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Sasha Grey’s sex toy is the best I’ve ever had


This is speaking from someone who can mostly shop on a discount when it comes to sexual paraphenilia. I mean I've tried sex toys before, but found them nothing but a struggle. But here's something I found out way too late.

Sex toys need lubricant.

And I mean they have to be bought with the sex toy as an add on, or else, the friction of your cock against the vagina will create an unpleasant experience.

The same happened to me when I tried the Sasha Grey vagina for the first time and found it difficult to use and obnoxious hard to fit on to my cock. It's fat and wide and well sized, I'd say, which is why I wondered why it wouldn't fit.

But much to my disappointment, I found the vagina toy needed lubricant to work.

Upon adding lubricant not only did the vagina slide on through but it gave me a fucking amazing orgasm that I had difficulty wanting to end.

It helps I was watching "Taboo Family Affairs Vol. 2," (Review from me coming soon!), but damn what a rush.

Once you start cumming you're compelled to pump it up and down, and man do the good times roll.

And this is coming from a man whose perfected self pleasure over the years, but damn I really can't wait to re-visit Sasha Grey's toy once more.

Like most men, I want to marry and spoil Sasha Grey with riches and unbridled love making. But I guess settling for the toy is fine enough. Thanks for the fun.

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