ve always loved curves on a woman, and it’s something I strive for in my own life. Beautiful round hips and thick thighs with a tiny waist…YES! I think what makes a woman sexy is her ability to control a room. A woman that walks into a room and can demand the attention of all around her is definitely sexy. Whether it’s with her killer body, or just an infectious laugh that people can’t help but be drawn to. I like rugged men, a real man's man. A little scruff on the face wearing some Wrangler jeans and boots…sign me up! A gentleman is sexy. Someone who opens doors for women, and that kind of thing—it’s rare these days, but if you happen to find one, hold onto to him.

What was the biggest surprise for you about the adult industry when you started?

My biggest surprise about the industry was how small it really is. Everyone knows everyone it seems (especially if you live out in LA).  In the TS niche, the male talent pool is small, so there’s a big chance you will be shooting with the same guys. This makes things easier and more comfortable. When I started, I thought making porn would be fairly easy, and most people outside of the industry think this too. It’s really quite the opposite. Having sex on camera with people around is a skill set, and some people have it, and some people don't.
Who are some of your favorite transsexual performers who you enjoy working?

I have actually never shot a scene with a TS performer outside of some foreplay with Adriana Lynn Rush for my website. I’d have to say Miran would be at the top of my list, if the opportunity ever arose. My favorite TS performer that I’ve met through work is Morgan Bailey. That girl is real and super genuine, which isn’t easy to find in porn. She’s like my sister and I truly love being around her.

How were you as a kid growing up?
I was an outdoor kid. I grew up with acres to play on with lots of critters. We played in the dirt, climbed trees, and explored the woods. I was in the FFA (Future Farmers of America), where I raised sheep and hogs. We showed our animals at the county fair and auctioned off our market animals there, too. It was great, and sometimes I find myself really missing the simplicity of it all. When I wasn't outside, I was in the dance studio.  I studied ballet for 15 years, and at one point in time wanted to pursue a career in dance.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I’m a beach bunny. I love being near the water and truly couldn't live anywhere that made that impossible. I also enjoy walking the water loop here in my town. It’s a 5k circle along the intercoastal, with 2 bridges. I try to do it at least 5 days a week. I love seeing my small town, and taking in the fresh air. My long-term BF and I love Sonny's BBQ, and yes that is a love of mine. If I don't get BBQ once a week, this Southern gal is miffed. 

What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?

I think my favorite thing about being an adult performer is the flexibility in my life schedule it allows.  There aren't many jobs that can provide the amount of free time I enjoy. It also allows me to travel and see places I’ve never visited before.

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? What are you currently working on film wise?
I am currently in the process of revamping my website jonellebrooks.com. I've been shooting new content and working to freshen the look up a bit. I find myself consistently shooting with Kink.com, specifically for TS Pussy Hunters.  And that’s very interesting, considering up until last year I’d never shot a full penetration scene with a girl before. Now it seems like that's what I do most. The adult biz takes a person on a journey, a sexual one, of course. In this journey I have discovered attributes of myself that may have stayed hidden, otherwise.
Interview by Apache Warrior 

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