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Casey Calvert Gets Analized



By Rob Perez


Casey Calvert is surely one of the most explosive performers today, a girl who not too long ago was saving herself for the right person; now, she's a full blown anal queen. Her anal reign was recently put through the test in Hard X's soon to be released Analized, directed by award winning director Mason. In Analized, Casey performs her first ever double anal scene, a scene that this reviewer feels is an early contender for a bevy of awards in 2015. As for 2014, Casey was recently nominated for several XBiz and AVN Awards, and is a favorite to win at least a few so watch out for another, sizzling, anally-filled year for Casey Calvert. We at XCritic can't wait to see what else is in store but we can be bet, if Casey Calvert is in a scene, it will be a strokable moment for sure! 

You’ve said in other interviews you didn’t lose your virginity until you were 21 which wasn’t too long ago; now you’re doing double anal in Analized. How do you go from being a virgin a few years ago to being a porn anal queen?

[Laughs] I’d like to say I’m making up for lost time but I wanted to wait to lose my virginity because I knew that I wanted it to be special. I had been sexual and having sexual thoughts for a really long time before I lost my virginity. It wasn’t like I was a prude before then. I just wanted to wait for the actual first time, and once I did it I just wanted to keep doing it.

So after losing your virginity did you go crazy sexually or were you selective with whom you had sex with?

I had sex with like five different guys before I got into porn, so I guess that means I was pretty selective compared to what I heard from other girls who say, “Oh yeah, I’ve been with 60 guys before I got into porn.”

Did you enjoy doing that scene in Analized? Double anal is pretty intense.

Yeah actually, I really did. I enjoyed it even more than I thought I was going to. I had the most orgasms in that scene ever. I’m ready to do double anal again tomorrow.

Had you worked with Erik Everhard and James Deen before? Did you choose them for this scene and what is about them that you enjoy when you work with them?

Yeah, I had worked with both of them before but never both at the same time. Mason let me pick who I wanted to work with and I love both James and Erik. They’re two of my favorite guys to work with. Both of them are super, super professional and both of them are very good at their job. With James, my favorite thing about him is that we’re both into very similar things off camera so we mesh really well on camera. With Erik, he just has a really great energy and he brings a really great energy to the scene. It’s hard not have a good time with Erik.

During the scene did they get rough with you? Do you enjoy your porn sex rough?

I do very much enjoy rough sex. As for the scene it really depends on your definition of rough. There was a little bit of a rough blow job and definitely hard fucking, but there wasn’t a lot of slapping and there wasn’t a lot of choking. It was really just more about the really hard anal. So I guess for some people that would be a really rough scene; other people it wouldn’t be.

Did it ever hurt at any point, having two guys inside you?

No actually, it didn’t. I was nervous before we did the scene. I was worried they both wouldn’t fit and I was worried it was going to hurt but it didn’t. It was the opposite of hurt.

What was it like working with Mason on Analized?

Mason was great. I had shot one scene with her previously for Erotica X and Mason is great. When I’m working for Mason I fully trust that she will make me look good and make me look beautiful, and all together we create a product that is amazing.

How did Mason convince you to do double anal?

She didn’t have to convince me. I’ve known I wanted to do double anal since I started doing porn, I was just waiting for the right opportunity. And I also knew that the only person I was going to do double anal for was Mason. I knew very early on Mason was going to get that scene because I know Mason would do a good job with it.

Do you have any other projects coming up with Mason and Hard X?

I don’t have anything planned at the moment unless she has something planned I don’t know about. [Laughs]


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