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Welcome to Kota’s Clubhouse!


SO I have decided to start a new "army" I guess you could say, but in cuter words Kota's Clubhouse! This is just the beginning of it all! As most of my fans who follow me on my twitter already know I have a tendency to talk and talk and talk and NEVER shut up. Some would say that’s a negative thing. I would say it helps me stay humble, get to know my fans and in the meanwhile you guys get to know me as well. I'm also sure some of my co-workers can agree… but I think the best part about that is NOW I GET TO EXPRESS IT IN AN ORGANIZED MANNER! I have recently also taken up blogging/and or writing for myself and no one else usually see's it... BUT I can say when I got contacted about having a blog on XCritic I was super excited. Let’s just say I had no doubt I would dedicate my time out of my day even if I had to write blogs and blogs in advance, as well as have my "get in the mood music" on and it may or may not be Taylor Swift but either way we all don’t judge here.

For those who don't know me, I'm Kota Sky formally Dakota Skye (Click the name to read about my name change) I always knew some way or another I would find my way into the "adult entertainment industry" and here I am about two years later. That may seem short to some of you die hard porn fans (who are the fucking greatest because usually are buying are fucking porn DVDS and being the main reason why they still are even made to this day) but for me it is extremely surreal to feel JUST as appreciated as I did when I got in. So thank you to everyone who's been a part of that OR WILL BE. 

And the rest you're going to have to find out! ... it can be "awkward" to introduce myself online  especially when MOST of you have already seen me get fucked or at least naked (I hope) BUT please continue to read this and not just jack off, hahahaha I mean if you can handle both job's I applaud you, and hopefully with my tongue...

Let’s get the seriousness out of the way and start to get a taste of what this will be all about ... I was going to start my blog off with some intriguing, dirty and such an extremely fucking PERFECT story about a particular Blonde Woman who could probably make me cum by just looking at me...but I have decided to leave the rest up to your imagination for a little bit till it is posted! Everyone needs a little excitement in their lives... I'm also now booking my own work, and some other career changing things I can’t speak of yet! BUT the moment it’s allowed to be none, it will be heard! That’s exactly what this is about! Sorry, enough with the introduction, I know... 

I have some new releases that will be up very soon and also am making a "thing" out of this whole "Kota's Clubhouse"  I have started! I also have a lot of fucking awesome things that are happening this month OR have happened that I cannot speak details about yet BUT I know a lot of my fans are going to EXTREMELY shocked in the best way possible!!!!! I am also going to be dropping some links to where you can contact me directly to say hey what's up, or tell me I need to talk about my now award winning asshole some more! YES, it finally won an award, dun dun dun. It was Best Anal performer for the Alt Awards! Check it out here!  

Here is some pictures from a shoot I did for http://manojob.com and http://mrpov.com





My PR is RisingStarPR.com

Fan emails can be sent to [email protected], social media is faster to get a reply! 

Production Companies only: [email protected]


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