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Photos: In My Sister’s Hands


Sister's Hand

We get a lot of great feedback from our loyal readers, and one of the things that we consistently hear is the fact you really enjoy our photo galleries! So we're happy to bring you another great exclusive look at an upcoming title.

This time around it's from our friends at Popporn, whose original productions have been nothing short of fantastic. Their latest one In My Sister's Hands. As always the Popporn folks put it best WHY you should check out their films:

  • It's POPPORN Productions' most morally depraved film yet. And that's really saying something. We made Mein Handiwork, for fuck's sake.
  • Has any porn movie anywhere ever assembled such a perfect teenage cast? Hell,Alexis Adams's tits alone are worth the price of the fuckin' movie!
  • Oh, you think you're too good, too pure, too wholesome to indulge yourself in this deeply disturbing, family-style handjob flick? You wish, pal!

Check out our exclusive gallery and then Buy In My Sister's Hands at Popporn.com.

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