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Truth be told, I really should have given Kleio Valentien a Must-See Award a couple of years ago. This beautifully inked alt girl, most famous for her scenes for fellow Must-See-Girl (March 2012) Joanna Angel's studio Burning Angelcaptured my attention a few years ago with her outstanding sexual prowess, unique look, and can-do attitude. I believe my first look at her was Kung Fu Pussyand I immediately took a liking to her. About this movie, my friend and colleague Sean DPS writes in his Highly Recommended review: "(Kleio) had an amazing body to begin with and it seems that (her breast) enhancement just makes her more sexy and amazing. If I had to die, please let it be at the hands of that sexy ninja Kleio."

Sadly, however, Kleio sort of fell off my radar screen for a couple of years...until I started paying attention to digitalplayground.com's Sex Challenge series late last year. In case you missed it, Digital Playground challenged several girls to compete for an exclusive contract. They gave each girl the same script and location and then they competed to provide the best overall scene. Kleio did a very fine job, proving that she's not only an excellent fuck but a commendable actress as well. You can see a photo of Kleio in her "Mile High Club Flight Attendant" role at the far right below.

As you will see as we take a point-by-point tour of Kleio's Must-See Flesh, she has a stunning look. To whet your appetite, take a look at the photo at left below, from Evil Angel's Inked Angels 4. Answer this question...has a thong ever looked better? Or, has an ass ever looked more appealing? Also from Evil Angel, the close-up of Kleio's inviting and come-hither face, from Whore's Ink 2, coupled with the attractiveness of her chest-emblazoned tattoo and mesmerizing eyes, calls out to me "Fuck me! I'm yours!" 

Be sure to click the links in this article. I've arranged for you to see lots of scene-specific images to whet your appetite for Kleio. If you join any of the sites or buy any of the movies shown on the links, you will help us keep this site and the Must-See-Girl program alive. Thanks.


One of Kleio's most captivating attributes is her extensive ink. I know that there are those who have an aversion to tattooed women. But, it is my observation that if you want to see the really good porn stars perform nowadays, you're going to have to see ink. It's that simple.

So, I've learned to embrace inked female flesh and contemplate the beauty (or lack thereof) of the art that a girl has chosen to make part of her being. I also seek to know why a girl has emblazoned herself with particular art. That's one reason I enjoy movies like Inked Angels 4during which director Kevin Moore talks with Kleio about her tattoos. By gazing on Kleio's art and listening her to explain its meaning, I've become truly enamored with her ink and her reasons for choosing each element.

The photo of Kleio's right sleeve, pictured at left below, is from Wicked.com's Roomies. The right image, highlighting Kleio's gorgeous rose-themed abdomen and genital-area art, is from Evil Angel's Inked Angels 4Finally, the inset photo at bottom, depicting Kleio's chest art plastered with Xander Corvus' cum, is from digitalplayground.com's Lock and Load Episode 4. 

As you gaze on the photos below, look deeper than Kleio's fine art to the canvas beneath. Her body, as exemplified by her sleeved arm, is well toned and desirable. Her belly, in my opinion, is absolutely fantastic and I would love to rest my greedy hands on the flesh between her navel and her clit. Her augmented breasts are perky and inviting and, as you can see from the "pretty girl" photos above, her ass is firm and shapely calling out "squeeze me!" Without a doubt, Kleio's an extremely welcome eyeful of "eye candy!"

I am really interested in what you think about Kleio's ink. Please post a comment below and let me know your thoughts.


Of course, a pretty body alone does not make a Must-See Girl. Indeed, any Must-See Girl must provide world-class sexual performances, too. Without a doubt, Kleio meets and even exceeds this requirement. She's definitely willing to go the distance to achieve the most possible pleasure for herself while giving us plenty to appreciate, too.

Among the things I like most about Kleio are her "I'm so glad to be here having all my holes reamed by you" attitude and her authentic body-quaking orgasms that leave both her and me breathless. 

I am a true aficionado of oral sex, particularly cunnilingus. So is Kleio. Frankly, I'd give just about anything to settle my tongue between her labia while rubbing her clit with my nose and inhaling her pheromones. 

Devin Saint, in Burning Angel's Kleio Tries Out Devinprobes Kleio's tasty pussy with her pierced tongue in the left-most photo. Damn, that tongue ring must feel wonderful as it teases Kleio's sensitive clit. Devin, I wish I were in your place right now.

One of the most provocative photos I've ever seen is at the right below. Shot more or less from Kleio's point of view, lucky Clover acts as our surrogate as he laps up Kleio's flowing juices in Evil Angel's Whore's Ink 2. During this sequence, he also gets to tickle his nose with her beautifully-manicured pubic hair. 

Finally, the inset photo shows Kleio, serving as Must-See-Girl (2011) Asa Akira's slave, give cunnilingus as good as she gets in Wicked.com's Hotel No Tell 2. 


My oral fixation (and, I would suspect, yours, too) doesn't end at cunnilingus (although I could spend hours between my woman's legs), but extends to fellatio, too. Kleio's oral attitude (just look at her adoring face in the left and right photos below) makes any penis feel super special...as well as its owner!

The left photo, from Burning Angel's BBQ Titmasters--Kleio's Southern Hospitality, exemplifies Kleio's outright adoration of cock. The lucky recipient of Kleio's worshipful gaze and tongue's ministrations is Will Powers. Don't you wish she were looking into your eyes that way?

In the center photo, Kleio (right) teams up with fellow inked-girl Jessie Lee to give Ramon Nomar an unforgettable two-girls-on-one-dick blowjob. Finally, in the right photo you can see that Kleio is an equal opportunity cocksucker as she not only gives massively-hung Lexington Steele a fine blowjob but also casts her adoring eyes towards his in an unforgettable fellatio sequence in Burning Angel's Big Black Cock for Kleio.


Moving on to vaginal sex, Kleio not only looks fucking amazing in every position, but she also fucks using world-class moves that will make your heart beat for joy and your cock (or clit) swell with excitement. Even better, her body actually starts to tremble (this effect is most pronounced in her thighs) when she nears a body-quaking orgasm. Of course, her mouth, as evident in the left photo, screams with joy as her body is overwhelmed with pleasure. 

In the left photo, captured from Evil Angel's Whore's Ink 2Kleio spreads her gorgeous labia wide open to reveal her super-wet vagina as lucky Clover pounds her relentlessly in missionary. Meanwhile, at right, Kleio rides Xander Corvus' lucky rod in digitalplayground.com's Lock and Load Episode 4.

My favorite of these photos, however, is the inset at the bottom. Captured from Burning Angel's Big Black Cock for Kleiothis image truly exemplifies what it's like to fuck Kleio or to watch her fuck. Look at her smile! That's what I meant when I wrote  "I'm so glad to be here having all my holes reamed by you" above. Isn't she amazing?


When it comes to vaginal sex, Kleio is also very comfortable with other girls in hot Sapphic scenes. At left, Kleio spreads her pussy wide during her lesbian encounter with Sheena Rose in Burning Angel's BBQ Titmasters: All You Can Eat American OrgyIsn't that a great photo? Meanwhile, in the right image, Kleio services her mistress Asa Akira's asshole and butt with her delightfully long and pointed tongue in Wicked.com's Hotel No Tell 2. 


Since I'm such a fan of lesbian sex--and since Kleio has appeared in relatively few girl-girl scenes, I decided to add another strip of Sapphic shots...this time focusing on analingus. At left is another photo from Wicked.com's Hotel No Tell 2 in which Kleio shoves her tongue deep into Asa Akira's asshole. In the center image, Karmen Karma (hint: you'll read a lot more about this cutie in my future blogs) devours Kleio's asshole in one of my favorite recent movies: Evil Angel's Drill Her Ass. Finally, at right, check out Kleio's beautiful and perfectly-shaped tongue as it teases and probes Jessie Lee's tasty hole in Burning Angel's Doing It Better. 


I've already shared a bit about Evil Angel's outstanding scene Drill Her Ass. However, I liked this scene so much that I simply had to tell you more about it. Kleio is teamed up with Karmen Karma and my hero Mike Adriano in this hole-stretching extravaganza that features lots of speculum play and spit. In the left photo, check out Kleio's anus stretch to accommodate the speculum as Mike inches it deliberately in. Later, as shown in the center photo, adorable Karmen Karma spits load after load of her spit (which she hawks up after blowing Mike's lucky rod) into Kleio's capacious hole. In due course, Mike points the camera directly at Kleio's spit-filled hole as she, delighted, smiles broadly. This is a fucking great scene that is not to be missed. Frankly, Kleio's obviously the star of the show. But, adorable Karmen is also top notch as Kleio's sidekick. Hot!


So, you might say, "OK, Kleio's asshole can take toys and spit. But, what about cocks?" Of course, that's a totally legitimate question that's easily answered. Hell, yes! On the top left side, check out Kleio's gorgeous butt (Doesn't it scream out, "squeeze me?") as Bruce Venture reams her asshole in digitalplayground.com's Flixxx: Dirty Minds. Beneath Kleio and Bruce, check out Kleio's spread-wide pussy as Seth Gamble drills her hole in Wicked.com's Roomies. Finally, on the right is one of my all-time favorite images of Kleio. Taken from Drill Her Assthis screen capture epitomizes Kleio's fun-loving attitude. She fucking loves being reamed by Mike Adriano and it shows in her delighted face and beaming smile. 


At the end of the day, one of a porn star's most important talents/skills is how well she handles the money shot. After a long and extremely pleasurable threesome, Karmen Karma and Kleio, at left, cum-swap in Drill Her AssIsn't it gorgeous? 

The center shot, from Wicked.com's Roomies, shows Seth Gamble's voluminous load all over Kleio's gorgeous chest and in her insatiable mouth. Finally, at right, check out Kleio's delighted face as Clover pumps his load into Kleio's wide-open mouth in Whore's Ink 2.


No matter what your personal requirements, I'll bet that you'll agree that Kleio is definitely a Must-See-Girl. She only appears in, according to adultdvdempire.com, about 30 movies..iafd.com lists her filmography at 42 titles. You can read our reviews of her scenes by clicking here. Or, you can join and enjoy some of the online sources mentioned in this blog.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, check out this slide show of some of my favorite images of Must-See Kleio.

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