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Carter Cruise Is the Blowbang Queen


By Rob Perez


What can we say about Carter Cruise that hasn’t been written about her already? She’s an amazing, award-winning performer, super gorgeous, and is one of XCritic’s favorite girls to watch. No cock is too hard for Carter to handle as we’ve witnessed in dozens of scenes including gangbangs. The one thing we haven’t been able to say is how she handles dozens of cocks orally at the same time but with Hard X releasing Facialized 2, we can finally say Carter throats some multiple meaty fuck sticks with ease, like she’s done this sort of thing before in Carter’s first blowbang scene. That’s how pros make it look like and Carter is not only a pro at this porn thing but a girl who better start preparing speeches right now for the multitude of awards coming Carter’s way again next year.

Most girls do their first blowbangs before their first gangbangs. You did the opposite. Which event was more sexually intense?

They were very different. I wouldn’t say one was more intense than the other though. In my gangbang, I had a lot more control than in the blowbang so they were intense in different ways. I’m glad I did my gangbang first though because even though there’s a lot going on, it’s broken up by sex. In a blowbang, there’s a lot more work involved and you have to focus on so many things at once, so I was glad I had a little practice.


Did you orgasm during the blowbang?

Yes! Mason gave the guys toys to use on me, and it’s pretty impossible to not cum with a Hitachi.

How many guys participated and did you handpick these guys?

Seven, and no, actually, I only knew one of the guys.

Did you swallow every single drop?

I think almost as much ended up in my eye as in my mouth.


You’ve worked with Mason before, what’s it like working for her and why do you enjoy collaborating with Mason?

Mason is great because she always makes sure the talent is comfortable and happy, but still pushes us to do a great scene. She wants every scene she does to be the best, and that’s something I can really appreciate.

Now that you’ve experience a blowbang are you ready for another blowbang?

I already did another one. But it won’t be out for a few months. It was totally different from this one because I was the boss.


Has the feeling of winning Starlet of the Year at this year’s AVN Awards sunk in yet? Were you expecting it and what was your immediate reaction when you heard your name called?

I wasn’t expecting it at all! That week at AVN I was so busy and exhausted I barely even thought about awards until I was on the red carpet. Then right when the show was starting, Showtime put the cameras on me and I was freaking out like, “does this mean I won?!” It’s embarrassing but I cried! I didn’t take any vacation from May through December of 2014, so it was just a really great feeling to know all my hard work paid off. I’m a very goal oriented person, and I feel like I’m used to aiming higher than I typically achieve, so to win when I only was aiming to be nominated felt really good. It was like, “Okay, if I can do this, what else can I do?”

What do you have in store for 2015, professionally? Any big gonzo or feature projects in the works?

So many good movies. I just had a showcase with Airerose come out called All Access Carter Cruise which is cool because you get to see a lot of cool BTS that shows me being myself, and not just the typical porn persona people expect. I also just shot a movie for Manuel Ferrara and Kayden Kross, Carter Cruise Wide Open, which is going to be amazing! Kayden and Manuel are both brilliant in their own way, so it was a pleasure to work with them and learn. I also have a secret project that I can’t announce yet, but I think it’s going to really blow people out of the water.


Your Airerose showcase has been well reviewed by critics. How proud are you of that project and which scene was your personal favorite to shoot?

I’m very proud of what Airerose did with this showcase. It’s hard to come up with original concepts in porn nowadays, so I was really excited to get to be the first girl to create something so real for my fans. As for my favorite scene, it’s really a toss-up between the BGG with Adriana and James, or the GG with Aidra. Aidra and Adriana are both incredible performers, and I had wanted to work with them for a while. They really brought their A game, as always, and each brought something special to the movie.

What’s been your secret to achieving really big success in porn in such a short amount of time?

[Laughs] Oh gosh. I mean, success really comes down to two things: professionalism and performance. Of course putting on a good scene full of energy, connection, and creativity is super important, but if you can combine that with showing up on time, being prepared, and being pleasant to work with, it will take you a long way. If you want to win awards and be a top performer, dedication is important as well. Like I said, I didn’t take any vacation for eight months! I also think being a versatile performer is one of my main strengths. I always ask the director, “What’s the vibe you’re going for in this scene?” I try to give the company/director what they want, whether it’s fast paced and dirty, or slow and sensual, or something else entirely!


What would you like to say to your fans reading this in XCritic?

Y’all are rad! I’m glad you enjoy my smut!


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