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Karmen Proves Karma’s a Must-See Bitch


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Have you met this month's Must-See Girl, Karmen Karma? Truth be told, I just met this fantastic young woman about two months ago when I was doing my "research" while preparing my blog post about May's Must-See-Girl, Kleio Valentien. I was watching Kleio get her ass spread wide by my hero Mike Adriano in Drill Her Ass  when I first noticed her supporting star, Karmen Karma. Within seconds, I was thinking to myself, "Where has this girl been all my life," "Why haven't I seen her before," and "How can I marry her?" 

Usually, I start my Must-See-Girl posts by showing you some pretty-girl photos of the winner. However, this time, I'm going to show you just a few screen captures from Drill Her Ass so that you'll know exactly why I'm more excited about Karmen Karma than any new girl I've seen in over a decade (the last new girl who captured my heart in the same way was now-retired superstar Eva Angelina)

From left to right below: check out Karmen's amazing oral skills. Lubricated by buckets of her own spit, Karmen can deep-throat any cock of any size (more about her fellatio skills later). Karmen is always excited and happy to be part of any scene in which she's cast. Just look at the expression of utter delight on her face in the center photo. Finally, Karmen's body is always ready to be pounded by thick and long cocks. In the right image, check out her creamy cunt as it swallows Mike Adriano's massive rod balls deep. 

Since I initially fell for Karmen, I've watched dozens of her scenes. All of them are excellent. She truly is a Must-See Girl and I predict that she'll go as far...and rise meteorically as high...as she wants in the adult business. Get her onto your screen now. 

Be sure to click the links in this article. I've arranged for you to see lots of scene-specific images to whet your appetite for Karmen. If you join any of the sites or buy any of the movies shown on the links, you will help us keep this site and the Must-See-Girl program alive. Thanks.

Karmen Drill Her Ass

OK, now that you know why I fell head-over-heels for Karmen, let's talk about her fantastic body and check out some pretty-girl photos. The left-most photo, one of my favorite images of Karmen, shows off a bit of her attitude as well as her fantastic ass and some of her ink and is from Burning Angel's Karmen and Jordyn BTS Burning Angel also has an extensive collection of photos of this scene for you to download.

The center image, from Karmen's pinnacle movie to date, ArchAngel's Karma's a Bitch, which earned a "Highly Recommended" review from my colleague Don Houston, shows Karmen's fine body being caressed by a waterfall before being reamed by Rob Piper. It also shows off her shoulder tattoo that reads "Know your worth." Believe me, Karmen I know your worth and you are priceless!

Finally, the right image, another of my favorite images of Karmen, who's shown in one of her most kinky Femdom roles, is from Evil Angel's Strap Some Boys 4Karmen's toy, Spencer Fox, sucks and gets fucked by her massive strap-on rod. Way to go, Karmen!

Karen Pretty Girl

I know that there is some controversy surrounding the question, "Are tattoos sexy?" I fall down firmly on the "yes" side of this equation, and am always intrigued by what a girl decides to emblazon on her flesh. Thankfully, Karmen usually explains the meaning of her tattoos in her behind-the-scenes features or pre-sex interviews. The left image, a POV shot from brazzers.com's Get Her to the Girth scene (with Johnny Sins), gives you an idea of how erotic it would be to fuck Karmen in missionary while gazing on her beautiful ink. In the center photo, Karmen uses her heavily-inked fingers to spread fellow Must-See-Girl Adriana Checkik's pussy in Karma's a Bitch. 

The right image below, from Burning Angel's Joanna Angel's Pool Party 2, shows off Karmen's most extensive tattoo. It reveals Karmen's poetic side and reads, "Where there is love, there is life. Forget the ink and take the fall; if it's what you want, it's worth it all." When describing this tattoo, Karmen always tells a story about the pain it caused her while it was being applied. To get through the ordeal, she had to call her (now ex) boyfriend and have him come and finger her pussy while the tattoo artist did his thing. Why couldn't you have called me, Karmen?

Karmen's Tattoos

Two of Karmen's most impressive tattoos, I think, span the fingers of both of her hands. When her hands are placed right against left, as you look at them, the letters read "overcome." Every time Karmen mentions these tattoos, she seems to be pensive. So, I emailed her and asked what they signify to her, since she never really talks about "overcome." She emailed me back and, although I think it inappropriate for me to say too much, it appears that young Karmen has had to "overcome" some extensive demons in her past. I am so proud for her that she's been able to come out of the dark and into the light. And, I'm so happy that she's decided to share her life, her passion, and her body with us through her sex scenes.

As you can see in the right photo, Karmen's hands, when placed left against right as you look at them, spell "come over." Whenever she mentions this, her face beams with delight (look at her grin in the screen capture) as she notes, "If I see a cute guy, I put my hands this way and invite him over." Karmen, please put your hands left against right for me!

Both these photos are from Evil Angel's Inked Angels 3, Scene 1. 


As we continue our exploration of Karmen's fine body, let's talk plenty of time to appreciate her magnificent breasts. First of all, I am very pleased that Karmen's nipples are pierced. Few things excited me more than nipple rings as I suck on bounteous breasts. 

The images below are divided into "before" on the left" and "after" on the right. The top left image shows how Karmen's natural breasts looked the first time I saw her in Drill Her AssAren't they gorgeous? Beneath that photo, check out Karmen's boobs while bound and tortured in Kink.com's Learning the Hard Way scene as found on their Sex and Submission site. 

Note the beauty of Karmen's natural tits. I remember worshiping them as I watched Drill Her AssBut, I also remember thinking, "Wouldn't they be even better if they were a bit bigger?" Seemingly in answer to my prayer, I noted that Karmen's breasts seemed to "pop out" of her chest all of a sudden. As an ardent breast worshiper, I studied these newly developed mounds and was stumped. Karmen's bigger boobs have no bags, no scars, and look 100% natural to me. So, I emailed her and asked what happened. She responded, "I had my breasts done through the armpit under the muscle with silicone gel in June 2014! Took off 6 weeks and got right back to work!" I told her, in reply, "Kiss your surgeon for me. Best implants ever." 

Karmen's Tits

Moving south on Karmen's fine flesh, let's take a stop and savor her glorious--and always juicy--vagina. I don't know about you, but I love pussy so much that I always say, "If I die and go to heaven, I'll pass through a pussy!" And, Karmen's delectable hole makes me believe that with even more fervor.

At left, look deep into Karmen's spread-wide hole as captured in Wicked Pictures' Axel Braun's Inked. Don't you love the way her inked fingers frame her erect clit?

The lucky guy in the center photo, Tyler Nixon, is doing exactly what I'd do if I had the chance. Damn, those lips must taste great! Finally, at right, check out how happy Karmen is to share her vagina with us in Brazzer's Don't Forget to Blow your Server.

Karmen's Pussy

I would be amiss if I failed to point out the juiciness of Karmen's pussy. I've already mentioned how much I liked her scene with Kleio in Drill Her Ass, and I already shared a photo of Mike Adriano's cock covered in Karmen's cream. The left and center photos are from that same scene. The left image shows how her delightful vagina lubricates Mike's cock with her girl-juice. In the center photo, Kleio, mesmerized by the appearance of so much girl juice, simply must lap it up. Later, Kleio spit-swaps that cream with Karmen. Please do yourself a favor and watch Drill Her Ass!

The right-most photo, captured from Karma's a Bitchshows Karmen squirting in her DP scene with Ramon Nomar and Toni Ribas. I'm sorry I couldn't capture a better shot of her spray. But, if you look carefully between her legs and to the left of his arm, you can see the drops of squirt as they are expelled from her oh-so-juicy hole. 

Karmen's Juicy Pussy

Even though you and I love Karmen's pussy, it is safe to say that she loves it too. And, she often plays with it using toys of all kinds. If you like your woman to shove massive toys up her accommodating vagina, be sure to check out My Gigantic Toys 20 from Devils Film (left). Multi-orgasmic Karmen had so much fun in this scene that her joy is truly contagious.

In Brazzers.com's Selling the Sybian, Karmen plays a toy saleswoman whose job is to convince Ariella Ferrera to buy a Sybian. Of course, Karmen must show demure and reluctant Ariella what it's all about. Of course, Karmen closes the deal and leaves Ariella a very satisfied customer.

Finally, check out the massive toy that Adriana Checkik uses to ream both Karmen's pussy and her gaping asshole in Karma's a BitchWouldn't you love to slurp that spit out of Karmen's asshole?

Karmen With Toys

OK, now that we've explored Karmen's body, let's see what it can do! I've read that Karmen has a well-deserved reputation for cock-sucking. Well, to say she's a good cock-sucker doesn't do her justice at all. Even to say she's a great cock-sucker is somehow lacking. Actually, she may very well be one of the top five cock-suckers currently in porn. She's that good...not only in worshiping penises with her mouth, but also worshipping the penis's owner with her eyes while pleasuring his rod. Outstanding!

Have you ever seen anything prettier than Karmen's eyes in the left photo? Wouldn't you like to be in lucky Alec Knight's role as she strokes your cock with her hand while gazing lovingly into your eyes? You can get close by watching Karmen's scene with Alec in Wicked's Axel Braun's Inked.

In the center photo, check out Karmen's mouth's capacity as she manages to shove both Ramon Nomar's and Toni Ribas' massive cocks into her mouth at once! You can see this action, and much more, in Scene Five of Karma's a Bitch

The right photo, taken from Brazzers.com's Get Her to the Girth scene (with Johnny Sins), gives you a stunning POV look at Karmen's fellatio skills. Her hair is damned sexy in that shot, too.

Karmen Fellatio

Of course, lots of girls suck cock (and virtually all pornstars do...except the Sapphic-only girls). So, fellatio alone doesn't make Karmen stand out. But, her deep-throat skills do. In Highly Recommended Wet Food 5,  Karmen takes on six cocks during this scene, and often swallows them balls-deep, as shown in the left photo. My XCritic colleague, Bobby B, sums up his stellar review of this stellar scene: "Karmen Karma's love for cock is showcased so well here, and her performances continue to please the pervs such as myself in such a way that we can only hope that she gets the recognition she deserves come award time." I truly agree. This Must-See-Girl deserves lots of awards.

The middle photo, captured from my oft-mentioned Drill Her Ass scene, shows Karmen deep-throating Mike Adriano's substantial penis while Kleio gobbles his lucky balls. This photo has not been altered! Mike's rod is completely down Karmen's throat.

The right image, from Brazzers.com's A Schoolgirl's Fantasy, shows what happens when school-girl slut Karmen gets what she has been dreaming about from her hot teacher. That's Tommy Gunn's cock all the way down her throat! Believe me, Karmen's oral capacity is incredible and her lust for cock is endless. 

Karen Deep Throat

Karmen's cock skills go far beyond servicing them. Indeed, she really knows how to wield a cock as well. The images below, taken from Evil Angel's Strap Some Boyz 4, Scene 2, depicts Karmen with a strap-on destined to plug not a girlfriend's pussy but Spencer Fox's ass. After warming him up with her ministrations, she takes control and uses her plastic penis to ream Spencer's throat and his asshole.

My colleague, Don Houston, sums up the scene in his review: "She was very enthusiastic about taking him but he was very active at riding her toy too, the gal going balls deep as she stroked his rod until she drained his dragon all over his crotch, the wealth of sperm licked up by the hot young lady who then swallowed it before she kissed him."

You can get a preview of this kinky scene here

Karmen Pegging

When it comes to vaginal sex, Karmen's a world-class champion. She delivers immensely satisfying scenes that result in lots of orgasms for her and very happy endings for her male partners. The vast majority of Karmen's scenes, to date, are vaginal. And, they're all good.

In the left image, lucky Tyler Nixon gets to fuck Karmen while standing in Brazzers.com's incendiary Shagging in the Shower. After seducing Tyler, who plays sort of a houseboy to Jezebelle Bond, the two fuck madly in the shower. When the lady of the house, Jezebelle, finds them, she pretends fury...but what is really furious is the threeway that soon develops.

In the center photo, Karmen gets pounded in missionary by kinky James Deen (and cums like a volcano) after being bound and dominated in Kink.com's Learning the Hard Way. I'll mention more about this scene later, but at this point, please check out Karmen's face as she ecstatically screams through one of many orgasms she has during the scene.

Karmen always develops white-hot chemistry with her partners. As a case in point, check out the eye contact between Seth Gamble and Karmen in Joanna Angel's Pool Party Part Two (right photo). Not only does this photo capture the couples' chemistry, but it also shows off Karmen's fine ass. Yum!

Karmen Vaginal Sex

One of the things that I always use to judge a porn star is the answer to the question, "How far will she go in the pursuit of the ultimate pleasure?" A fairly easy way to answer this question is to see if the girl in question has appeared in any scenes for Kink.com.

In Karmen's case, she has three Kink.com scenes in her filmography, Learning the Hard Way (from Kink's Sex and Submission Site), My Girl Lollipop (from Public Disgrace) and Fresh and Useless: New Girls Sexually Used (from The Upper Floor). 

Karmen's foray into Kink.com's San Francisco castle is primarily directed toward bondage and submission (Karmen, please do a scene for their Fucking Machines site!). Most of the photos below are from Learning the Hard Way, in which Karmen plays a piano student and James Deen plays her more-than-demanding teacher. Suffice it to say that Karmen learns that it is not in her best interest to slack off on her practice regime. Bound and gagged, she becomes James' plaything for the better part of an hour.

The center bottom photo, also depicting Karmen bound, is from My Girl Lollipop on Kink.com's Public Disgrace site. In this scene, Karmen is bound, disgraced in a semi-public setting (an adult store) in front of numerous customers, and finger- and cock-fucked by numerous guys and gals.

Karmen Bondage

In addition to being bound in Kink.com's movies, Karmen also submits (a role that must be hard for her to play given her dominance in most of her scenes). The left photo, from Fresh and Useless: New Girls Sexually Used (on Kink.com's The Upper Floor site), shows one of the numerous submission scenarios that Karmen endures. Note the electronic "zapper" that Bill Baliey is using her her gorgeous belly, the nipple clamps, and her subservient role as a naked waitress.

In addition to binding his pupil Karmen in Learning the Hard Way, James dominates her and makes her his slave (center photo). Finally, Mark Davis has his way with Karmen, gagging her relentlessly in My Girl Lollipop (right image).

Karmen Submission

While doing copious research to prepare for this blog, I often wished that Karmen would give up her asshole. Well, in her pinnacle movie, ArchAngel's Karma's a Bitch, she did what I wanted...and in a very big way. 

Here's what my friend Don Houston said about this must-have movie: "Karma’s A Bitch! (is) a set of five scenes featuring popular performer Karmen Karma in what becomes her “must have” title given she engages in four “firsts” some fans have been waiting for such as first anal, first lesbian anal, first interracial, and first DP. One thing to note is that while most women would take exception to having the title call them a “bitch,” Karmen’s on screen persona (as evidenced by the cover for example) literally owned the term, embracing it as she engaged in a plethora of new sex acts too."

The left photo is from Scene One. In it, Karmen's first interracial, she takes Prince Yahshua's massive dick balls-deep in her accommodating asshole. The middle photo, from Scene Five, is a screen capture of a break in the action during which Karmen's only being stuffed with one cock (more later). Finally, Karmen's always-juicy pussy is front-and-center as fellow Must-See-Girl Adriana Checkik shoves a huge bulbous toy deep into Karmen's tight-yet-compliant anus. So sweet!  

Karmen Anal Sex

Karmen is also ready-and-willing to DP herself with toys or let guys do it for her. In the left image, from Devil's Film's My Gigantic Toys,  Karmen uses two queen-sized dildos to stretch her vagina super wide.

The center and right photos, from Scene Five of Karma's a Bitchare screen captures that show what happens when the huge real-life cocks of Ramon Nomar and Toni Ribas stretch her holes beyond natural limits. Karmen's performance is outstanding and culminates, in Don Houston's words, when "The hardcore plowing and Karmen yelling so loud was intense, the men feeding her their respective loads and plastering her face like a glazed donut using major loads to satiate the gal (who claimed: “That was the best thing in my life”)." Amen.

Karmen DP

Speaking of glazing Karmen with semen, here are three final photos of this superb gal making her guy more than happy. In the left photo, one of the multitude of guys in My Girl Lollipop (on Kink.com's Public Disgrace site) fills Karmen's joyous and beaming mouth with his load. Kevin Moore's proud load splatters Karmen's fine ass cheeks in Panty Pops 10, Scene 5. Finally, supremely content Karmen suckles her finger after scooping up some of Tommy Pistol's load that splattered all over her fine boobs.

Karmen Pop

No matter what your personal requirements, I'll bet that you'll agree that Karmen is definitely a Must-See-Girl. She only appears in, according to iafd.com, more than 75 titles. You can read our reviews of her scenes by clicking here. Or, you can join and enjoy some of the online sources mentioned in this blog.



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