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Must-See Girl Bella Rings All The Right Bellz



Every cell of this month's Must-See Girl, Bella Bellz, screams out, "Look at me!" Indeed, every atom, every electron, every proton that comprises Bella Bellz' magnificent body is Must-See. The photo above, from Brazzers.com's Her Thick Thieving Ass, gives you a taste of Bella. I think you'll agree that "Bella rings all the right Bellz!"

From the top of Bella's uniquely-styled hair, past her magnificently inked torso, past her perky tits and awesome ass, down her shapely heart-stopping legs, to her perfectly-pedicured toes, Bella is fantastic. And, to make things even better, Bella is a world-class fuck with a penchant for anal sex.

For a first look at Bella, check out the three white-hot images below. At left, from The Return of Bella's Big Wet Bootysavor out Bella's oh-so-unique hair...this time in a Mohawk cut. Also, gaze into her mesmerizing eyes and imagine what she's thinking and what she wants. Oh yeah.

The center photo, from Bella's Big Bootyis one of my favorite images of Bella. I especially like her oiled and shiny curves, the stripes in her hair, her penetrating gaze, and, of course, her extensive ink.

Finally, at right, Bella's front view is as first rate as her backside. This image, from Lex Turns Evil 3,  highlights Bella's fine enhanced tits, rock-hard belly, and gorgeous never-ending legs. Wow! What a package.

Please click the links in this article. I've arranged for you to see lots of scene-specific images and previews to whet your appetite for Bella. If you join any of the sites or buy any of the movies shown on the links, you will help us keep this site and the Must-See-Girl program alive. Thanks.


Let's begin our tour of Bella's amazing body at the top, with her always-unique hairstyles...cuts that scream out "Look at Me!"

The left and right images both show Bella's "Mohawk-style" cuts. The left shot, taken from Inked Angels 4, was captured in October, 2014 and features not only a Mohawk cut, but also an intricate pattern of lines close-shaved against her scalp. Similar, but quite different, is Bella's look in the "selfie" taken from Her Thick Thieving Ass. This image, captured in February 2015, retains the shaved sides, but foregos the stripes. So, it's obvious that Bella's hair styles change and evolve over time. All the more reason that she's Must-See.

The center photo, another one of my favorites of Bella, was captured during the filming of Bella's Big Booty in July 2014. This hairstyle features a close-cropped right side with full-length hair on her left. Although I am always attracted to Bella's hair, I think this style is hottest (just a hint, Bella!). 


Bella's tattoos are also "Must-See." Bella's back is, perhaps, the most extensively inked I've ever seen. What makes her backside inkings most unique, however, is how they continue down her butt cheeks. Bella also has a full left sleeve and an interesting fan motif on the right side of her neck. These tattoos have a distinctly Asian influence and, to me, they are very interesting. 

I asked Bella about her tattoos and here's what she said: "My back tattoo consists of a dragon and a phoenix (which are the yin and yang--man and woman--in China, where I got them done...I lived there for a while). The phoenix's feathers are what you see on my ass. The eyes are from the the Chinese foo dog (the guardian). So, someone is watching my back :)"

If you are as much of a fan of female inkings as I am, you simply must check out Bella's. Below are some previews. At left, Bella's Oriental fan is front-and-center in a photo taken during the shooting of Bella's Big Booty (while she sucked Kieran Lee's lucky dick).

The center image, which highlights her left sleeve, is from Her Thick Thieving Assand the right image, focusing on her dragon and phoenix, is from Inked Angels 4.


If you are, like me, an ass man, you're going to adore Bella's heart-stopping butt. It looks good from every angle, and I'm not the only one who thinks that! In fact, critic Don Houston, in his review of Ass Worship 16, writes about Bella's ass during a tease segment: "Her terrific ass was so bulbous that it pressed the fabric at the seams, making me wonder if they would tear at any moment, the all too short tease ending to find her giving Chris Strokes a lap dance where she ground her ass into his bulge in seductive fashion."  

Not only is Bella's ass gorgeous, but it also jiggles magnificently and is mesmerizing when she clenches it. Bella swears that she has never had butt implants. But, she says "I've had fillers." A quick Google search indicates that fillers are temporary and look more natural than permanent implants. They may also be made with a person's own fat, which, again, makes them look real. No matter what Bella does, I say "keep it up...the results are outstanding!"

Jules Jordan's movies that feature Bella (XCritic Pick Ass Worship 16, Manuel Opens Their Asses, Deep Anal Drilling 6, Lex the Impaler 8, Oil Overload 13, and The Brother Load 7) all do an extremely fine job highlighting Bella's fabulous butt. I so enjoyed seeing Bella clench her ass cheeks, while her anus clamps down tight on a butt plug, in Manuel Opens Their Asses that I captured a short clip of the action for you to savor. Click here to see the video. In the same outstanding flick, Manuel has Bella jiggle her booty and captures the action in excellent slow-motion. Check out the video here

I'd like to emphasis just how good Bella's scene in Manuel Opens Thier Asses really is. My friend and colleague, Don Houston, wrote about this scene: "I know what I like and Bella’s ass looked smoking hot to me, her muscular control as she teased in the sunlight causing even a jaded old guy like me to squirm in my seat uncomfortably." In the same review, Don calls her ass crack "wondrous." Amen.

Since Bella's ass is world class, it is featured front-and-center in all of her movies. At right, check out Bella's hourglass oiled-up shape in Brazzers' Bella's Big BootyMore wet ass beauty is found in the center photo, captured during the filming of The Return of Bella's Big Wet BootyLater in The Return of Bella's Big Wet BootyBella's booty has dried off but looks stupendous as she lays on her side ready to be reamed, once again, by Jordan Ash's lucky cock (right image below). Wouldn't you love to explore the depths of the canyon between her cheeks?

Like Jules Jordan, Brazzers does a very nice job highlighting Bella's assets. Check out all her Brazzers.com scenes at her landing page

Bella's ass is also given front-and-center attention in her scenes for Evil Angel. Check out her landing page, where you can preview her Evil Angel scenes, including the movies I mention in this article: Anal Sweetness 2, Inked Angels 4, and Lex Turns Evil 3. 


Unlike many girls who own magnificent derrieres but just tease us with them, Bella really puts to great use the asshole that is beautifully ensconced between her cheeks. At left, Jordan Ash worships her beautiful hole in The Return of Bella's Big Wet BootyLater, she'll put it to excellent use as he reams her voraciously.

At right, both Bella's asshole and pussy gape beautifully in one of my favorite of her scenes, from Evil Angel's Anal Sweetness 2. Consider lucky Mike Adriano (my hero) and how wonderful her tightest hole must feel wrapped around his cock as it oozes precum while thrusting in and out. Also, consider how lovely her butterfly-like vagina looks to him when he momentarily pulls out to admire his handiwork. As always, thanks Mike for outstanding anal scenes.


It is simply impossible to say too many good things about Bella's ass and anus.  But, let us not forget her magnificent vagina, too. At left, Bella beams with delight when Mike Adriano finger-fucks her asshole while her vagina spreads open joyfully in Anal Sweetness 2. At right, Bella shows off not only her inviting pussy but also her contortionist-like flexibility in The Return of Bella's Big Wet Booty.


Speaking of Bella's pussy, it is so damned delectable that her partners simple cannot keep their mouths away from it. I know that I would happily spend hours with my tongue between her legs if I had the opportunity. Wouldn't you?

At left, Kieran Lee licks her wide open labia in Brazzers' Her Thick Thieving Ass. Mike Adriano vacuums Bella's clit into his voracious mouth, at right, in a screen capture from Anal Sweetness 2.


Every woman I've ever met loves cunnilingus and I love giving it to her. Bella's absolutely no exception. On the other hand, not all women are as enthusiastic when it comes to giving oral. Not so for Miss Bella. Just look at her excitement as she gives Jordan Ash head in the left photo. Captured from The Return of Bella's Big Wet Bootythis image exemplifies what should happen every time a woman goes down on a man. 

At right, Bella swallows Mr. Pete's cock in Evil Angel's Inked Angels 4. Not only does this hot image demonstrate how much of Mr. Pete's long rod that Bella can swallow, but it also provides an excellent look at Bella's always-unique hairstyle.


When it comes to in-and-out action, Bella is a true champion...a woman that all of us (male, female, or transgender) would love to fuck. She's always enthusiastic and receptive. And, she always lets her partner know exactly how good she's feeling.

Sexually, Bella's an anal freak, preferring to have her asshole reamed than have her pussy stuffed. However, when a lucky guy gets to slip his rod into her slippery pink hole, damn, the fireworks fly!

At left, Kieran Lee pounds Bella's pussy in Brazzers' Her Thick Thieving Ass. Check out the shininess of his rod. That's her girl juice lubing the action! Damn, that tight slippery hole must feel fucking awesome.

At right, check out Bella's well-reamed asshole as Mr. Pete savors the depths of her vagina in Inked Angels 4. About the vaginal sex in this excellent scene, my colleague Don Houston, in his review of the scene, writes: "She let him do most of the work at first, but became active when needed, pushing back to meet his thrusts and bouncing against him..." Yep, randy Bella can give as well as she receives...fuck as well as she can get fucked.


Admittedly, Bella's best work is done during the numerous anal sequences in her sex scenes. And, it's my opinion that she looks the best while she's being fucked anally in doggie. Just look at the POV shot at left. Wouldn't you like to see that?

As I write this post, I've come to notice that I picked lots of photos from Bella's scene with Kieran Lee in Her Thick Thieving Ass. I guess I must really have enjoyed that scene...more than I realized. Anyway, the left shot is from that scene and is further proof that you ought to check out her Brazzers landing page here

It seems I'm also showing you a lot of shots from Mike Adriano's Anal Sweetness 2as is the case in the right photo. I loved this scene and so did critic Don Houston, who wrote of this scene with Mike, Bella's "doggy look(ed) incredibly sexy with her cool tattoos and perfect ass splitting so far apart to accommodate his girth." For my part, I think the right screen capture below is absolutely awesome as it shows Bella's asshole stretching to accommodate Mike's huge rod while her swollen clit and beautiful labia enjoy the show. Sweet!


Of course, one of the most important outcomes of any boy/girl sex scene is the guy's pop. Of course, I always want my girl to cum repeatedly before I explode...and I always want porn stars in the scenes I watch do the same. However, the guy's pop is usually, pardon the pun, the climax of each boy/girl scene.

At left, Bella receives Jordan Ash's voluminous load of semen in The Return of Bella's Big Wet BootyI don't know about you, but I wish to God that it was my cock exploding into her wide-open and oh-so-accommodating mouth.

In the right image, from Lex Turns Evil 3shows a perfectly-plastered Bella as she shows off an enormous splatter of Lexington Steele's cum. Isn't she gorgeous? Don Houston, writing about this scene, notes that Bella "drained his dragon" and that her face became "splattered with semen as the scene closed out." What better way to end a sex scene?


After I had begun writing this article and had finished the photo montages you've seen above, Jules Jordan Video released online The Brother Load 7The first portion of this white-hot scene features Bella and Rico Strong in a very good anal encounter. After she fucked the shit out of Rico, and milked his balls dry, "'The Brother Loaders' gathered around her to get hand-jobs and blowjobs, the camera remaining at their waist down so only a cock connoisseur could identify all of them, each of the five nutting on her face to plaster it completely" (Don Houston). I enjoyed this six-guy face splattering so much that I captured each of the ejaculations for you for the montage below. Of course, the best thing about any Brother Load scene is the look of the cum splattered girl at the end of the scene. Isn't Bella fucking gorgeous at right? 


I'll bet that you'll agree that Bella is definitely a Must-See-Girl. You can read our reviews of her scenes by clicking here. Or, you can join and enjoy some of the online sources mentioned in this blog.

As of this writing (July 2015), Bella appears in, according to iafd.com, very few titles. Most of these titles were produced by Evil Angel, Brazzers, or Jules Jordan (click the link to visit her landing page).

Whenever I consider presenting a star with a Must-See Girl Award, I always consider her filmography and her future in the industry (at least as much as I can foretell it). So, I asked Bella about her career so far and her plans for the future. Here's what she said: "I currently live in Atlanta. So (I make movies) whenever I have time to fly out to LA and shoot. In 2014 I only went to LA twice. In 2015, I've been out to LA five times already. I try to go a least once a month now. I'm committed now to my fans...I'll be moving to LA in December and really go hard for 2016, so expect GREATNESS!" Since all of her scenes that I've watched have been outstanding, I believe in her future. Bella...make the most of it!

My homage to Bella comes to an end with this slide show. I hope you enjoy watching it.

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