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Karen Summer interview


Karen Summer, AVN and XRCO Hall of Famer, reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. Both of them are gorgeous blonde bombshells with beautiful legs who are so sexy even when they try not to be. It's in their DNA. It is great that a newer generation is able to experience the "Karen Summer Effect". Her sex appeal is for the ages regardless if she was a young starlet in the '80's or as the current middle aged sex queen. For those of us who have grown up with her in porn, I am sure glad that she is back especially since she has never taken her fans for granted.  
Hi Karen, it is great that you are back and shooting amazing sex scenes. I was disappointed that you did not win at the recent XRCO Awards. How did you feel that night being among all of your peers? How does it feel being considered a living legend?
I was inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame, that is not a loss...lol  Being nominated for "Best Comeback" lets me know that they like what I am doing now, it's a compliment! There are so many new faces it's crazy...and wonderful! As for  being a Living Legend That is a surreal feeling! A LEGEND that's huge...sometimes it feels like they must be talking about someone else! 
Who have been some of your closest industry friends?
Coming back has been wonderful as well as bitter sweet! So many are gone....but from my friends that remain I've been tight with Bill Margold & Nina Hartley mostly.
How long have you been in the industry?
My career started in the "Summer" of 82' and while I was not here for the last 20 years my fans have remained loyal until my return last summer   

How did you get into the adult industry?

I was "discovered" by Jim South of World Modeling.

I am so proud of your incredible career and that you have stayed the same nice person throughout it. How were you able to stay so nice with so many diva-like people around?
Nice is part of my nature, I truly do enjoy people and it shows. As for Diva? Per Merriam-Webster's definition: "a famous and successful woman who is very attractive and fashionable; especially: an attractive and successful female performer or celebrity". I AM ONE!!!! lol
What traits of a woman and a man do you admire most? What makes a woman and a man sexy?
My favorite "personality" traits for either a Man or Woman are: Being genuine & honest (it's in their eyes!)
What makes a person sexy to me, is how they treat me. It has nothing to do with appearance.
I enjoy listening to your radio show on XXXPornStarRadio.com. You really have fun on it. Why is doing a radio show so much fun?
I had no  idea when I started that doing radio would be so much fun. As I stated, I genuinely enjoy people and apparently that comes across on the show and with my guests

Could you name the three biggest changes you have seen in this industry from the '80's to now?

Internet, cell phones, social media....OMG Social Media!!!
Who have been some of your most enjoyable on-screen partners throughout your career?
Too many to list them all...from the past, of course Ginger Lynn, Nina Hartley, Sharon Mitchell, Erica Boyer, Kay Parker, John Holmes, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Ron Jeremy, my God this list could go on for days....as for the present I have only worked with men, Jay Crew & Moe Johnson are my favorite's "so far"! There are so many people I have yet to work with...I can't wait for more!

Could you name a few of your most favorite films that you have starred in?
Taboo IV & V, Playing with Fire, The Animal in Me, Daisy Chain, Candy Strippers....the list is extensive!
I am so proud and thrilled that you get to show everyone that us older folks can still have hot sex and have much sex appeal. I am fifty and I am still sexy. What kinds of feedback do you receive from us older fans? How does it feel to be a role model for the more mature generation?
I get the best compliments & feedback from the older generation. They are loving and genuine and have said that I inspire them. What a wonderful opportunity I have been given to open the doors for all us "Babyboomers" and say we are sensual and sexy creatures and our life experience is invaluable in the bedroom(and everywhere) The younger ones just Love Cougars, lucky me!!!
What are your hobbies and interests?
I love learning new wonderful things. So I'm always evolving, changing & growing.
What is your favorite thing about being an adult performer?
I'm an exhibitionist and I love being the center of attention and entertaining people. That's being an adult performer in a nutshell!!!

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote?

I have a wonderful "Golden Girls XXX" parody coming out...keep your eyes open for that. It's Hysterical and Erotic!
Plus, I will lbe at the EXXXotica Expo in Chicago this June 12-14, I'll be signing at the Galaxy Booth. This is my first one and I'm really excited about the whole tour this year! Of course, you can keep up with me through Twitter @karensummerxxx and my website karensummerxxx.com
Interview by Apache Warrior

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