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The “Booty Queen” is a Must-See Girl



If you have been a fan of porn for the last seven years, you are likely very well acquainted with the gorgeous woman shown in the photo above. Of course, it's the notorious Booty Queen, Ms. Jada Stevens. The banner image, fromArchAngel's Booty Movie 2highlights what most folks think is Jada's number one asset...her ass!

If you are an ass worshiper (and, who among us isn't?), then Jada is your woman. In fact, from the outset, let's stipulate that Jada's ass is:

So, to whet your appetite for ass, check out the fantastic images below. At left, Jada pops out her gorgeous butt and presents it for your pleasure in Rocco's Coming in America, from Evil Angel. One of my favorite photos of Jada's booty, the center image, is from Jules Jordan's Ass Worship 15, which, by the way, received an XCritic Pick from my colleague Don Houston. Finally, wouldn't you love to be that prison bar nestled between Jada's ass cheeks in the right photo? Be sure to check out her prison guard scene in Brazzers.com's Prison Sluts with Big Butts

Please click the links in this article. I've arranged for you to see lots of scene-specific images and previews to whet your appetite for Jada. If you join any of the sites or buy any of the movies shown on the links, you will help us keep this site and the Must-See-Girl program alive. Thanks.


Of course, most of Jada's movies celebrate her ass and how well she uses it. In fact, let's face it...she is The Booty Queen, as the title of her celebrated movie from ArchAngel proclaims. However, after watching dozens of her scenes to prepare for this article, I can safely say that Jada Stevens is far more than her ass! In fact, every part of her all-natural body (yep, you heard that right...her ass is real) is quintessential porn star. She's truly a world-class phenomenon.

Before delving too deep into Jada's multiple assets, let's take a look at some of her "pretty girl" photos. At far left, check out Jada's amazingly flexible body, as depicted when she shows her ass to her physician in How to Consult a Perfect Assfrom BrazzersShe's so ready to be fucked. Who could deny her?

The center photo, from Evil Angel's Anal Intrusion 2, provides a good overall look at Jada's pretty face, mesmerizing eyes, perfect all-natural breasts, and delectable pussy. You can see a preview of this white-hot scene here. Finally, the right photo, from Wicked Pictures' Tease Me POV shows how well Jada uses her body to tease us and inflame our lust. Sweet!


Two of Jada's best features, I think, are her perfect natural breasts. Perky, shapely, suckable, and squeezable, they are some of the prettiest boobs you'll ever see. I truly believe that Jada knows just how scrumptious her tits really are because she has resisted the pressure to have them enhanced. I hope that she never puts her boobs under the surgeon's knife because they are already perfect.

In the left photo, I love how Jada joyfully tosses her bra aside, revealing her pretty tits, in Brazzers' How to Consult a Perfect AssI'd love to catch that bra. Wouldn't you?

Superstar and legendary male performer Rocco swaps tongues with Jada in Evil Angel's Rocco's Coming in AmericaAbout Jada's scene in this XCritic pick, my colleague Don Houston writes: "Jada Stevens...was up first with...Rocco Siffredi, her incredible ass impressing him much like it does everyone else. Kevin (the director) had presented her as sort of a gift to the infamous Italian, but Jada made it clear that she was the lucky one, both of them showing the kind of attraction for one another that made the scene work so much better than usual." As one of the world's best male pornstars, Rocco really pushes all of Jada's buttons and has a very good time with her. In the center photo, Jada truly enjoys Rocco's ministrations and arches her back lustfully in response. 

The right photo, from Wicked Pictures' Tease Me POVprovides us with the classic arms-over-the-head look at Jada's perfect breasts. This position really shows just how gorgeous they are. So, next time you think about Jada's ass (which I suggest you should do often), think about her pretty boobs, too.


Since Jada's scenes typically revolve around her butt and her asshole, her bejeweled vagina is often under utilized, in my opinion. I love her clit ring and how well it decorates her cleanly-shaven, wet, juicy, and pink hole. I also love it when she spreads her labia wide (center) or squeezes them between her fingers (right). And, I love it even more when that vagina gives Jada over-the-top orgasms.

Jada's wet and dripping hole is center stage in Evil Angel's Rocco's Coming in America (left). When Rocco momentarily pulls out of Jada's vagina, her dripping cunt begs "fuck me again!"

Jada's wide-spread pussy, held open by her always-perfectly-manicured fingers (you can always tell a classy porn chick by the way she cares for her nails) and crowned by her clit ring, begs for cunnilingus in Brazzers' How to Consult a Perfect AssI can't wait to slip my tongue into that perfect hole. 

Finally, one of my favorite images of Jada's pussy is at right. Although the photo doesn't really do her justice, it depicts Jada's pussy after being pounded relentlessly for about one half hour by all sorts of toys and machines in Kink.com's Fucking Machines episode 11971. After receiving the mechanical fucking of her life, Jada's pussy glows red and looks fucking fantastic against the paler flesh of her thighs and belly. Believe me, Jada's Fucking Machines scene is not to be missed (more later).


OK, now that I've made my case that Jada Stevens is far more than just her ass, let's take a look at some of the ways she gives and receives pleasure. 

I don't know about you, but I really enjoy seeing a woman fucked with toys. Not only does Jada use all sorts of toys on herself, but she also gets her co-stars to use them on her, too. 

I really like how Prince Yahshua reams Jada's vagina with a toy (left) in Wicked Pictures' Wet DreamsOf course, he later uses his massive rod to ream it wide and deep. 

Booty Queen Jada also likes to have her asshole spread wide with toys. In the right image, Jessie Volt uses a bulbous toy to spread Jada's asshole wide (just look at Jada's face and the ecstasy it portrays!) in Girlsway.com's Jada Loves JessieJada doesn't appear in many all-girl scenes, and this one is truly worth seeing. The two girls develop great chemistry and really enjoy the ride.


One of my favorite sites is Kink.com's Fucking Machines. Jada has taken an opportunity to star in one of their episodes (11971) and all the images are below are screen captures from that white-hot scene. All of the photos below are, at least to me, hotter than hell. One of the members of fuckingmachines.com wrote the following comment about this scene: "This girl is one of the hottest on FM! Those incredible, flexible legs that meet that superb bubble butt. And those tits!!! What a package--and she's left quivering in intense orgasm. Love it! Need more of her - fast!!!" I think you'll love the scene, too.

I like how Jada shows off her flexibility in the left shot. And, look at her smile brilliantly while a mechanical cock reams her vagina. 

The center photo is truly amazing. Can you imagine having one reciprocating toy up your pussy while two vibrators pleasure your clit. No wonder Jada came...and came...and came some more during this scene.

Finally, check out the right-most photo. Jada's perfect booty surrounds the action as a powerful fucking machine reams her fast and deep. As a result, Jada's pussy ends up glowing red--like a traffic light--by the end of the scene (check out the screen capture above in my discourse about Jada's pussy).


One of the ways that Jada gives and gets pleasure is through cunnilingus (pussy eating). I particularly like to see Jada giving oral pleasure to other girls...especially when her partner is a Must-See Girl like stunning Summer Brielle (left). This image, from Evil Angel's Tongue in Cheek 2, is so hot that I wish to God I had a pussy so that Jada could lick and probe it with her tongue. 

The right image shows what happens when Jada gets her pussy licked while a huge penis reams her asshole. Look at her expression of delight! See more of this hot threeway action in Brazzers' Junk in the Trunk, in which Jada teams up with Sheena Shaw and Jordan Ash in a very hot scene in which the girls spend lots of time in the trunk of a black sports sedan. The girls also spend lots of time with their asses in the air begging for Jordan to ream their sweet assholes. 


Of course, we all know that Jada works extremely well with cocks...and the guys who own them (more later). But, she is an equal-opportunity fucker and plays very well with girls too, both giving and receiving untold pleasure from their Sapphic delights. 

The left shot, from Brazzers' Junk in the Trunkfeatures a hot and sexy kiss shared by Jada and her co-star Sheena Shaw. In the center image, taken from The Booty Queen, Jada enjoys an intensely-pleasurable threeway Sapphic love fest with co-stars Abella Danger and Keisha Grey. Finally, at right, Jessie Volt parts Jada's labia with her tongue in Jada Loves Jessie (from girlsway.com).  


Of course, Jada's tongue and mouth are perfectly equipped to worship cocks, too. In fact, she's a very good cocksucker, as the photos below attest.

I particularly like the left image of Prince Yahshua and Jada enjoying 69 in Wicked Pictures' Wet DreamsPrince, showing off his strength, flips Jada tail-over-head for some scorching upside-down head. 

In the center image, Jada, bound and with her nipples clamped for additional pleasure, orally pleases one guy after another (Mr. Pete and Mark Davis) in Kink.com's Sex and Submission: Married to the Mob. One of Sex and Submission's subscribers wrote: "JADA STEVENS is truly a SUPERSTAR. Her performances during this shoot are awesome. Very intense action in this trio (threesome) role play. FABULOUS SHOOT." Amen!

Finally, the right image, from Brazzers' Pok-Her Asshole gives you an idea of how hot it would be for Jada to look deep into your eyes while pleasuring your cock. Wow!


OK. Let's get to the sex!

Although Jada's pussy is not front-and-center in most of her flicks (because those movies zero-in on her ass), I am particularly fond of her vaginal scenes. Since I've already explained why Jada's pussy is so fine to behold, suffice it to say here that her pussy not only looks fantastic, but it works wonderfully, too. In fact, her vaginal orgasms, which follow her chanting "I'm coming...I'm coming...I'm coming...", are so intense that I want to cheer when her pleasure peaks.

The photos below give you an idea of Jada's pussy in action. The left image, from Jules Jordan's Highly Recommended Screaming Ass-Gasms 2depicts a vaginal warm-up before James Deen reams her ass to orgasm. 

The center photo, from Wicked Pictures' Tease Me POVhighlights Jada's swollen clit as she fucks "you" in cowgirl POV style. At right, check out Jada's pussy, surrounded by her voluptuous ass cheeks, as it swallows Brick Danger's rod in Brazzers' Dr. Booty’s Pusscriptions.


To fulfill her role as the official Booty QueenJada's asshole gets a workout in most of the scenes in which she appears. Thankfully, most of the time she gets her asshole rimmed (analingus) before she gets it stuffed with cock. Or, she makes sure that her partner's asshole is lubed up with spit before moving on to sex.

At left, Jada preps Summer Brielle's asshole for finger-fucking in Evil Angel's Tongue in Cheek 2At right, lucky Brick Danger tongues and probes Jada's delicious asshole with his tongue in Brazzers' Dr. Booty’s Pusscriptions (lucky SOB!).


Without a doubt, Jada has a well earned reputation as being an anal champion. Not only is her butt fantastic, but her anus is as well...its tight grasp bringing hordes of men to their knees with untold pleasure as it clamps tightly around their lucky cocks.

The left photo affords as a look at Jada's perfect plump cheeks as her asshole clamps down tightly around James Deen's penis in Screaming Ass-Gasms 2The center shot is my favorite image of Jada fucking anally. Look at the intense pleasure in both Jada's and Rocco Siffredi's eyes as their lust escalates. And, don't forget to check out Jada's perfect bright red pussy as it benefits from Rocco's lusty touch.

Savor the right photo as Jada satisfies two lucky dicks at once. Mr. Pete and Mark Davis give Jada a first-class anal workout in Kink.com's Sex and Submission: Married to the Mob.


As you'd probably expect, all the anal reaming that Jada receives results in oh-so-pretty gapes for us to savor. On the left, Mischa Brooks guides Xander Corvus' throbbing rod into Jada's open-and-ready asshole in Brazzers' How to Consult a Perfect AssWouldn't you love to slip your dick (or tongue) into that slippery hole?

On the right is probably the best in-your-face look at Jada's gape that you'll ever see. It's from Kink.com's Sex and Submission: Married to the Mob. Not only does this image zero-in on Jada's anus, but also check out how pretty her pussy is as its lips flutter open...ready and waiting.


Although Jada doesn't take double penetrations very often (at least in the dozens of her movies that I've watched), when she does all hell breaks loose. Both of the images below are from ArchAngel Productions, the company for which Jada is now a contract star. At left, Jada takes a conventional (vagina/anus) double penetration from Erik Everhard and Mick blue in The Booty Queen

On the right is probably the hardest photo of Jada that I've ever seen. In it, Jada takes a double anal penetration as her asshole swallows the huge dicks of, again, both Erik Everhard and Mick Blue in HardX.com's DP Me 2. Kudos, Jada, for such an amazing performance!


No matter how awesome the scene, eventually they all come to an end. And, Jada makes sure each ending is happy. In fact, one of the things I like most about Jada is her motto: "spitters are quitters." By that, she means that she doesn't waste semen...she swallows nearly every drop in most of her scenes. If the guy splatters her face, she scoops it up and eats it. Talk about respect for her guy. I wish all porn stars would follow Jada's example.

At left, adorable Jada's face is splattered with Winston Burbank's semen in Highly Recommended Faces Loaded, by Jules Jordan Video. Isn't she beautiful? Isn't that a great POV shot?

In the center, Jada takes Kieran Lee's load in Brazzers' Pok-Her AssholeAnd, finally, at right, Jada's serene and oh-so-happy face still bears the uneaten remnants of Kevin Moore's cum in Wicked Pictures' Tease Me POV.


No matter what your personal preferences, I'll bet that you'll agree that Jada is definitely a Must-See-Girl. I'm sure that's why ArchAngel Productions chose her as a full-time contract girl. I know that I'm eagerly awaiting future scenes from her as she helps propel ArchAngel to the top of the porn charts.

Jada appears in, according to iafd.com, more than 275 titles. So, there are plenty of choices for you to enjoy. You can read our reviews of her scenes by clicking here. Or, you can join and enjoy some of the online sources mentioned in this blog.

My homage to Jada comes to an end with this slide show. I hope you enjoy watching it.

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